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Top 10 Best CRT TVs For Retro Gaming In 2023

Best CRTs for Retro Gaming Cover
Retro gaming CRTs have become quite the commodity throughout the years.

Want to experience all of your favorite classic gaming on the best CRT TVs intended for retro gamers?

These older games weren't exactly designed to look great on your 60" 4k widescreen TV like you can go out and buy from your local big box store. TVs were no more than 36" in most cases.

CRT TVs produced some great color images, something younger kids won't even believe until they saw one.

If you're ready for a good search for retro gaming greatness, here here the perfect monitors for your retro gaming setups and ones that will pop out and grasp your attention!

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1. Sony Trinitron KV-27FS120

Sony Trinitron KV-27FS120 Best CRT Retro Gaming

This retro gaming beast has a variety of different inputs from S-Video, Composite as well as component that can all handle the variety of 240p signals that your retro games support.

It's a bit on the larger side at 27" and weighs a whopping  98 lbs!

2. Sony PVM 14M2U

Best CRT Retro Gaming Sony PVM 14M2U

If you're looking for something a little more manageable or have a smaller space, the Sony PVM 14M2U is right up your alley.

With a respectable 600 TVL (Television Lines) measuring 14 inches in screen size and only weighing 36lbs gives you plenty of room to carry it with you up a couple flights of stairs if you live in an apparent or smaller house.

Just remember, this device will require a set of BNC connectors to get you setup. Luckily the owners at RetroGamingCables have just what you need to get you setup!

3. JVC D-Series

Best CRT Retro Gaming JVC D-Series

I'm sure you knew someone who had a JVC D-Series television used in either a living room or a bedroom.

These TVs range up to 32" and still offer a great picture quality for your retro gaming needs! The D series TVs offered a component input as well as S-Video and Composite for all of your classic consoles.

4. Sony KV-40XBR800

Best CRT Retro Gaming Sony KV-40XBR800

This thing is an absolute beast. Hopefully you have a group of friends who will offer to help you lug the KV-40XBR800 down the stairs, weighing in at 300LBS! At 40" this CRT is the largest one on this list.

For the time, this offered 4:3 with an enhanced 16:9 viewing mode. Be prepared to pay well over $1000 USD for these televisions (or pull out a second mortgage)!

5. Ikegami TM

Best CRT Retro Gaming Ikegami TM

Ikegami monitors are high performance low cost monitors giving you NTSC and PAL refresh rates automatically.

We absolutely loved the Ikegami TM as a counterpart for a Sony PVM that is consistently picked up on the open market. Set up some saved searches on ebay or your local classifieds like we did to snag one of these professional monitors.

If you're planning on using this with a Mister FPGA, you'll want to make sure that you buy some BNC terminators on the composite ports in order to not have a washed out picture.

These units offer 2 composite video, S-Video as well as RGB or component inputs. Ikegami TM monitors offer 600 TVL or more!

6. Olympus OEV143

Best CRT Retro Gaming Olympus OEV143

Sony lent out the licensing to Olympus in order to have them create their own line of PVM monitors intended to be used in medical facilities.

You'll typically see stickers of the use on the actual monitors to not be used near flammables.

These monitors have often been used much less than your typical PVM that has been used in a broadcasting setting.

Be prepared to inspect these monitors on a white background and look for any burn in near the top. A lot of medical monitoring tools had static images displayed on them for a long period of time.

The Olympus has two sets of RGB connectors. This will let you use two consoles, two sets of SCART switches or a mix of the two!

7. Sony PVM 2030

Best CRT Retro Gaming Sony PVM 2030

Coming in at 560 TVL, the Sony PVM 2030 has a great front panel light up display.

It offers composite, S-Video as well as RGB over a proprietary DB25 port that gives you a clean looking RGB image for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis right out of the box!

There's also a 25 inch variation that weighs significantly more than this one. Be prepared to bring a couple of friends if you're looking for one of these locally.

Look for this cable if you're able to find one of these!  

8. Sony BVM-9045QD

Best CRT Retro Gaming Sony BVM-9045QD

The Sony BVM-9045 is a serious 9-inch broadcast monitor.

This is the only broadcast monitor in this list as they are typically harder to find but offer superior quality over the PVM counterparts.

Keep in mind, BVM units might require additional hardware to operate so make sure you have one that has an RGB input at the back of the unit.

BVM's also have a menu that can indicate how many hours the particular unit has on them.

Generally speaking, under 20,000 hours will give you great odds that the device will be operational for an extended period of time.

9. Sony PVM-20N6U

Best CRT Retro Gaming Sony PVM-20N6U

The Sony PVM 20N6U comes in at 500 lines of resolution and has an RGB input. You'll get a massive 20" screen, better for larger spaces.

This monitor is fairly deep so it won't fit on a desk quite easily. You'll want a stand that has enough clearance at the back in order to fit this retro gaming monitor comfortably.

If you're planning on playing consoles that do not offer component as an output, this PVM is a fine choice for your 8, 16 or 32 bit consoles.

10. JVC TM-1650SU

Best CRT Retro Gaming JVC TM-1650SU

The JVC TM-1650SU is competitor company JVC's introduction to the professional video monitor lineup. it offers 550 TVL of resolution and an component/RGB input allowing you to play all of your favorite home consoles.

We loved the form factor of the JVC TM-1650SU which works great for those in small spaces such as an appartment or for those looking for a consolidated setup.

It's also slightly larger coming in at 16" for those who want a little larger than a 14" PVM.

11. NEC XM 29

Best CRT Retro Gaming NEC XM 29

This big CRT for retro gaming is a highly sought after professional grade monitor that stands with a towering 29 inch display with high resolution, RGB color accuracy and a very wide viewing angle.

NEC delivered a true competitor to Sony with PC inputs and a fantastic option to tilt the monitor in both landscape and tate orientation.

It can take an input of 15khz all the way to 65khz. It also includes a built in speaker amplifier so you can connect speakers directly to the device.

12. Ikegami HTM

Best CRT Retro Gaming Ikegami HTM

This professional-grade video monitor, the Ikegami HTM was initially created for use in the broadcasting sector.

Yet, because to its superb picture quality and compatibility with a variety of retro gaming consoles, it has gained popularity among lovers of the genre.

For retro gaming enthusiasts looking for a high-quality display that is compatible with a variety of consoles and provides superior picture quality, the Ikegami HTM is a great option.

Many retro gamers believe they are a worthwhile investment for the best possible gaming experience, despite the fact that they can be hard to find and are frequently more expensive than consumer-grade CRT televisions.

13. Sony Hi Scan

Sony Hi Scan retro gaming tv

The Sony Hi Scan had to make our cut of the list of the best CRT TVs for retro gaming.

Holy moly this thing is incredibly futuristic looking from an ascetics standpoint. You're probably thinking there's no way this can be something to play your retro games on.

Given that you're able to play both 4:3 and 16:9 games depending on the model you choose. It's no doubt that the type of game you'll want to play will vary depending on your choice of television model.

Good luck finding a Sony Hi Scan today. They're big, bulky televisions that command a large hit on the wallet if you're looking to snag one.

You might want to check out local garage sales or pawn shops if you're looking to find one for a decent price.

14. Toshiba AF

best crt tvs for retro gaming Toshiba AF

Retro gaming aficionados are always on the hunt for the Toshiba AF, which can also be referred to as the Toshiba 14AF45.

This CRT television is great for it's insane picture quality and overall great compatibility for retro gaming.

Giving you an amazing ability to receive a native 240p signal that your favorite consoles will take such as the Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo.

CRTs give you a fantastic set of colors, deep blacks, crisp pictures with razor sharp scanlines.

The Toshiba AF is a retro gaming TV you won't want to miss out on!


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best CRTs for retro gaming.

Please remember that these come in a wide variety, from big CRT televisions to small ones.

Some of us won't have the space for a massive Sony Hi Scan model and might opt for a PVM that can save us some well needed space but still deliver those crisp scanlines that we have all grown to love.

How Do I Connect My Old Console to a CRT TV?

Classic consoles will not offer a HDMI port at the back in order to plug into a CRT.

In terms of quality (worst to best), you'll need either a composite (yellow), S-Video, Component (Red, Blue, Green) or SCART (RGB) input.

Most of these consoles will come with either composite or S-Video, RGB cables can be ordered from  RetroGamingCables

What is a CRT TV?

A cathode-ray tube television is commonly called a picture tube. CRTs have been replaced by flat panel displays such as LCD, Plasma and OLED.

For gaming, CRT TVs offer low input lag resulting in faster reaction time for retro gamers!

CRT TVs are the only way you can play light gun games like Duck Hunt or use of the Super Scope on the Super Nintendo!



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