10 Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks (2023)

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks
The Super Mario Bros 3 ROM hacking scene is more alive than ever!

Hello and welcome to our fascinating blog post on Greatest Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM Hacks. You're in for a treat if you're a fan of the venerable Super Mario Bros. franchise. In this post, we'll delve into the fascinating world of Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM hacks, a game that has enthralled players for years. The timeless classic is given new life by these ROM hacks, which provide novel and imaginative experiences that build on the game's core mechanics.

Are you prepared to take an unforgettable voyage through the Mushroom Kingdom?

Join us as we explore the world of ROM hacks and learn about some of the most amazing works of art that honour the cherished Super Mario Bros. 3 game.

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Why Super Mario Bros 3?

Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in 1988 and immediately rose to fame thanks to its unique gameplay, endearing graphics, and enduring music. The game redefined the platforming genre by introducing a variety of power-ups, interesting levels, and a compelling plot. Super Mario Bros. 3 has stood the test of time as one of the best video games ever created and is still a fan favourite among many players decades later.

ROM hacks, usually referred to as modified versions of games, present an alternative viewpoint on the original work. By the use of Super Mario Bros 3 ROM hacks, creative and dedicated players have created their own original courses, new difficulties, and even complete new planets. Players have the ability to relive the magic while having an altogether new experience thanks to these hacks, which add fresh excitement to the well-known Mario formula.

Exploring the Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks

We'll be featuring a few of the best Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM hacks in the areas below. The gaming community has praised these hacks for their originality, level design, and general fun factor. Each hack presents a distinctive and captivating experience, demonstrating the extraordinary creativity and passion of its authors.

These ROM hacks will definitely catch your attention, whether you've been a longtime fan of Super Mario Bros. 3 or are just getting started and want to explore the game's enormous possibilities. Each hack claims to give a distinctive variation on the traditional Mario adventure, from difficult new levels to brainteasting riddles.

10. Luigi's Chronicles 2

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Luigi's Chronicles 2

Googie and Fast Curly, two incredibly skilled modders, are the creators of Luigi's Chronicles 2. Speedy Curly assumed leadership and made important efforts to finish the hack after Googie began the project. They worked together to create a whole 5-world journey that is certain to enthral and test gamers at every turn.

Choose Your Path

You have the ability to choose Luigi's fate in Luigi's Chronicles 2. There are several options available, so you have complete control over where Luigi travels and how he gets there. Every choice is crucial since every path has a different mix of rewards and obstacles. Be aware, though, that some routes are trickier than others and that others may even be obscured, needing keen observation and effort to find. This hack is not for the faint-hearted, as its intention is to test your skills and determination.

A Test of Endurance

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Luigi's Chronicles 2 2

The adventure in Luigi's Chronicles 2 is meant to be risky and difficult. This hack stretches out the stages and creates longer worlds compared to the original game, making for a bigger and more immersive experience. Each level has a time restriction that you must adhere to since certain tasks are meant to be performed quickly while others call for perseverance. You'll be pushed to the limit by this action-packed adventure, both in terms of gameplay and mental toughness. Prepare for a challenging and thrilling test of skill.

9. Super Wario Bros 3

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Super Wario Bros 3

Super Wario Bros. 3 had modest beginnings with the publication of its initial demo in 2005. Yet until a sudden uptick in motivation in 2006, it was put on hold. The hack's creator, who vacillated between commitment and doubt, experimented with the notion. But, despite all odds, the undertaking was resumed, and Super Wario Bros. 3 started to take shape once more.

The Rise of Wario and Waluigi

In this hack, Wario and Waluigi, Mario and Luigi's naughty counterparts, take centre stage. Wario and Waluigi hatch a grand scheme as soon as they learn that Peach has been abducted by Bowser and his son. They think that by saving Peach, they would be able to defeat Bowser and get the respect and favour they desire, outshining their bitter rivals Mario and Luigi.

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Super Wario Bros 3 2

A Compact Adventure with Big Challenges

Super Wario Bros. 3 may be shorter in duration than its predecessor, but it more than makes up for it with the abundance of obstacles that are in store for you. Prepare yourself for a variety of challenges that will put your platforming abilities to the test, including riddles, surprises, and obstacles. Each level has been painstakingly designed by the modder to offer a distinctive and captivating experience, making sure that every step of the trip is exciting.

8. Blue Mario Bros 3

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Blue Mario Bros 3

Blue Mario Bros. 3 is proof of the strength of perseverance. This hack was kept alive by the unrelenting devotion of those who created it in spite of the many difficulties it encountered and the danger of falling into oblivion. This hack has taken several months to carefully build, with beneficii and Googie at the helm. Blue Mario Bros. 3 is a testament to the hard work and perseverance that went into it.

A Long-Awaited Completion

Blue Mario Bros. 3 has been in development for many years and is now finished. The result of numerous hours spent enhancing and improving each component is this hack. The developers have put their entire being into this project, making sure that every facet of the game fulfils their vision and provides gamers with an amazing experience.

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Blue Mario Bros 3 2

A Plethora of Enjoyment

A hack that promises hours of fun is Blue Mario Bros. 3. This hack gives a new and fascinating spin on the original Super Mario Bros. with its thoughtfully planned levels, inventive gameplay mechanics, and distinctive twists. Due to the extended production time, the game's designers were able to imbue it with their enthusiasm, creating a story that would grab players and leave them wanting more.

7. Super Mario Bros Chaos Control

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Chaos Control

The engaging story of Super Mario Bros. Chaos Control sends Mario on an exciting new adventure. Bowser has obtained the Chaos Control, a gem of unfathomable power, as a result of this hack. Bowser poses a threat to the world's fundamental foundation thanks to his access to this ultimate power. It is Mario's responsibility to accept the challenge, face his adversary, and guarantee the security of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Reimagined Levels

There is no fresh plot to wrap up the journey. In Super Mario Bros. Chaos Control, the levels have been painstakingly redone in a way that will challenge your platforming abilities and instill a spirit of exploration at every step. In this modified version of the original game, be ready to go through hard areas, overcome fresh challenges, and unearth secrets that lie ahead. You'll see how this hack may drastically alter each level, giving Super Mario Bros. 3's familar environments fresh new life.

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Chaos Control 2

A Battle for the World

Bowser's ownership of the Chaos Control gem represents a serious threat to the survival of the modern world. To halt Bowser in his tracks and avert disaster, Mario must gather all of his bravery and expertise. When Mario sets out on a journey to foil Bowser's wicked schemes and bring peace to the Mushroom Kingdom, he faces a race against time. Be ready for titanic fights, difficult encounters, and a dramatic showdown that will decide the fate of the planet.

6. Kaizo Mario Bros 3

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Kaizo Mario Bros 3

Kaizo It's not a game for the weak of heart, Mario Bros. 3. This mod will push you to the edge and beyond. It is based on the notorious Kaizo genre. Kaizo doesn't care if you succeed; he wants you to suffer, make errors, and grow from them. Prepare for a voyage that will put your endurance, resiliency, and resolve to the test at every turn.

Humorous and Creative Trolling

Get prepared to experience the funniest and most creative trolling ever. With surprising twists and tricks, Kaizo Mario Bros. 3 will keep you on your toes and guarantee that every moment is packed with both fun and aggravation. Although the invisible currency block joke may be a classic, this update elevates trolling by giving equal parts fun and originality.

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Kaizo Mario Bros 3 2

Leveraging Stock Game Mechanics

The fact that Kaizo Mario Bros 3 makes use of Super Mario Bros 3's standard gameplay mechanics is one of the game's distinctive features. This hack will need you to use what you learned from the original game, but be ready to go above and beyond. You'll need to use unconventional strategies and mysterious game mechanisms to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Be prepared to exercise your problem-solving abilities to their absolute maximum.

Technical Movement Mastery

Kaizo Mario Bros 3 necessitates sophisticated movement skill. Precision is required for every move, every jump, and every movement. The levels are intended to challenge your abilities to the limit and call for a high degree of timing and control. As you advance through the meticulously designed tasks, be ready to sharpen your movement abilities to a degree you never imagined possible.

5. Mario in: Some Usual Day

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Mario in: Some Usual Day

You go on a trip through 4 fascinating new worlds in Mario in: Some Typical Day, each jam-packed with engaging levels. Be ready to go off on an excursion of undiscovered territory, where each step reveals stunning discoveries and brand-new difficulties. From start to finish, the gaming experience will have you captivated because to its beautiful scenery and perilous challenges.

Visual Marvels

The beautiful graphics in this hack make it a visual feast. Get prepared to be astounded by a graphic upgrade that gives the Super Mario Bros. 3 universe fresh vitality. The ingenuity and attention to detail put into this hack are evident in the exquisite level design that immerses you in colourful and breathtaking surroundings.

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Mario in: Some Usual Day 2

Revolutionary ASM Mods

Mario in: Some Typical Day offers more than just aesthetic improvements. Innovative ASM tweaks are introduced in this hack, stretching the limits of what is doable in the Super Mario Bros. 3 universe. Expect surprising turns, one-of-a-kind mechanisms, and game-changing features that will test your abilities and keep you interested at every turn. Experience the thrill of discovering new gameplay features as you make your way through the altered world of Mario in: Some Usual Day.

Uncover the Secrets

Keep a look out for surprises and hidden information as you work your way through this hack. Mario in: Some Typical Day rewards the inquiring and daring with secret power-ups and hidden passageways. Accept the delight of discovering every corner and crevice, and let the rush of exploration direct your travels.

4. Super Mario Ultimate

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Super Mario Ultimate

You'll go on an exciting trip through 8 enthralling new worlds in Super Mario Bros. 3 Reimagined. Each globe has a unique and interesting concept and is full of expertly designed levels that will put your platforming skills to the test. Be ready to manoeuvre through exhilarating obstacles and uncover surprises around every corner.

A Visual Marvel

The universe of Super Mario Bros. 3 is changed by this hack's dazzling assortment of additional visuals. Immerse yourself in stunning surroundings that were carefully created to improve your game experience. Every visual facet of the game has been reinvented to capture and astonish players, from vivid vistas to exquisite level details.

Fresh Foes and Challenges

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Super Mario Ultimate 2

In Super Mario Bros 3 Reimagined, several new opponents are included, each providing special skills and difficulties. When you come across these creative foes along your quest, get ready to confront new obstacles. Develop new strategies and talents to get over these challenges, which will make your adventure even more exciting.

Game-Saving Delight

The days of starting over each time you play are long gone. With the use of the save game function of this hack, you may continue playing from where you left off. Embrace the convenience of continuing your trip anytime you choose and bid farewell to the frustration of losing progress. Enjoy the freedom to explore at your own pace and conquer the game one level at a time.

3. Super Mario All Stars NES

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks All Stars NES

Get ready to relive the classic journeys that helped create the Mario series. The beloved worlds of Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2 JPN, Super Mario Bros. 2 USA, and Super Mario Bros. 3 are all flawlessly combined in this hack. As you navigate stages based on these enduring games, feel the rush of nostalgia as you become lost in a rich tapestry of vintage gameplay components.

Saving Your Progress with Ease

The days of starting over each time you switch on your console are long gone. With the use of this hack, you may now save your games using SRAM (Static Random-Access Memory), guaranteeing that your progress is always preserved. You may now resume your Mario adventure where you left off and go at your own speed. With Mario Bros., you also have the choice to preserve your highest score, enabling you to demonstrate your mastery of the timeless arcade game.

Harnessing the Power of MMC5

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks All Stars NES 2

This hack makes use of Mapper 005, often known as MMC5, to improve the gameplay experience. Expanded capabilities offered by this mapper enables more control over game mechanics and aesthetics. You'll encounter an even more vibrant and engaging Mario experience thanks to MMC5.

Unleashing the Full Potential

With the exception of Super Mario Bros., every Mario game in this hack has been modified to use the MMC5 mapper. These classic games are given a new lease of life by utilising the powers of MMC5, giving better visuals, updated gameplay mechanics, and a novel depth that ups the thrill factor of your Mario adventure.

2. Mario Adventure

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Mario Adventure

This Super Mario Bros. 3 hack makes more than just cosmetic changes. By modifying the game engine itself, it explores unexplored ground. This incredible technical achievement, hailed as one of the best NES hacks since 2006, transforms the game's basic core, giving players a wholly unique and engrossing experience.

A Symphony of Alterations

Ready to be mesmerised by a variety of modifications that expand Super Mario Bros. 3's capabilities. This hack pushes the envelope by making a number of ground-breaking adjustments in addition to the customary aesthetic ones. The road ahead will be full of surprises at every turn, from altered musical melodies to a stunning roster of brand-new levels.

New Power-Ups, New Abilities, New Enemies

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Mario Adventure 2

Take part in a universe where invention has no limits. This amazing hack includes fully original inventions in addition to graphically transformed foes and power-ups. Discovering money mushrooms, invisible Mario, time-stopping potions, and Kuribo shoes that last throughout any level will give you a rush. Among the numerous shocks in waiting for you are heat-seeking bullet bills and reticent individuals who can fire projectiles.

Unpredictable Weather and Epic Boss Battles

The incorporation of erratic weather patterns on each level gives the journey an unexpected turn. You'll experience a wide variety of weather conditions as you travel around the Mushroom Kingdom, adding an added element of difficulty and adventure to your quest. Also, get ready for the epic boss fights that are waiting for you at every stage, which will put your platforming abilities to the ultimate test.

1. Super Mario Bros. 3Mix

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Super Mario Bros. 3Mix

The profusion of brand-new levels in Super Mario Bros. 3Mix is one of its most thrilling features. Plunge into a variety of painstakingly created stages that will put your abilities to the test and provide a feeling of discovery at every step. Fear not, though; the hack also contains a number of "remixed" Mario 3 levels to maintain that retro flavour.

A Symphony of Sounds

When you go through the Mushroom Kingdom, be ready for a lovely blend of songs to enchant you. Super Mario Bros. 3Mix includes a variety of new tracks that were carefully selected from other Mario games, assuring a harmonic fusion of brand-new tunes and adored Super Mario Bros. 3 classics. Get ready to tap your feet to nostalgic music!

Best Super Mario Bros 3 ROM Hacks Super Mario Bros. 3Mix 2

Choose Your Hero

You have the option to embark on the adventure as Mario, Luigi, or Toad in this ROM hack. Even though the option is merely aesthetic, it provides a lovely bit of diversity to your gaming. Choose your favourite character or alternate between them depending on your mood to enter the colourful Super Mario Bros. 3Mix universe.

Power-Up Bonanza

Be ready to uncover fresh power-ups that will improve your gameplay. Welcome the charming penguin, who will offer its special skills to help you on your trip, and bid the Frog Suit farewell. The whimsical Carrot power-up, which offers new mechanics and ways to conquer obstacles, also replaces the Tanooki Suit. As you move through the skillfully designed levels of the game, adapt, plan, and accept these new abilities.


Fans have a fantastic opportunity to rediscover the charm of one of gaming's most recognisable games thanks to Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM hacks. These fan-made works give a new perspective on the cherished classic while displaying the gaming community's limitless ingenuity and devotion. These ROM hacks give Super Mario Bros 3 fresh life, preserving its history with their inventive level design, distinctive obstacles, and surprising surprises.

So, are you prepared to travel across the Mushroom Kingdom on an incredible adventure?

Prepare yourself to really enjoy Super Mario Bros. 3's enduring appeal.



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