8 Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s
Dinosaur Cartoons of the 90s were a huge part of our childhood. Find out which ones made the cut now!

Welcome to our enjoyable voyage back to the exciting decade of the 1990s, fellow fans of the prehistoric world!

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of the best 90s dinosaur cartoons that once graced our television screens, capturing our attention and bringing the world of dinosaurs to life.

In the field of animated entertainment, the 1990s saw unmatched inventiveness and invention. Talented animators and storytellers set out to bring these majestic beasts to life in colourful and thrilling ways as dinosaur curiosity gripped the hearts and imaginations of both young and old.

The 90s dinosaur cartoons left a lasting impression on our collective memory, whether they were uplifting stories of unusual friendships or grand clashes between prehistoric animals.

So let's go off on this enchanted journey together, my readers, as we explore the enormous worlds of dinosaur cartoons from the 1990s. We will go deeper into the well-known shows and undiscovered treasures that influenced our formative years in the blog pieces that will come after this one.

As we uncover the alchemy that caused these animated stories to scream with excitement and stand the test of time, get ready to release the waves of nostalgia.

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The Best Dinosaur Cartoons From The 1990s

8. Godzilla: The Series

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Godzilla: The Series

As he engages in combat with numerous enormous enemies, Godzilla the renowned kaiju monster continues his epic adventure in Godzilla: The Series.

The series picks up after the events of the 1998 movie, in which a committed team of specialists revives the baby Godzilla that survived.

They come together to form H.E.A.T. (Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team) and set out on a quest to investigate, safeguard against, and defend Earth from the unrelenting assault of enormous animals.

Godzilla: The Series features an alluring cast of individuals that combine their knowledge and abilities to take on the enormous problems that appear.

The following notable people are responsible for bringing the story to life:

H.E.A.T. - The Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Godzilla: The Series 2
  1. Dr. Niko Tatopoulos: Dr. Tatopoulos, a well-known scientist and specialist in the subject of cryptozoology, is in charge of the group. He leads H.E.A.T. in their endeavours to comprehend and safeguard the Earth with his extensive understanding of species and close ties to Godzilla.
  2. Dr. Elsie Chapman: Dr. Chapman is a gifted and clever biologist who offers priceless insights into the biology and behaviour of the monsters they come across. She is a crucial component of the team due to her quick thinking and knowledge.
  3. Mendel Craven: Mendel is an engineer and scientist who is both clever and eccentric. The crew benefits from his ideas and technical expertise as they fight against formidable foes.
  4. Randy Hernandez: The information and research specialist for H.E.A.T. is Randy, a youthful and tech-savvy member. Their continual quest for knowledge and survival is made possible by his interest for computers and computer skills.

Godzilla - The Legendary Kaiju

  1. Godzilla: The series' main character is Godzilla, a towering and recognisable kaiju. Godzilla emerges as Earth's last line of defence against the terrifying threats that surface from the deep thanks to his tremendous power, atomic breath, and sense of justice.

Duration and Impact

From 1998 to 2000, Godzilla: The Series ran on television for three action-packed seasons, enthralling viewers with its thrilling tales and titanic monster fights. Following the 1998 movie, the animated series gave viewers a chance to learn more about Godzilla and his ongoing mission to save Earth from the enormous forces that threaten it.

7. Cadillacs And Dinosaurs

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Cadillacs And Dinosaurs

In the post-apocalyptic future depicted in Cadillacs And Dinosaurs, humans struggle to survive on a planet populated by terrifying dinosaurs. This animated series skillfully combines science fiction with the amazing existence of dinosaurs by fusing elements from both the prehistoric and modern eras.

A diverse and tough cast of individuals who represent humanity's last line of defence against the threat of dinosaurs are presented to viewers in this stunning animated series. The extraordinary people who brought the tale to life are listed below:

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Cadillacs And Dinosaurs 2
  1. Jack Tenrec: Jack, a brave and knowledgeable mechanic, is the main character. He bravely leads the charge in preserving humanity with his unmatched expertise in both robots and dinosaurs.
  2. Hannah Dundee: Hannah is the voice of reason, a gorgeous and astute diplomat. Her knowledge of ancient cultures and negotiation techniques is extremely helpful in solving the puzzle of the dinosaurs.
  3. Mustapha Cairo: Jack travels with Mustapha, a fierce martial artist and devoted companion, on their dangerous missions. He is an essential ally in the fight against the dinosaur hordes because of his fighting prowess and unwavering commitment.
  4. Mess O'Bradovich: Mess, the gang's comic relief, contributes his wit and inventiveness to the squad. He gives them the technological breakthroughs required for their existence thanks to his inventiveness.
  5. Spike Taylor: Spike, a new and enthusiastic team member, is Jack's trainee. His unbridled zeal and quick wit play a major role in their risk-taking antics.

Duration and Impact

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs was an action-packed television series that aired from 1993 to 1994.

It captivated viewers with its distinctive mix of thrilling quests, intriguing characters, and the fascination of dinosaurs.

The cartoon gained popularity right once, capturing the attention of viewers of all ages with its amazing animation and engrossing plot.

6. Beast Wars: Transformers

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Beast Wars: Transformers

Beast Wars transports viewers to a far-off future where two groups of robots that can morph, the brave Maximals and the evil Predacons, compete for power.

They assume the appearance of local animals of Earth to conceal themselves and carry on their conflict in secrecy while stranded on a weird and primitive world. The stakes are enormous because both sides are engaged in a struggle for both racial supremacy and the survival of their own species.

A fascinating cast of characters, each with their own special traits and skills, is introduced in Beast Wars. The series' notable protagonists and adversaries are listed below:

Maximals - The Heroes

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Beast Wars: Transformers Maximals
  1. Optimus Primal: Optimus Primal, the knowledgeable and honourable leader of the Maximals, changes into a strong gorilla. He leads his team over several difficulties with his strong leadership and constant commitment to them.
  2. Cheetor: Cheetor epitomises the spirit of a cheetah with his quick wit and agility. He is an invaluable tool on the battlefield because of his immaturity and lightning-fast speed.
  3. Rattrap: Rattrap is a robotic rodent-like creature with extraordinary technical knowledge and street smarts. He may have a stern demeanour, but his inventiveness makes him invaluable to the Maximals.
  4. Rhinox: The team's cool-headed tactician, Rhinox, assumes the form of a rhinoceros. His in-depth understanding of the natural world and engineering prowess are vital to the Maximals' fight for survival.
  5. Dinobot: Dinobot, who was once a Predacon, eventually joined the Maximals and brought a violent battle attitude with him. His honour and fighting skills, which were inspired by a Velociraptor, make him a powerful ally.

Predacons - The Villains

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Beast Wars: Transformers Predacons
  1. Megatron: Megatron, the oppressive leader of the Predacons, appears as a terrifying T-Rex. The Predacons' ambition for dominance is driven by his ingenious plans and insatiable desire for power.
  2. Tarantulas: The devious and cunning robot named Tarantulas has a fondness for conducting experiments. He is a strong adversary due to his clever mind and constant quest for knowledge.
  3. Waspinator: A foolish and unlucky Predacon named Waspinator changes into a wasp. With his ongoing problems and frequent injuries, he offers humorous relief despite his continual misery.
  4. Terrorsaur: Self-serving aerial Predacon Terrorsaur, a Pteranodon-inspired Predacon that craves personal power and frequently defies Megatron's authority. He is a strong foe due to his speed and ability to fly.
  5. Blackarachnia: Before becoming a deadly black widow spider, Blackarachnia, a disobedient Predacon, was a Maximal. Her ability to walk the border between right and wrong and her complex nature give her character complexity.

Duration and Impact

The usage of CGI in television animation was revolutionised by Beast Wars at the time. With the aid of cutting-edge animation techniques, the ground-breaking computer-generated images brought the mutating robots and their animal disguises to life.

5. Denver, the Last Dinosaur

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Denver the Last Dinosaur

In Denver, the Last Dinosaur, a group of adolescents discover an amazing secret, an amiable dinosaur by the name of Denver.

They meet Denver in the course of their daily lives, become friends with him, and together they set out on thrilling adventures while keeping Denver's existence a secret from the rest of the world. The wonder of antiquity and the delight of teenage friendship are masterfully combined in the presentation.

A wonderful cast of characters who win viewers over is introduced in Denver, the Last Dinosaur.

Let's get to know the endearing people who make this animated series come to life:

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Denver the Last Dinosaur 2
  1. Denver: Denver, a sweet and gentle dinosaur, is the main attraction. Denver soon integrates himself into the life of the kids because of his vibrant appearance, contagious energy, and musical aptitude. His funny personality and extraordinary skills add wonder and fun to their trips.
  2. Jeremy Henderson: The primary character, Jeremy, is a kind and endearing young man who develops a close relationship with Denver. He assumes the position of Denver's closest companion, assuring his security and maintaining their privacy from the public.
  3. Wally Stegman: Wally, a smart and bespectacled member of the group, is in charge of running everything. When faced with difficulties, his scientific education is frequently helpful, offering insightful information and problem-solving abilities.
  4. Shades: Shades, the calm and unassuming companion, gives the group a dash of fun and adventure. He adds a feeling of fun and excitement to their antics with his distinctive sunglasses and skateboard.
  5. Mario: Their travels take on a dynamic quality thanks to Mario, an active and athletic member of the gang. When faced with risky challenges, his athletic prowess and bravery make him a valuable asset.

Duration and Impact

With its vivid animation style, upbeat soundtrack, and themes of camaraderie and adventure, Denver, the Last Dinosaur evokes the 1980s. For those who grew up watching the show, it brings back pleasant memories by capturing the spirit of a nostalgic era.

4. Adventures of T-Rex

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Adventures of T-Rex

In the captivating adventure series Adventures of T-Rex, four exceptional dinosaur detectives guard their futuristic city from dangerous threats.

This animated series, which is set in a world in which people and dinosaurs coexist, combines detective work with prehistoric themes to produce a distinctive brew of action, adventure, and mystery.

Adventures of T-Rex introduces a diverse cast of characters, each of them highlights their individual talents and characteristics.

Let's get to know the amazing group that brings the play to life:

  1. Big Boss Graves
  2. Bugsy
  3. Ginger
  4. Buck

Duration and Impact

Adventures of T-Rex ran for one captivating season, entertaining audiences from 1992-1993.

The show's thrilling combination of prehistoric creatures and crime-fighting captivated viewers of all ages, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of its dedicated fanbase.

3. Extreme Dinosaurs

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Extreme Dinosaurs

In the adrenaline-pumping adventure cartoon Extreme Dinosaurs, extinct dinosaurs are genetically altered and brought back to life to fight evil today.

These magnificent dinosaurs are transformed into the supreme protectors of justice thanks to cutting-edge technology, battling the forces of chaos and defending Earth.

We meet a wide variety of dinosaur heroes in Extreme Dinosaurs, each with their own special skills and personalities.

Let's get to know the fascinating ensemble of characters:

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Extreme Dinosaurs 2
  1. T-Bone: The Tyrannosaurus rex and head of the Extreme Dinosaurs is T-Bone. He leads the group in their fight against evil with his tremendous strength, unyielding resolve, and leadership abilities.
  2. Bullzeye: Bullzeye, a strong triceratops, contributes strength and tenacity to the group. He is a powerful ally with his razor horns and unwavering loyalty.
  3. Spike: Spike is a spiky stegosaurus with a good heart and amazing defensive and agility skills. Throughout their missions, his loyalty, quick thinking, and familiarity with past cultures are crucial.
  4. Stegz: Stegz, the group's gentle big stegosaurus, is renowned for his collected attitude and sage advice. He is a crucial component of the team because of his spiked tail and understanding of natural resources.
  5. Hardrock: Pterodactyl Hardrock contributes exceptional flying skills and a keen mind to the group. He is an essential part of their missions due to his ability to fly and gather important information.

Duration and Impact

From 1997 to 1998, Extreme Dinosaurs lasted for one thrilling season, enthralling viewers with its distinct fusion of prehistoric action and cutting-edge technology.

Fans of all ages were impacted by the show's dramatic storytelling, enduring characters, and thrilling experiences.

2. Dink, The Little Dinosaur

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Dink The Little Dinosaur

In the prehistoric world of Dink, The Little Dinosaur, a baby dinosaur named Dink and his devoted buddies go on exciting adventures in their colourful and lush environment.

Dink and his buddies overcome the obstacles in their prehistoric environment with their unflagging bravery and voracious curiosity, picking up important life lessons along the way.

A delightful ensemble of characters are introduced in Dink, The Little Dinosaur, each of them brings their own special talents and charm to the show.

The lovable heroes who win our hearts are as follows:

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s Dink The Little Dinosaur 2
  1. Dink: Dink, the protagonist of the series, is a cheerful and inquisitive baby dinosaur. Dink becomes the epitome of inquiry and adventure with his contagious energy and loving heart.
  2. Amber: Dink's devoted best buddy is the vivacious and resourceful female dinosaur named Amber. When faced with difficulties, she frequently overcomes them thanks to her courage and fast thinking.
  3. Scat: A playful and naughty creature named Scat brings some laughter to the company. He adds a humorous aspect to their misadventures with his pranks and limitless energy.
  4. Shyler: Shyler, a shy and sensitive dinosaur, provides a gentle and compassionate presence. He demonstrates that power may take many different forms by overcoming his timidity.
  5. Flapper: A pleasant and chatty pterodactyl named Flapper gives the group a sense of flight. She adds a fresh perspective to their exploits with her special perspective and aerial skills.

Duration and Impact

Dink, The Little Dinosaur thrilled viewers with three joyful seasons, holding audiences' attention from 1989 to 1991. With its benign tale, endearing characters, and uplifting messages about friendship, bravery, and discovery, the show left a lasting impression on many children during its tenure.

Dink, The Little Dinosaur contains unique elements that extend beyond its endearing idea and endearing characters, adding to its enduring appeal:

  • Educational features: Dink, The Little Dinosaur includes educational features that expose young viewers to numerous facets of the prehistoric world in addition to its engaging narrative. Children gain knowledge of various dinosaur species, their ecosystems, and the value of conservation via their experiences.
  • Collaboration with Renowned Creators: Renowned production organisations like Ruby-Spears Enterprises and Hanna-Barbera Productions worked together to create the animated series. Their partnership ensured excellent animation, compelling storytelling, and a hint of charming nostalgia.

1. The Terrible Thunderlizards

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s The Terrible Thunderlizards

The Terrible Thunderlizards introduces viewers to a zany world where dinosaurs coexist with a group of aliens who seek to conquer Earth. However, these aliens are rather clumsy and ineffective in their mission, providing the perfect opportunity for the show's trio of courageous dinosaur protagonists to step in and save the day. With a mix of action and comedy, the series offers an entertaining twist on the clash between dinosaurs and extraterrestrials.

A vibrant array of characters graces The Terrible Thunderlizards, which helps to bring the story to life. Let's introduce the main characters of the show:

Dinosaurs - The Heroes

Best Dinosaur Cartoons Of The 90s The Terrible Thunderlizards 2
  1. Doc Tari: Doc Tari, a formidable and perceptive Tyrannosaurus Rex, is the leader of the group of dinosaur heroes. He works to defend Earth from the bumbling extraterrestrial invaders with his strategic thought and resourcefulness.
  2. Squat: The top sniper of the group is Squat. He oddly resembles Bill Paxton's character in Aliens.
  3. Day Z. Kutter: Second in command to the Dinosaurs, he's a triceritops that packs a lot of punch!

Duration and Impact

From 1993 to 1994, fans were enthralled by the two exciting seasons of The Terrible Thunderlizards. The show made an impression on viewers' memories with its distinctive fusion of prehistoric adventure, alien comedy, and endearing dinosaur heroes, providing a lighthearted and humorous perspective on the archetypal conflict between dinosaurs and extraterrestrials.

The Terrible Thunderlizards contains unique nuances that led to its appeal in addition to its intriguing premise and colourful characters:

  • Sibling Show: The Terrible Thunderlizards was a sister show to Dink, The Tiny Dinosaur, another well-liked animation from the 1990s. Both shows had the same lighthearted and adventurous tone and were created by the same animation studio, Ruby-Spears Productions.
  • Humor and Entertainment: The show embraced humour and slapstick comedy and provided nonstop entertainment and giggles. Viewers of all ages found infinite enjoyment in the Thunderlizards' humorous interactions with the aliens.


We can't help but think back on how much of an influence 90s dinosaur cartoons had on our upbringing as we come to a close on our voyage through their enthralling world.

These animated cartoons took us to a world where dinosaurs lived freely, where friendship and adventure were always at the centre of the narrative, and where the seemingly impossible became achievable.

These dinosaur cartoons from the 1990s left a lasting impression on our minds, whether you were mesmerized by Denver's mysterious presence, enthralled by the time-travelling conflicts of Dino-Riders, or charmed by the charming Dino Babies.

A tribute to the skill and imagination used to bring these ancient animals to life is Prehistoric Beast, a stop-motion marvel.

So let's celebrate the 1990s, a decade that brought dinosaurs into our living rooms and out of the history books.

These classic animated tv shows continue to inspire new generations by serving as a reminder of the wonders that lie within the realm of imagination.



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