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Best 80s Toys That 80s Kids Totally Get!

Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get_ Optimus Prime GameBoy Chewbacca
Some of the most iconic toys were mass produced in the 80s and we loved every piece of it!

The 80s was truly a wonderful time to be a kid! In the 80s and 90s, there was no shortage of fun to be had. From video games to toys, from music to fashion, there was something for everyone. We totally get it, the 90s toys were fantastic, but why not show love for the 80s and everything great that belongs with it.

No matter what generation you're from, the toys of your youth are still some of the most iconic and memorable experiences you'll ever have as a child. For many people, that means choosing between Star Wars figurines, Power Wheels, Smurfs and Game Boy. But for others, it might mean choosing between Simon or Cabbage Patch Kids dolls—or even Teddy Ruxpin!

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80s toys are a blast to play with. Whether you want to relive your childhood or just try something new, these toys will have you smiling! Below is a list of the best 80s toys.

smurfs Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get!


These little guys might seem silly at first, but they are actually quite powerful—they have magical powers that let them protect their village from evil creatures like Gargamel. If you haven't played with them yet, then now is definitely the time!

Power Wheels Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get!

Power Wheels

These are great for taking on adventures around the house, but they're also great for getting in touch with your inner child. Just make sure it's an kid doing the driving and not a full sized adult!

Game Boy Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get!

Game Boy

Everyone knows about this classic handheld electronic toy that came out in 1989, but did you know there's a whole line of games for it? From Tetris to Mario Brothers, there's something here for everyone who grew up playing video games.

 Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get!

Cabbage Patch Kids Doll

Cabbage Patch Kids are a line of dolls that were created in the 1980s by Xavier Roberts. The dolls were originally sold with adoption papers, which allowed the owner to adopt the doll and give it a name.

In 1983, Xavier Roberts was inspired by his daughter's love of dolls, and decided to create a doll that would be different from other dolls on the market at that time. He named them Cabbage Patch Kids because he had read about how cabbages were grown on patches of dirt in Europe. The Cabbage Patch Dolls are such an iconic choice for one of the best dolls of the 80s and 90s.

Teddy Ruxpin Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get!

Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin was an animatronic teddy bear toy created by Ken Forsse and introduced by Worlds of Wonder in 1985.

The toy was a hit for Christmas 1985, and over 1 million units were sold in the first year. The toy had a cassette tape player inside its head that played audio stories when the user pressed a button on its paw.

Teddy Ruxpin was discontinued in 1994 due to safety concerns with the cassette tapes that could be swallowed or cause choking hazards.

Simon Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get


Simon game consists of four colored lights, which are a different color from each other: red, yellow, blue and green. The player is challenged to repeat the sequence of flashes as quickly as possible by pressing four corresponding buttons on the device; players can play solo or against another person or computer opponent.

While playing against a human player is more challenging because humans are unpredictable, playing against a computer opponent provides less satisfaction because it is predictable and easy to beat - but it also means that you can play for longer without getting bored!

MadBalls Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get


The Madballs toy line was created by AmToy in 1986. The toys are balls with faces, and each has a different personality. They were first sold as "Madballs" in the United States, but later released under the name "Mutant Balls" in Europe.

Madballs were created by AmToy in 1986 and released to the US market as "Madballs". Later, they were renamed Mutant Balls for release in Europe.

Piano Dance Mat Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get_ B.png

Piano Dance Mat

Piano Dance Mat is a game that allows players to dance on the mat as they would on a piano keyboard. It can be used to play music with one's feet, and it is compatible with most MIDI files. The Piano Dance Mat makes a great option for those kids who were looking for one of the best 80s toy.

The Piano Dance Mat is a type of electronic keyboard that is designed for use by people who cannot play traditional keyboards. It consists of an octagonal mat which has sensors embedded in it which detect the player's movements, translating them into corresponding notes. The player's movements are translated into corresponding notes and played through speakers or headphones.

Masters of the Universe Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Masters of the Universe

The next that made the cut of best 80s toys is The Masters of the Universe. They are a group of 80s toys who appear in the He-Man universe, which began in 1983 with Mattel's toyline and animated series. The title is usually used to refer to the lead villains of the franchise.

The Masters are led by Skeletor and include Hordak, Beast Man, Mer-Man, Evil Lyn, Tri-Klops and Modulok. They are opposed by He-Man and his allies: She-Ra, Prince Adam (He-Man's alter ego), Cringer/Battle Cat (He-Man's pet cat), Teela (Adam's adopted sister), Orko (a court jester or wizard) and Stratos (the winged horse).

Polly Pocket Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket is a toy brand that was created by Mattel in the late 80s. The toys are miniature dolls, houses and accessories. The first Polly Pocket dolls were made of plastic and were about two inches tall.

The toys are miniature dolls, houses and accessories. The first Polly Pocket dolls were made of plastic and were about two inches tall. These have been a highly collectable item if you have them sitting in your attic somewhere!

Glo Worm Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Glo Worm

The Glo Worm toy is a popular toy in the 80s. It is a worm-like toy that glows in the dark and has a light at the end of it.

This toy became popular with children because of its ability to glow and its wiggly movement. The Glo Worm toy is still sold today, but it has been updated to be more safe for children.

Koosh Balls Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Koosh Balls

Of course, the Koosh Ball had to make the cut of best 80s toys of all time. The Koosh Balls are a fun, interactive way to get children moving.

The Koosh Ball was invented by Craig Wolfe and his wife, Karen, in 1990. The toy is made of foam rubber and polyester fibers which are then wrapped into a ball shape.

Koosh balls are easy to use as they can be thrown or kicked with little effort. The ball bounces unpredictably when it hits the ground and this makes it challenging for children to catch the ball.

Monchhichi Balls Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get


Monchhichi was a popular toy in the 1980s. It was first released in 1978 and sold over 30 million units. The toy was discontinued in 1990 due to safety concerns, but it has recently been revived with updated safety features.

The toy is a small stuffed animal that resembles a monkey and wears clothing such as hats, sunglasses, and shoes. It is made of soft material so it can be squeezed by children.

Little People Family House Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Little People Family House

The Little People Family House is a toy that features an interactive home with a family of four. The house includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms. You can play in the living room by opening and closing the doors to see what's inside. There are also buttons on the front of the house that trigger sounds and lights.

The Little People Family House toy is perfect for children aged 2-5 years old who love to play pretend with their toys. It helps them develop their motor skills and imagination as they play with this set of toys.

Pound Puppies Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Pound Puppies

Up next on our list of best 80s toys are the Pound Puppies which are a toy that was created in 1983 by Tyco Toys. These toys are modeled after the lovable puppies from the 1980s TV show of the same name. Pound Puppies have been around for over 30 years and have captured the hearts of children all over the world.

Pogo Ball Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Pogo Ball

The Pogo Ball is one of the most iconic toys from the 1980s. It was originally made by Parker Brothers and then later manufactured by Wham-O, which still makes it today. The Pogo Ball is basically a bouncing ball that you can play with your friends or on your own.

Strawberry Shortcake Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake is a popular children's toy from the 1980s. The toy was originally created by American Greetings in 1981.

The toy line was based on a character that was originally drawn on an American Greeting card by artist Lisa Frank and her mother. The name "Strawberry Shortcake" came from the fact that the first drawing of Strawberry Shortcake had a strawberry-shaped head, and Frank wanted to call the doll "Shortcake". We had to fit in Strawberry Shortcake as one of the better dolls of the 80s and 90s.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released in North America in 1985 and was the most popular console of the 8-bit era.

The NES is a video game console with a controller that has buttons for each hand and a directional pad. The NES is the first major console to use an 8-bit processor, which means it can produce graphics that are more detailed than those of other consoles on the market at the time.

Transformers Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get


The Transformers toy line from the 1980s was a huge success. It had a huge impact on kids of that generation and it still has an influence on the toys that are being made today. In fact, some people would say that this is one of the most influential toy lines in history. With no doubt in our minds, the Transformers G1 lineup belongs on our list of best 80s toys.

Care Bears Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Care Bears

The Care Bears are a group of characters created by American Greetings in 1981. They were originally designed to teach children about responsibility, empathy, and caring. The Care Bears had a television show that has had a long running series and spin offs up until the year 2020!

Roller Racer Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Roller Racer

The Roller Racer 80s toy is a toy that was released in the 1980s by Tyco Toys. Being such a popular toy in the 80s, it came with a plastic track and two cars. There was also a ramp for the car to go down, and then back up to the top of the track. The cars would go around in circles on the tracks, and it was fun because you could race your friends with it.

As dangerous as it looks, it was quite a fun concept and is well deserving of a spot of our best 80s toys.

Atari 2600

Atari 2600

In the early 1980s, Atari released the Atari 2600, which was one of the first gaming consoles. It was a huge success and it revolutionized how people play games. The console had a library of 12 games that were released for it.

The most popular game on the console was a game called "Pong". It became so popular that it became one of the first video games to be exported to other countries and regions.

Lite-Brite Magic Screen Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Lite-Brite Magic Screen

Lite-Brite is an American brand of children's toys that produce illuminated designs on a black background. The original toy was invented in 1967 by Mr. Kenneth Carter, and the company is currently owned by Hasbro.

The Lite-Brite Magic Screen was introduced in the 1980s as a new version of the classic toy. It had a plastic frame with eight rows and eight columns of pegs, which were used to hold small colored plastic shapes called “brites”. The screen itself had a black grid on one side, which was used to create images when lit from behind.

GI Joe Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

GI Joe

GI Joe is a toy from the 1980s. It had a cartoon series, comic book and toy line.

The GI Joe toy was first introduced in 1964. The GI stands for "General Issue". The first action figure was created when Hasbro released a soldier doll called the "Private Joe" in 1964.

In 1985, a new GI Joe was introduced. This one had more of an athletic build and was taller than the original GI Joe who had a more muscular build and was shorter than this new model. We absolutely adored this iconic toy and GI Joe figurines are perfect as a choice for the best 80s toys.

Rubik's Cube Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Rubik's Cube

The Rubik's Cube is a puzzle that was invented in 1974 by the Hungarian professor of architecture Ernő Rubik.

The Rubik's Cube is a puzzle that was invented in 1974 by the Hungarian professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. The cube has six faces, each one made up of nine smaller square faces of uniform color. If one side of the cube is rotated, then all six faces will rotate together, so as to show a new face.

The original design had three different colors for the smaller square pieces that make up the sides: blue, white and red. However, since 1980 it has been manufactured with only red and white colored pieces.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were created in the 1980s by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. They were originally a comic book series but became a worldwide phenomenon when they were turned into an animated TV show. The teenage mutant ninja turtles toys became popular as well.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line was one of the most successful toy lines of the 1980s and 1990s, generating more than $2 billion in revenue during its original run.

Space Lego Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Space Lego

Lego is a line of construction toys that are manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. The company's flagship product, Lego, consists of colorful interlocking plastic bricks accompanying an array of gears, figurines called mini figures, and various other parts.

The Space Lego toy came out in the 1980s and allowed kids to build their own space station. Lego was quite the popular toy in the 80s, selling hundreds of thousands of units per month while store shelves couldn't keep units on hand.

The Lego Group has released thousands of sets with themes that cover everything from the human body to outer space. As of the end of 2016, the company has sold over 400 billion Lego parts since it was founded in 1932.

Moon Shoes Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Moon Shoes

Moon Shoes were a popular 80s toy. They were shoes with a rubber sole that had a metal frame and spring system inside. The idea was that you could bounce higher and run faster with these shoes on.

The Moon Shoes 80s toy was created by Wham-O, the world's largest manufacturer of toys. It was invented by Arthur Melin and Richard Knerr, two employees of Wham-O, in 1982. They designed the shoes to be used in playgrounds or as an exercise tool for children to use at home.

Speak & Spell Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Speak & Spell

The Speak & Spell was a toy that was released in the 1980s. The toy had a microphone and a keypad, which would both be used to teach people how to spell words.

This toy is not as popular nowadays due to the introduction of more modern ways of teaching children how to spell words.

The Speak & Spell 80s toy is still widely available and can be found in stores such as Walmart, Target, and Toys "R" Us.

Monster in my pocket Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get_ B.png

Monster in My Pocket

These toys were micro sized and were everywhere. They were aimed at lower budget families due to their size. As they increased in popularity, the collectability spun off video games, even a board game.

Local radio stations would allow for call ins in order to win them as a prize for the featured caller. There was also a short lived TV show that was surprisingly very good!

Sega Genesis Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis, known as the Mega Drive in regions outside of North America, is a 16-bit video game console released by Sega in 1988.

With their edgy marketing, Sega had overtaken Nintendo in sales for a brief period in the 90s.

The Sega Genesis was the first major console to have a built-in FM synthesis sound chip. The original version of Sonic The Hedgehog was one of the pack in titles for this console and is widely credited with popularizing the genre of platform games.

Trivial Pursuit Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a game that was created in 1979 and has been popular ever since. It is a trivia game where players answer questions from six different categories to win.

It was originally developed by Chris Haney and Scott Abbott, who were also the inventors of the board game Scattergories. The original game included cards with trivia questions on them and involved rolling dice to move around the board.

The first version of Trivial Pursuit was released in 1979 by Parker Brothers, which is now owned by Hasbro Inc.

My Little Pony Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

My Little Pony

My Little Pony is an animated TV series and toy line created in the 1980s. The show was originally developed as a toy line by Hasbro.

The show's success led to the production of multiple spin-off TV specials, movies, comic books, and other merchandise.

The first My Little Pony toys were made in 1981 and were produced until 1992. They were marketed for little girls and had a variety of colors and styles. The toys were popular among young girls because they could be played with by themselves or with friends.

Three-Man Chess Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Three-Man Chess

Three-Man Chess is a game that is played by three players. It can be played on a chessboard or on any other flat surface.

The players are not restricted to their own color of pieces and they can use pieces of any color in the game. The goal of the game is to capture all the opponent's pieces, while still maintaining your own pieces.

In Three-Man Chess, each player has an army of sixteen pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops and eight pawns.

GhostBusters Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get


Ghostbusters is a 1984 was a popular comedy film that was written by the ever popular Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. The film stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver.

The movie had spun off a magnitude of toys that were extremely popular in the 80s and 90s with children and collectors.

Jenga Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get


Jenga is a game where the players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. The object of the game is not to topple the tower, but rather to remove all the blocks from it.

Jenga was created in 1974 by Leslie Scott, an Englishwoman living in Hong Kong. Scott wanted to create a game that would be challenging and have no luck involved.

The name "Jenga" comes from Swahili meaning "to build".

Micro Machines Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Micro Machines

Micro Machines are toys that were popular in the 1980s. They are miniature toy cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

The Micro Machines toy line is a series of die-cast metal vehicles, originally manufactured by Galoob beginning in 1979. The name "Micro Machines" was used for the first time in 1982 when Galoob began marketing them as an alternative to the popular Matchbox and Hot Wheels brands of die-cast cars.

Star Wars Figurines Best 80's Toys That 80's Kids Totally Get

Star Wars Figurines

In the 1980s, Star Wars figurines were among the most popular toys for kids. They were made by Kenner and produced from 1978 to 1985.

The Kenner company was founded in 1947 and it is still active as of today. It produces games, puzzles, dolls, and other toys.

We hope you enjoyed some of the best 80s toys had to offer in terms of collecting. We've had a ton of fun putting it together and bringing back that nostalgia. Let us know on Twitter which ones were your top options!



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