11 Best Undertale Fan Games - Of 2023!

Best Undertale Fan Games
Unlocking Undertale's Fan-Made Wonders: Explore the Best Undertale Fan Games!

You might be wondering, what are the best Undertale fan games made available. Well, you've come to the right spot as well be going into detail about 10 of the very best. Undertale has come a long way from the infamous Earthbound Haloween hack that gave the developer the push to create Undertale.

Toby Fox's indie masterpiece introduced us to a captivating realm where choice, morality, and quirky characters intertwine.

But what if I told you that this beloved universe has expanded far beyond the original game?

Enter the enchanting realm of Undertale fan games – a testament to the enduring love and creativity of the fanbase.

Fans of the video game Undertale have elevated their devotion to it in the digital era by using it as inspiration for their own Undertale-themed experiences. These fan games serve as a tribute to Undertale's ongoing legacy by giving the underworld new life and providing engaging experiences for both ardent and inexperienced players.

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Best Undertale Fan Games MYSTERYTALE Online

There is a domain that fans have painstakingly created in the vast Undertale universe, where decisions have an impact on the game's core structure. Welcome to the world of Mysterytale Online, a remarkable fan-made online multiplayer game based on Toby Fox's renowned role-playing game, Undertale. It's a realm where Frisk, the tenacious protagonist, assumes a whole new dimension.

Imagine this: You are playing the role of Frisk once more, but this time the journey takes an exciting turn. You are not alone in Mysterytale Online. Ready to participate in an international multi-player adventure with Undertale fans from all over the world.

Will you face obstacles head-on and fight your way to success, or will your words turn out to be more powerful than a sword? Your decision is entirely up to you.

10. Understory by PurpleTraveller Team

Best Undertale Fan Games Understory by PurpleTraveller Team

If you're a passionate Undertale fan, you're probably well-acquainted with the enchanting world Toby Fox crafted. But did you know that this beloved universe has sprouted its own vibrant fan creations?

With Undertale's True Pacifist ending, the story of Understory begins to take shape. Nicholas Stewart, also known as "Nick," is the primary character. Nick takes advantage of the chance to travel while his mother leaves on a business trip to settle issues with their new flat. He has no idea that a chance encounter with Toriel, Frisk, and Monster Child will lead to an extraordinary experience.

Toriel hands the kids over to Nick as she dashes off to school. As soon as a friendship begins to take shape, the group decides to travel to Mount Ebott to talk about the recent monster sightings.

Yet when Nick comes upon the mysterious creatures of the forest, he can't force himself to harm them, their trip takes a dangerous turn.

9. Yet Another Bad Time Simulator DELUXE by Seezee

Best Undertale Fan Games Yet Another Bad Time Simulator DELUXE by Seezee

Fans of Undertale, get ready for a brand-new adventure! YABTS: The Undertale-inspired mini-fangame Yet Another Bad Time Simulator will take you on an exciting 3D tour through the game's legendary boss battles.

What adds to the intrigue of this game? It was produced using the same engine that Toby Fox used to make the Undertale Demo. Interesting, huh?

YABTS is a straightforward yet ambitious concept at its core. It's a fan-made homage to Undertale that aims to offer a novel viewpoint on some of the game's most memorable boss encounters.

Imagine having these memorable interactions in a different dimension! It's crucial to keep in mind that YABTS is still a work in progress, therefore excitement will only grow as the project develops.

8. Pokétale by GammaRay

Best Undertale Fan Games Pokétale by GammaRay

The Pokétale saga is proof of the gaming industry's ability to be inspired and passionate. This began with a YouTube video posted by well-known player LiNX4 He was playing Undermon, a fan game that skillfully combined the well-known worlds of Undertale with Pokémon. Many believed that the creator hadn't fully realised the possibilities of this wonderful crossover despite the enthusiasm, though.

GammaRay came to prominence at that point. He was driven by determination and was not scared to express his ideas since he knew he could do better. GammaRay fervently voiced his wish to make a game that properly captured the soul of Undertale and Pokémon in the comments section of LiNX4's video.

Surprised by LiNX4's sincere interest, GammaRay was inspired to investigate his idea. GammaRay started a creative adventure that would result in the creation of Pokétale with only a few maps and a few test Pokémon.

7. HorrorTale the Game by HTTG Team

Best Undertale Fan Games HorrorTale

The story of HorrorTale unfolds after the Exiled Queen ending, a timeline where Toriel briefly reclaims the throne, only to be banished back to the ruins by the formidable Undyne.

Undyne's authority falls into unimaginable cruelty as a result of a deep-seated desire to exterminate humanity, bringing the Underground to the verge of collapse. Due to a severe lack of food, monsters are forced to do unspeakable things, including eating any unfortunate humans that fall to the ground. Almost everyone is engulfed in madness, and hope is fading.

Aliza, our protagonist, a timid and weak young girl between the ages of 9 and 12, enters the scene. Aliza lacks the strength to fight these huge creatures, unlike the tenacious Undertale heroes. She makes up for her lack of physical strength, though, with a startling cruelty.

She has no link to the original Undertale protagonist, and her voyage into the Underground takes place a long time after the neutral run. Aliza's soul exemplifies both perseverance and fear, which is appropriate given the difficult route she must travel.

6. Overtime by GermanPeter

Best Undertale Fan Games Overtime by GermanPeter

In Overtime, you'll step into the shoes of the indomitable Miss Pauling as she sets out on an epic quest to the Badlands.

Her mission? To confront none other than the Mann brothers. However, the Mann Co. mercenaries won't make her journey a cakewalk – they'll do everything in their power to stop her.

The big question is, will Miss Pauling choose to eliminate them, or is there another way to navigate this treacherous path?

"Overtime" goes above and above, providing you with a thorough reproduction of the Undertale engine. Everything in the game, from the endearing overworld to the odd menu, text boxes, and the thrilling combat, has been carefully designed for your enjoyment.

Say goodbye to items that make battles tedious and perplexing ATK and DEF stats. With preset damage values, "Overtime" emphasises simplicity above all else. But fear not—the core of Undertale's conflicts is still present. You'll still have to timing your assaults to deal the most damage possible while avoiding completely different adversary tactics.

5. Dusttale by Evan Streblow

Best Undertale Fan Games Dusttale by Evan Streblow

Imagine this: After a Genocide Route in Undertale, Chara emerges victorious and now has total control over the fallen human. Nevertheless, that is only the beginning of a cycle of genocide that will never end. The once-optimistic Underground is now overshadowed by Chara, whose ambition for power knows no bounds.

Sans begins to recall all of the torturous journeys and suffering he has gone through while living in this dark and perverse world. He must choose whether to follow Chara in their pursuit of unending power or choose another route to end the cycle since something inside of him is stirring.

Dusttale is a big and engaging experience that you won't want to miss, with a gameplay of between two and three hours.

Are you ready to descend into the depths of this Undertale fan game, where choices have consequences, and the line between right and wrong is as blurry as ever?

4. Underfell by NerdZero

Best Undertale Fan Games Underfell by NerdZero

One Underfell fan game stands out as a terrifying and fascinating alternate universe (AU) among the enormous sea of Undertale fan games. The famous Undertale characters in this dark rendition adopt a completely new goal: eradicating humans from the monster-infested underground. In this place, kindness is a rare commodity and fear is the norm.

Frisk, our main character, is a youngster trapped in this terrifying environment. Underfell's Frisk faces a difficult challenge, in contrast to the first Undertale, when nonviolence and friendship prevailed. As they make their way into the perilous depths with the aid of an unexpected companion, Flowey, the wise and helpful flower, they attempt to make friends with folks who would ordinarily have homicidal intentions.

Yet, luck alone won't cut it in this grim and depressing portrayal of the underground. Frisk and Flowey must call upon a powerful quality that is specific to Undertale: resolve. This trait serves as their anchor and motivation in a world where every interaction could end in disaster.

3. Ink!Sans Fight by Crosu

Best Undertale Fan Games InkSans Fight by Crosu

When it comes to Undertale fan games, Ink!Sans Fight has been making waves in the community.

If you're a fan of this unique take on the Undertale universe, you're in for a treat.

System, ZeroXilo, and Crosu are a talented trio who came up with Ink!Sans Battle. These designers have given their all to creating an experience that honours Undertale while also including their own special touch. It's always fascinating to observe how fan games change over time, and version 0.39 looks to bring some interesting improvements.


Best Undertale Fan Games DONTFORGET by RickyG

Imagine a fan-made Undertale game that elevates the original while still capturing its spirit. And that is exactly what "DF CONNECTED" provides.

With MMORPG-style gameplay, this online multiplayer fan game offers you the chance to interact with players from around the globe. With over 50 playable characters, creative battle systems, and a wealth of surprises, it is a dynamic underground world just waiting to be discovered.

But the fun doesn't stop there. "DF CONNECTED" is always changing. Using the aforementioned download links, you may start playing it right away. In the future, get ready for more single-player content that will strengthen your bond with the Undertale world.

"DF PERPETUAL" is your passport to an incredible single-player fan-game experience if you're itching for more Deltarune journeys. This chapter explores DONTFORGET's fascinating history.

Join Harlow, a new protagonist, and some well-known characters as they set out on a mission to reverse the effects of a crucial decision that was made in the distant past. You'll be left wanting more since the voyage is said to be full of surprises and touching moments.

1. Undertale Yellow by Team Undertale Yellow

Best Undertale Fan Games Undertale Yellow

You take on the role of Clover, a brave young person on a perilous expedition, in Undertale Yellow Demo. You'll soon find yourself deep beneath the enigmatic Underground, but there's a twist. There are countless species in this underground world, all of which can be found hiding in obscure places.

The real question is: Are these monsters your friends or enemies? Your choices in every interaction will determine how the tale develops, bringing you down diverging routes that offer unanticipated allies, powerful enemies, and a rollercoaster of twists and turns. Prepare yourself since your decisions are leading you to a final destination.

The Undertale Yellow Demo is an exciting expansion that gives both new and devoted fans the chance to delve further into this enchanted realm. So gather your willpower and get ready for a unique prequel journey.

Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to the highly-anticipated release in 2023!


Best Undertale Fan Games c

One thing becomes clearly evident as we approach to the conclusion of our investigation into the world of Undertale fan games: the passion and inventiveness of the Undertale community know no limitations. It's been a fantastic journey into the Underground to find these treasures that loyal fans have been keeping secret.

We have seen how Undertale's magic has not only survived but developed over this voyage. The basic elements of Undertale—the choices, the humour, and the heart—have been brilliantly elaborated upon by fan game developers. These fan games, which range from prequels to sequels and even alternate timelines, provide novel experiences, captivating stories, and creative gaming mechanisms that entice us to play them again and again.

As fans of Undertale, we have a wealth of options when it comes to these fan-made marvels. The fan game community has you covered whether you want to go back and see the Underground's well-known characters or plunge right into brand-new adventures.



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