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10 Best SNES RPGs Of All Time!

Top 10 Best Super Nintendo (SNES) Role Playing Games (RPGs) 1
16-Bit RPG Glory!

Welcome to the top 10 RPGs that were released on the Super Nintendo. I’m extremely excited to write about the great times where the Super Nintendo really pushed the boundaries when it comes to role playing games.

Some of these gameplay mechanics are still being used today. A lot of these games have been re-released countless times. Today you’ll find out why.

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10. Illusion of Gaia

Illusion of Gaia SNES

An action RPG where you play as Will harnessing his physic powers. He’s tasked to stop the chaos comet. A relative of mine had Illusion of Gaia growing up, when I first played it, it was a lot harder than it looked. The story is weird, very weird in this one.

Will can also transform into other playable characters such as Freedan. A dark knight who’s more powerful than Will but also slower. Transforming brings an interesting element to the gameplay and puzzle solving within each dungeon.
With gorgeous visuals and a great soundtrack to boot Illusion of Gaia is a fantastic playthrough for any action RPG fan.

9. Soul Blazer

Soul Blazer SNES

Looking at soul blazer from afar, it may look rather primitive. Soul Blazer is a really good game and belongs on any fan's best RPG list. As you defeat all the enemies of a particular lair, you release something within the town. Whether it being a person, plant, animal or building.

While the visuals aren’t on par with some of the best the super Nintendo has to offer, They still vary between areas. The music I would say is average throughout the entire game. Nothing here grabs my attention like other titles on this list. Soul Blazer is another top tier title for the SNES.

8. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars SNES

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a crossover between Mario and famous RPG developer Square. When the mushroom kingdom comes under attack from the villain smithy, the mustached plumber is set out to save the day. The top down 3D style gameplay is a lot of fun.

You get to control fan favorites such as peach or bowser but also introduces some new characters Geno and Mallow. A turn based RPG that allows a rhythm of button sequences to enhance some of the turn style gameplay. Mario RPG is a fantastic crossover you should definitely consider playing.

7. Final Fantasy 2

Final Fantasy 2 SNES

While Final Fantasy 2 does not have the same features as some of the later Square releases on the Super Nintendo it does contain a phenomenal storyline. In Final Fantasy IV, you play the role of the dark night Cecil. As the game begins, you are in a foreign town Mysidia taking a light crystal there. As the King of Baron orders you to take the crystal to him, you head on over to his castle.

Your crew questions the kings motive. When you confront the king about his intentions, a rift begins with you and your friend Kain relegated to delivery boys. The gameplay of Final Fantasy II is a traditional turn based RPG. With orchestra sounds throughout most of the game. From Harps to flutes, the music in Final Fantasy 2 is a treat. Graphically Final Fantasy 2 boasts some of the best 2D on the SNES. One gripe I do have is that the characters are a tad small when in the battle sequence. You owe it to yourself for play Final Fantasy 2.

6. Lufia 2

Lufia 2 SNES

Lufia 2 is a prequel to the first game in the series. It expands on everything pertaining to it’s predecessor. It offers a better story, more dungeons and hundreds of puzzles. The player begins the story as maxim, a monster hunter from a relatively small village. You’re sent out to investigate monster activity.
You eventually find out that you must go on a journey to defeat the Sinistrals.

Along your way, you meet some interesting characters to help you on your quest.
There are no random encounters in this game, which makes the game feel less grindy. As you progress, you discover new items that allow you to progress even further like blow up a wall with a bomb. The graphics are nothing to write home about. The music has some awesome tunes, especially the battle theme.
Lufia 2 has great gameplay, music and a great story to keep you coming back for more.

5. Terranigma

Terranigma SNES

Terranigma was the third and final release of the Qunitet Trilogy. Terranigma is beloved by many RPG fans alike, It’s rather unfortunate that we didn’t get a North American release. In Terranigma you play as the troublemaker Ark. One day Ark smashes a forbidden door with a pot, opens up Pandora's box and all of the residents of his town become frozen in time.

He’s sent out to resurrect the light world by completing challenges in the towers of the underworld. The gameplay feels similar to Illusion of Gaia or soul blazer but perfected. The music is very good and features some nice tracks. Terranigma is an epic quest that no Super Nintendo RPG fan should miss out on.

4. Earthbound

Earthbound SNES

I’m guessing you’ve heard the term cult classic before. Well, Earthbound falls into that category. Earthbound is a grind heavy turn based RPG that’s extremely fun to play. You play as Ness, along with your buddies are set out to stop the evil Guygass.

Earthbound is very unique and is unlike anything on this list. It’s got some really cool pop culture references and is really hilarious to play. Earthbound took five years to make and almost never made it to being released in North America. So if you haven’t played Earthbound, definitely give it a playthrough.

3. Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana SNES

Secret of Mana is another action RPG where you control a warrior tasked to find the seeds of the Mana Tree. Located in a forest that keeps good and evil in perfect balance. The combat system is great in this one. You can pause the battle to switch up the combat style or cast spells. You can control one of three party members.

It’s also up to three player co op. This really sets it apart from some of the rest of the action RPGs on the SNES. With colorful graphics, a great plot and and unreal soundtrack, this is why Secret of Mana is coming at number three.

2. Final Fantasy 3

Final Fantasy III SNES

The runner up in number two is Final Fantasy III or VI, whatever you want to call it in your region. This was a really close call and could arguably be number one on this list. Final Fantasy III features 14 playable characters. With a story that goes toe to toe with any other heavy hitter in the RPG genre. The moment Terra plows through the snow upon the opening intro, I was hooked.

It was like something magical seeing this for the first time. The music is absolutely fantastic in Final Fantasy VI. Something you could easily listen to while at work. Final Fantasy III will go down as on of the greatest RPG games of all time.

1. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger SNES

What do you get when you put together a memorable cast who is set out using time travel to stop the apocalypse? You end up with Chrono Trigger. You play as the protagonist, Chrono who heads back in time chasing his newly met friend Marle.

Chrono Trigger is not only the best RPG on the SNES but arguably the best RPG of all time. What makes the character design so interesting is that it was created by the designer of Dragon Ball Z. The tech system allows you to combine your characters abilities for unbelievable attacks. With multiple endings and a secret character, Chrono Trigger has redeemed top tier status.



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