30 Turbografx Best Games, You Won't Want To Miss

Turbografx Best Games
The Turbografx didn't sell as well as other great 16 bit consoles but was a fantastic console that was way ahead of it's time

Are you ready to embark on a nostalgic journey through gaming history?

Look no farther than the TurboGrafx, a 16-bit machine that carved itself its own niche.

Today, we explore the amazing world of the best TurboGrafx games, where timeless classics and hidden gems await ardent gamers.

Before we get into the games, let's take a time to appreciate the TurboGrafx console's significance.

The TurboGrafx (known as the PC Engine in Japan) was debuted in 1987 by NEC Corporation and stood out with its stylish look, unique features, and a library of titles that won the hearts of gamers worldwide.

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30. Ys Book I & II

Turbografx Best Games Ys Book I & II

Ys Book I & II features amazing graphics that transcend their era. Each setting is brilliantly created, immersing you in a world of awe-inspiring wonders, from verdant forests to towering castles and perilous dungeons.

The intricately created settings and beautiful character sprites lend depth and charm to the overall gaming experience, making every moment aesthetically captivating.

Turbografx Best Games Ys Book I & II 2

The game's soundtrack, written by Yuzo Koshiro, transports you to a realm of magic and emotion. Each music sets the tone for the story as it unfolds, enhancing the suspense during violent battles and inspiring awe as you explore the immense vistas.

The powerful fighting mechanics and fascinating storyline stand out as indisputable qualities among the numerous likes of Ys Book I & II.

The seamless blend of action and RPG components produces a compelling gameplay cycle that will keep gamers occupied for hours.

29. World Court Tennis

Turbografx Best Games World Court Tennis

At the heart of World Court Tennis lies its exceptional gameplay mechanics, offering an authentic tennis experience that will keep you engaged for hours on end.

Control your player with precision as you unleash powerful serves, crafty volleys, and lightning-fast returns. With responsive controls and a wide range of shot options, every match feels intense and immersive, bringing the thrill of real-life tennis to your fingertips.

Turbografx Best Games World Court Tennis 2

The eye-catching graphics in World Court Tennis are unavoidable. The game offers a visually appealing experience, starting with the painstakingly created tennis courts and ending with the finely detailed player animations.

World Court Tennis has advantages and disadvantages, just like any other game. Its straightforward controls, which enable players to quickly execute a variety of shots and strategies, are one of its main strengths.

A thrilling tennis experience that endures is provided by World Court Tennis.

28. World Class Baseball

Turbografx Best Games World Class Baseball

The graphics in World Class Baseball are a perfect blend of realism and charm. The players are expertly modeled, and their motions are smooth and natural. The brilliant colors in the stadiums showcase the ambiance and atmosphere of an exciting baseball game.

Even while they may not be as good as the newest AAA games, the graphics nonetheless capture the spirit of the game and provide an engaging visual experience.

Turbografx Best Games World Class Baseball 2

World Class Baseball provides an auditory experience that improves the gameplay, from the crack of the bat to the roar of the audience. Crisp and true-to-life sound effects conjure up the fervor and stress of a live baseball game.

The game is fun for both casual and die-hard baseball fans because it hits a decent mix between accessibility and depth.

Replayability and longevity are provided by the range of gameplay types, which include exhibition matches and full-fledged seasons.

27.  Time Cruise II

Turbografx Best Games Time Cruise II

Time Cruise II offers hours of engaging gaming by fusing the time-traveling aspects of pinball with the game's addictive nature. Navigate through intricately crafted pinball tables as you develop the art of skilled flipper finesse.

To open time portals and start amazing adventures to other eras, use specialized ramps and triggers.

Explore an intriguing plot full of mystery and adventure as you face various obstacles and riddles over many eras. Discover the mysteries of each age and make important choices that will influence the direction of history.

Turbografx Best Games Time Cruise II 2

The rich audio experience provided by Time Cruise II improves the gameplay and creates the right atmosphere for your time-traveling journey.

The realistic and nostalgic mood is created by the sound effects, which precisely recreate the pleasant clinks and clanks of the pinball game.

Time Cruise II on the TurboGrafx 16 offers gamers a distinct and exhilarating pinball trip that enthralls them from beginning to end.

26. Tiger Road

Turbografx Best Games Tiger Road

Tiger Road's gameplay centers on furious side-scrolling combat where you play as Lee Wong, a powerful fighter. You must traverse dangerous terrain while using your trusty sword to fight swarms of adversaries, including terrifying monsters.

Tiger Road's plot leads you on an exhilarating journey across ancient China. As Lee Wong, it is your mission to free your master from captivity and put an end to the wicked sorcerer's reign of terror over the region.

Turbografx Best Games Tiger Road 2

The game's colorful and intricate graphics beautifully depict the environments and people. Each area is beautifully created, providing complexity and a feeling of wonder to the gameplay.

These locations range from lush woodlands to ancient temples and perilous mountain routes.

Tiger Road provides gamers with an engaging and immersive gaming experience that whisks them away to a world of historic martial arts and legendary wonders.

25. Thunder Blade

Turbografx Best Games Thunder Blade

In Thunder Blade you're thrown into the cockpit of a cutting-edge attack chopper outfitted with a variety of deadly weapons. The gameplay consists of challenging levels that scroll vertically and horizontally as you traverse perilous terrain and participate in ferocious aerial combat.

Prepare to have your reflexes and strategic thinking put to the test as you confront waves of enemy cars, tanks, helicopters, and forts. Thunder Blade provides an exhilarating gameplay experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat with its intuitive controls and satisfyingly explosive action.

Turbografx Best Games Thunder Blade 2

Take part in a series of difficult missions in a variety of settings, including large cities and deep jungles. As you go, you will learn more about the enemy's evil schemes and piece together a narrative that gives the frantic, action-packed gameplay more complexity.

There are many things to love about Thunder Blade. The thrilling gameplay, along with the engrossing graphics and sound, produce an enjoyable and enduring experience.

24. Super Star Soldier

Turbografx Best Games Super Star Soldier

Super Star Soldier's graphics, which feature brilliant colors, intricate sprite art, and creative enemy designs, perfectly capture the everlasting appeal of retro gaming.

The game masterfully evokes the spirit of the time, transporting players on an eye-catching trip through space. The whole visual spectacle is enhanced by the fluid scrolling and stunning special effects, which help to create a timeless ambiance.

Turbografx Best Games Super Star Soldier 2

Super Star Soldier is noted for its difficult boss fights, which act as exhilarating game high points. Each enemy is a distinct and difficult challenge that puts your reflexes, tactics, and command of the game's mechanics to the test.

Overcoming these formidable obstacles gives you a sense of success and motivates you to continue honing your abilities.

For devoted players, the game offers a riveting experience due to its addictive qualities and the joy that comes from successfully completing its difficulties.

23. Splatterhouse

Turbografx Best Games Splatterhouse

Explore the history of the haunted mansion, confront your worst phobias, and learn the truth that lurks in the darkness.

Can you survive the horrors that lie ahead and prevail?

Splatterhouse's visuals are an homage to the horror genre. Everything in the game, from the hideous adversaries to the decaying scenery, is painstakingly made.

Turbografx Best Games Splatterhouse 2

Your spine will tingle as a result of the immersive experience that the eerie lighting and visual style generate. Get ready to be visually mesmerized by Splatterhouse's gloomy and gruesome universe.

For fans of horror, Splatterhouse offers a compelling and unforgettable gaming experience.

22. Salamander

Turbografx Best Games Salamander

Salamander launches you into a furious and thrilling battle against waves of alien foes as soon as you take control of your spaceship. Moving your ship through complex landscapes and dodging enemy fire while playing quickly and smoothly makes it an adrenaline-filled dance.

The experience is further improved by power-ups and specialized weaponry that let you launch deadly assaults and change the course of a game.

Will you prevail in the face of insurmountable obstacles?

Turbografx Best Games Salamander 2

Pixel imagery in the game is vivid and detailed, bringing the alien worlds and cosmic vistas to life.

Every aspect of the game, from the deftly built boss battles to the detailed monster designs, is painstakingly crafted.Salamander has many of memorable boss confrontations, which are a requirement for any shoot 'em up.

Be prepared for titanic confrontations against enormous extraterrestrial species, each of which has an own attack style and weak points. Salamander is a tribute to the heyday of shoot 'em ups with its captivating gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and epic sound design.

21. R-Type

Turbografx Best Games R-Type

Get ready to be astounded by R-Type's stunning sights. The game has sophisticated adversary designs, bright space settings, and powerful special effects. Each component, from ominous alien ships to breath-taking boss confrontations, is brought to life with painstaking attention to detail.

The game has an engaging soundtrack that establishes the mood for each encounter, from tense moments to heart-pounding combat.

Turbografx Best Games R-Type 2

The sound effects are expertly designed and perfectly convey the essence of strong weapons, explosions, and enemy engagements.

In the field of space shooters, R-Type is a towering example of a timeless classic. An unforgettable gaming experience is produced by its intriguing gameplay, compelling storyline, alluring graphics, and exciting sound design.

20. Parasol Stars

Turbografx Best Games Parasol Stars

Action and puzzle-solving gameplay aspects are expertly merged in Parasol Stars to create a singular gaming experience. You will control one of the charming Bubble Dragons, Bubby or Bobby, and use magical umbrellas to catch and turn foes into projectiles for your benefit.

Parasol Stars' graphics are just lovely.

Turbografx Best Games Parasol Stars 2

The game brings the fanciful world to life with its brilliant color scheme, intricate landscapes, and endearing character designs. Each level is filled to the brim with artistic beauty, innovative environments, and cute enemies.

With its many advantages, Parasol Stars stands out above other video game options. A gripping and immersive experience is produced by the fun gameplay, beautiful graphics, and enjoyable audio.

19. Ninja Spirit

Turbografx Best Games Ninja Spirit

Allow Ninja Spirit's breathtaking sights to carry you away to the realm of ancient Japan. The game features painstakingly created settings, intricate character sprites, and stunning backdrops that perfectly embody the ninja motif.

Bright colors and fluid movements bring every sword swing, enemy encounter, and opponent encounter to life, resulting in an immersive visual experience that improves gameplay.

Your ninja talents will be put to the test by the bosses in Ninja Spirit. Each boss encounter is specially created, providing a difficult and thrilling experience.

Turbografx Best Games Ninja Spirit 2

Get ready to battle powerful opponents who will put your reflexes, strategy, and patience to the test. You must be an expert ninja and have a thorough understanding of their attack patterns to win these boss encounters.

You can't go wrong with one of the best PC Engine games ever.

18. New Adventure Island

Turbografx Best Games New Adventure Island

Get ready to be mesmerized by New Adventure Island's vivid and bright imagery. With its lush vegetation, dazzling waterfalls, and endearing character designs, the intricate pixel graphics vividly depicts the tropical paradise.

Each stage is visually beautiful and invites investigation thanks to the meticulous attention to detail in the graphics, which offers an immersive experience.

Turbografx Best Games New Adventure Island 2

A memorable music establishes the ideal mood for your journey and goes along with your experience. The upbeat music and exotic melodies immerse you in the spirit of the island and improve your game experience.

The game's level design is also excellent, with a well-balanced combination of difficult obstacles and undiscovered treasures.

However, some players might find the difficulty to be fairly high, which would be a significant challenge for platformer newcomers.

17. Neutopia

Turbografx Best Games Neutopia

With its captivating gameplay, compelling plot, and amazing graphics, Neutopia excels. Players are hooked for hours because to the game's perfect blending of action, exploration, and RPG features.

The enormous realm of Neutopia offers a sense of exploration and freedom. Players are faced with difficult boss fights in Neutopia that demand careful planning and exact execution.

Turbografx Best Games Neutopia 2

Each boss has a different set of skills and attack patterns, making for an exciting test of your combat prowess.The game's vibrant and intricate pixel imagery vividly depicts the universe.

Each setting is exquisitely portrayed, capturing the atmosphere of a lively fantasy world, from lush forests to dangerous dungeons.

It has weathered the test of time and gives an outstanding gaming experience with Neutopia.

16. Military Madness

Turbografx Best Games Military Madness

The gameplay of Military Madness is what drives the game's deep and compelling experience. It allows players to take their time, carefully plan their actions, and carry out well-thought-out schemes because it is a turn-based strategy game.

A provocative narrative exploring issues of power, ambition, and the effects of war is offered by Military Madness.Be ready to be astounded by Military Madness's graphics.

Turbografx Best Games Military Madness 2

The game's graphics are impressive despite being released in the 16-bit era; they feature intricate unit designs, fluid animations, and captivating battlefield settings.

Military Madness is a noteworthy game in the tactical strategy genre thanks to a bevy of commendable features.

A very engaging experience is made possible by the strategic depth, compelling plot, visually amazing graphics, and interesting sound design.

15. Legendary Axe

Turbografx Best Games Legendary Axe

The incredibly amazing graphics of Legendary Axe are one of its most notable aspects. Vibrant colors, finely detailed character sprites, and painstakingly detailed environments showcase the TurboGrafx's potential.

You're immersed in lush forests, perilous tunnels, and hauntingly stunning scenery on each level, which is a visual feast.

Each moment appears to be a mesmerizing work of art thanks to the meticulous attention to detail in the graphics, which improves the overall game experience.

Turbografx Best Games Legendary Axe 2

The game's soundtrack, which includes stirring melodies that intensify the sensation of peril and victory, brilliantly captures the atmosphere of the epic quest.

A number of notable boss fights in Legendary Axe put players to the test and required quick thinking, timing, and strategy. Each boss has a different set of skills and attack patterns, making it an exciting task for the player to defeat.

14. J.J. & Jeff

Turbografx Best Games J.J. & Jeff

In J.J. & Jeff, the gameplay takes precedence over the plot in favor of more lighter enjoyment. The escapades of two inept investigators, J.J. and Jeff, as they look into a suspicious case are followed throughout the game.

Despite the story's lack of profundity or complexity, its comic features and entertaining settings contribute to the game's charm as a whole.

J.J. & Jeff's illustrations display a fun and lively art aesthetic.

Turbografx Best Games J.J. & Jeff 2

The game's comic features are brought to life by the cartoonish style used to depict the characters and locations.

The level designs are diverse and creative, and each one presents a special combination of difficulties and surprises.

Although the TurboGrafx may not have as sophisticated graphics as succeeding platforms, J.J. & Jeff makes the most of it by providing an excellent graphical experience.

13. Gradius

Turbografx Best Games Gradius

The difficult boss fights in Gradius are notorious for testing players' reflexes, ability, and strategic thinking.

Each encounter with a powerful monster provides a different set of patterns and attacks, necessitating exact timing and strategic moves to prevail.

When defeating these legendary adversaries, the growing difficulty curve offers a satisfying sense of success.

Turbografx Best Games Gradius 2

The game Gradius's captivating gameplay, which hooks players for hours on end, is one of its outstanding strengths.

The gameplay loop is thrilling and gratifying since it combines upgrading your ship, completing challenging stages, and fighting fierce enemies.

Fans of vintage arcade games will also find the retro graphics and sound design to be intriguing because they strongly invoke nostalgia.

12. Gate of Thunder

Turbografx Best Games Gate of Thunder

Get ready to be amazed by Gate of Thunder's stunning visuals. The game's graphics are astounding and bright, pushing the limits of the TurboGrafx platform.

Every detail is painstakingly drawn, resulting in a visually engaging experience that includes elaborately designed enemy ships and exquisitely sculpted landscapes. The gameplay is made much more exciting by the slick movements and beautiful graphics.

Turbografx Best Games Gate of Thunder 2

The game has an engaging soundtrack that goes well with the fast-paced action on screen. A dynamic environment is created by the pounding drums and exciting tunes, which heighten the game's adrenaline rush.

The challenging boss fights in Gate of Thunder will strain your fighting prowess to the very limit. Each boss has a different attack pattern and tactical weakness, so you must learn to adapt and make some serious adjustments along the way.

Gate of Thunder is easily one of the top choices for one of the best PC Engine CD games.

11. Galaga '90

Turbografx Best Games Galaga 90

Galaga '90's bold and colorful graphics fascinate gamers. The game seamlessly combines pixel imagery with smooth animations to establish a balance between contemporary design and nostalgic charm.

Each enemy ship is carefully constructed, and the satisfying explosion special effects add to every tense battle. Galaga '90's visually spectacular presentation will take you back to the arcade halls of yesteryear.

Turbografx Best Games Galaga 90 2

Galaga '90's sound design is truly aural delight. Both experienced gamers and newbies will be moved by the distinctive chip-tune tunes and sound effects that embody the spirit of vintage arcade gaming.

The upbeat score is the ideal accompaniment to the quick-moving action, enveloping you in an extraterrestrial symphony of nostalgic happiness.

10. Dungeon Explorer

Turbografx Best Games Dungeon Explorer

Dungeon Explorer offers a distinctive gaming experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat by fusing the greatest components of action and role-playing games. Explore maze-like dungeons, fend off armies of dangerous monsters, and work out challenging puzzles.

Gather your pals and set out on an exciting trip with the option for multiplayer co-op.

Explore a highly detailed fantasy setting where mayhem and destruction are on the verge of being wrought by an evil sorcerer. Your goal as a brave hero is to assemble a group of expert warriors, discover the meaning of old prophesies, and defend the realm from approaching destruction.

Turbografx Best Games Dungeon Explorer 2

Discover the backstories of the characters you contact with and choose acts that will affect the direction of your epic quest.

Making Duneon Explorer an easy choice for one of the best Turbografx 16 games ever.

9. Dragon Spirit

Turbografx Best Games Dragon Spirit

The tough boss fights in Dragon Spirit are renowned for putting your dragon warrior prowess to the test. Every monster has a different set of weaknesses and attack patterns, so defeating them requires careful planning and exact movement.

It feels good to defeat these powerful adversaries, and it makes the gaming even more exciting.

Although Dragon Spirit excels in many areas, it is important to take into account both its advantages and disadvantages.

Turbografx Best Games Dragon Spirit 2

The gameplay is one of the game's most notable aspects since it is captivating and addicting, keeping you coming back for more. Your urge to save the princess is further stoked by the experience's rich narrative.

As you advance through the game's levels, you will uncover a gripping story that gives your airborne adventures more depth and significance.

Will you have the will and bravery to face the formidable obstacles and find your sweetheart again?

8. Devil's Crush

Turbografx Best Games Devil's Crush

Get ready to be visually mesmerized by Devil's Crush's eerie graphics. Admire the elaborate pinball table's gothic accents, spooky monsters, and menacing backgrounds.

Every flip and bump of the ball is accompanied by a dark and ominous atmosphere thanks to the meticulous attention to detail and evocative images that create an immersive experience.

Explore the occult and you will come across evil beings that fiercely preserve their secrets.

Turbografx Best Games Devil's Crush 2

As you play the game and uncover the mysterious plot, the suspense surrounding your pinball voyage will increase.

The game's creepy soundtrack creates the perfect mood for an encounter with the supernatural.

Allow the eerie soundscape to wrap your senses and carry you into the depths of the paranormal world.

7. China Warrior

Turbografx Best Games China Warrior

In China Warrior, you take on the character of Wang, a formidable warrior sent on a quest to save Princess Sarasa from the evil warlord's grasp.

Prepare for frantic side-scrolling battle as you unleash a variety of martial arts maneuvers to fend off hordes of adversaries and navigate perilous obstacles. A number of difficult boss fights will test your mastery of the martial arts as you advance through China Warrior.

China Warrior immerses you in the atmosphere of ancient China with the help of its captivating soundtrack and evocative sound effects.

Turbografx Best Games China Warrior 2

This game's audio components, which range from the rhythmic pulses of furious fighting to the eerie tunes that accompany your valiant trek, flawlessly balance the immersive visuals to create an intriguing synthesis of sight and sound.

For those who enjoy martial arts and action-packed adventures, China Warrior is a must play Turbografx game.

6. Chew Man Fu

Turbografx Best Games Chew Man Fu

You will experience a distinctive fusion of quick action and challenging puzzles in Chew Man Fu.

The object of the game is to move through a series of maze-like levels while carefully positioning and firing colored balls to match them and empty the board.

You will be on the edge of your seat as you carefully plan your moves to outwit the cunning foes and finish each stage thanks to the game's addicting dynamics.

The graphics' meticulous attention to detail produces an immersive experience that heightens the satisfaction of each problem completed and increases the attractiveness of the game as a whole.

Turbografx Best Games Chew Man Fu 2

The captivating melodies add to the gameplay experience and raise the stakes of your adventure to solve puzzles.

The sound effects keep you engaged with an auditory feedback loop, from the pleasant ball shots to the adversary reactions.

5. Chase H.Q.

Turbografx Best Games Chase H.Q.

Prepare yourself for an eye-popping visual treat as Chase H.Q. delivers vivid and intricate graphics that bring the pursuit to life.

Every scene, from busy metropolitan streets to picturesque roads, is painstakingly designed to envelop you in a world of fast-paced action. Every chase becomes a visually thrilling spectacle thanks to the fluid animations and meticulous attention to detail.

Turbografx Best Games Chase H.Q. 2

The blaring sirens, roaring motors, and screeching tires plunge you right into the middle of the chase. The fast-paced gameplay is complemented with an exhilarating music that will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to catch the offenders in the nick of time.

Major elements that will keep players on the tip of their seats include the frantic chases, difficult tasks, and exciting times of pursuit.

4. Cadash

Turbografx Best Games Cadash

Cadash has gorgeous images that vividly depict the fantasy realm. The painstakingly created scenes are brimming with complex features and vivid colors, and range from lush forests to eerie dungeons.

Character sprites are expressive and distinct, showing each character's special skills and attributes. The game's catchy soundtrack accentuates the sensation of exploration and adventure while perfectly complementing the gameplay.

Turbografx Best Games Cadash 2

The music creates a variety of emotions and adds complexity to the game experience, from thrilling battle tunes to eerie melodies in dark dungeons.Each boss has distinct abilities, attack patterns, and vulnerabilities, so players must use various methods to prevail.

Players are kept on their toes by the encounters' increasing difficulty, which puts a strain on their timing, reflexes, and tactical judgment.

The success of Cadash is evidence of the timeless allure of retro gaming.

3. Bomberman '93

Turbografx Best Games Bomberman '93

Bomberman '93 features a lively and upbeat soundtrack that perfectly matches the game's fast-paced action. As you carefully place your bombs, you will be bobbing your head to the game's many exciting songs.

The sound effects also provide the gameplay a gratifying auditory dimension, from bomb blasts to power-up pickups.

Players may simply move through the maze-like levels of the game thanks to its top-down perspective while taking in its charming pixel visuals.

Turbografx Best Games Bomberman '93 2

Even if the graphics may not be state-of-the-art by today's standards, they emit a special charm that enhances the attractiveness of the game as a whole.

A lot of people adore Bomberman '93. You can fight fierce battles with friends in the addictive multiplayer mode, encouraging a competitive and thrilling experience.

Players are hooked for hours thanks to the strategic gaming principles, the variety of power-ups, and the difficult stages.

2. Bonk's Adventure

Turbografx Best Games Bonk's Adventure

You're taken to a prehistoric world in Bonk's Adventure, where you'll encounter fascinating landscapes and oddball creatures. Princess Za must be rescued by Bonk from the evil King Drool's grasp.

While the plot may appear straightforward at first, it acts as the ideal foil for the frantic and action-packed gameplay, enveloping players in a humorous adventure that keeps them interested from beginning to end.

The colorful and energetic images in Bonk's Adventure are one feature that draws the eye right away. The vibrant surroundings, intricately designed characters, and fluid movements in the game bring the prehistoric world to life.

Turbografx Best Games Bonk's Adventure 2

Each level is exquisitely designed, offering a visually intriguing experience that genuinely stands the test of time. They range from lush forests to dangerous tunnels and even erupting volcanoes.

The soundtrack that accompanies Bonk's escapades nicely matches the gameplay. The catchy music, which includes both bouncy melodies and moodier tracks, improves the whole gameplay experience.

A timeless classic that personifies the fun of platforming games is Bonk's Adventure.

1. Alien Crush

Turbografx Best Games Alien Crush

Be prepared to be astonished by Alien Crush's breathtaking graphics. The game makes use of the capabilities of the TurboGrafx platform to present vivid colors, precise details, and visually appealing settings.

Each pinball table is painstakingly made, offering players a visual feast and guaranteeing a completely immersive experience.

Turbografx Best Games Alien Crush 2

The sound effects and music in the game are a wonderful match for the gameplay, increasing immersion. The accompanying audio creates a mood that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you fire your pinball past numerous barriers and participate in heated confrontations.

Alien Crush, which puts a distinctive spin on classic pinball games, is successful in grabbing players' attention and creativity.


Turbografx Best Games c

The TurboGrafx console and its game library made an unforgettable mark on the gaming industry. From pinball adventures to prehistoric platforming and explosive multiplayer combat, these great TurboGrafx games have something for everyone, whether you're looking for nostalgia or new discoveries.

Allow us to enter the world of TurboGrafx and enjoy the exciting gameplay, unforgettable characters, and original concepts that have stood the test of time. Grab your controller, boot up the console, and prepare to relive the glory days of TurboGrafx.

Here are all of the amazing games that made the list of the best Turbografx games ever:

  1. Alien Crush
  2. Bonk's Adventure
  3. Bomberman '93
  4. Cadash
  5. Chase H.Q.
  6. Chew Man Fu
  7. China Warrior
  8. Devil's Crush
  9. Dragon Spirit
  10. Dungeon Explorer
  11. Galaga '90
  12. Gate of Thunder
  13. Gradius
  14. J.J. & Jeff
  15. Legendary Axe
  16. Military Madness
  17. Neutopia
  18. New Adventure Island
  19. Ninja Spirit
  20. Parasol Stars
  21. R-Type
  22. Salamander
  23. Splatterhouse
  24. Super Star Soldier
  25. Thunder Blade
  26. Tiger Road
  27. Time Cruise II
  28. World Class Baseball
  29. World Court Tennis
  30. Ys Book I & II


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