10 Best Resident Evil Fan Games, Worth Checking Out in 2023!

Best Resident Evil Fan Games
Diving into Darkness: Unearth the Best Resident Evil Fan Games! 🎮🧟‍♂️🔥

Welcome to a spine-tingling journey through the eerie world of Resident Evil fan games!

You're in for a treat if you're a die-hard fan of the well-known survival horror series. We're going deep into the world of fan-made Resident Evil games in this article. These games combine passion, imagination, and a fair dosage of terror to create memorable experiences that both pay homage to the original series and provide something new and original.

Imagine being confined to a dimly illuminated home where hideous animals are prowling in the darkness. Your spine tingles when you hear footsteps in the distance and ominous door creaking.

You're playing a fan-made masterpiece instead of an official Resident Evil game, but hold on! These recreations of the Resident Evil series, created by ardent fans, capture its spirit and immerse players in a world of ruthless survival and perplexing puzzles.

So, grab your flashlight, check your ammo, and let's embark on a thrilling adventure into the world of Resident Evil fan games.

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10. Resident Evil: Cold Blood

Best Resident Evil Fan Games Resident Evil: Cold Blood

In the world of Resident Evil: Cold Blood, it seems like running, sprinting, and fleeing for your life is all you've ever done.

Your daily routine consists of the constant search of survival, and who could blame you in a world filled with terrible abominations and zombies?

It all began innocently enough with what seemed to be a simple cold or flu. But, these minor issues suddenly seem insignificant in comparison to the horrors that relentlessly approach you from every angle and hide in every corner.

Taking out these horrible beings?

That's certainly easier said than done. You only have a rusty old pipe clenched in quivering hands after the last gun you found ran out of precious ammunition hours ago. It's not exactly the best tool for taking out the undead.

When all hope seems lost, you suddenly see a glimmer of hope in the distance: an old inn similar to those you may see on a lonesome highway. Even though you've travelled far from the city, the main building's door is still standing open and invitingly wide. Hope begins to fade as you slowly approach, only to be extinguished when the door slams shut with a terrifying sense of finality.

The story-driven co-op online game Cold Blood is not just another game; it is set in the terrifying Resident Evil universe. You'll go to some of the series' well-known locations as well as a few new ones that will give you the chills. You'll encounter a relentless bombardment of animals, including frightening Hunters, horrifying Giant Spiders, and, of course, the ever-present zombie horde, armed with weapons you never imagined possessing.

9. Residentvania

Best Resident Evil Fan Games Residentvania

If you've ever played Resident Evil: Village and noticed that it reminded you of Castlevania, you're not alone. It's not just you. That's exactly what motivated the development of Residentvania, a thrilling union of two gaming behemoths that guarantees to offer an experience unlike any other.

But wait a minute! Why isn't this just a single game, you might be asking. Our game designer does, however, have a little surprise for you. You can listen to the Pale Cinder demo that was already made available here: Cinder on steam, pale. Both Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Castlevania serve as inspiration for this game. And what's this? In Residentvania, the lessons from Pale Cinder are being applied.

But what distinguishes Residentvania? It's not only about combining two recognisable game worlds; it's also about making a more complex, frantic experience. You can anticipate exhilarating fighting and difficult platforming that will have you on the edge of your seat.

8. Resident Evil Demake

Best Resident Evil Fan Games Demake

Not your normal Resident Evil experience, Resident Evil Demake. It's a voyage through the history of survival horror, presented in a charming 8-bit NES-style setting. Imagine recreating the spooky atmosphere of the first Resident Evil in a 2D environment with pixelated graphics and a melancholic chiptune soundtrack.

Players enter a two-dimensional world in this game, which is reminiscent of the earliest NES games. You take control of a character who explores unsettling settings while interacting with and scrutinising numerous objects. Its gameplay approach pays homage to the early days of gaming, when danger lurked around every corner and finding an item could be the difference between life and death.

Resident Evil Demake also gives the formula its own original spin. Even the most devoted Resident Evil veterans will be kept on their toes by the new surprises and challenges it introduces while authentically capturing the spirit of the original Resident Evil.

7. Crisis Evil

Best Resident Evil Fan Games Crisis Evil

Crisis Evil keeps things straightforward and intense; there are no fancy tricks or sophisticated techniques used. We assure you that there is no room for doubt as your primary goal is to take everything that comes into your path. The game bombards you with waves upon waves of adversaries, starting with the standard zombies and progressing to include vicious dogs and the horrifying "lickers."

Each individual character contributes a distinct flavour to the conflict. Chris Redfield flings a barrage of punches and kicks, saving his dependable shotgun for those few occasions when he launches a crushing assault (by inputting forward, forward, attack). Jill Valentine, on the other hand, enjoys the accuracy of her handgun but isn't afraid to whip out a knife for her own unique move.

Crisis Evil is an addictive arcade game that extensively borrows from the Resident Evil series and submerges you in its gloomy, unsettling atmosphere. But there's a problem. The exhilaration can occasionally give way to monotony as you navigate through the hordes of the undead.

The offender?

A relentless horde of extraordinarily tough zombies that come alarmingly frequently.

6. Resident Evil: Wesker’s Rebirth

Best Resident Evil Fan Games Weskers Rebirth

If you're a die-hard fan of Resident Evil, you'll know that once you enter the realm of survival horror, it's difficult to leave. Here we have Resident Evil: Wesker's Rebirth, an engrossing game that gives you the impression that you have been fending off zombies and solving puzzles your entire life.

Ever wished you could experience what infamous Albert Wesker did?

You can put yourself in his shoes and lead him through a thrilling escape from the iconic Spencer Mansion and Arklay Research Facility in this fan-made masterpiece. The time is running out, and you need to leave before the entire building catches fire.

As you progress backward through the story, discover a terrifying twist. Start at the Arklay Research Facility, travel through the night, and arrive at the foreboding Spencer Mansion.

5. Resident Evil: Containment

Best Resident Evil Fan Games Containment

Have you ever dared to put yourself in the position of a daring U.S.S. commando, prepared to face the horrors that wait in the shadows of the Spencer Mansion? If the answer is yes, be ready to enter the thrilling world of Resident Evil: Containment, a complete conversion mod that will completely change the way you play Resident Evil.

Imagine this: In July 1998, a terrifying containment break occurs in a secret laboratory buried beneath the unsettling Spencer Mansion. The dubious experiments of Umbrella Corporation have escaped, run rampant, and left a trail of devastation in their wake. The crew is completely destroyed, and the nightmare is quickly engulfing the foreboding forests of the Arklay Mountains. A short distance away, Raccoon City trembles on the verge of disaster.

The company's mysterious Board of Directors approves a risky expedition in an effort to desperately hide Umbrella's evil deeds from the public. Join a highly trained group of U.S.S. commandos who are fully equipped and prepared to fight. Their goal is to eliminate any evidence of Umbrella's malfeasance and to ensure that all witnesses remain silent.

4. During the Storm

Best Resident Evil Fan Games During the Storm

In During the Storm, you'll find yourself thrust into the midst of chaos as the Raccoon City catastrophe unfolds. The remaining survivors have sought refuge within the Raccoon Police Department (RPD), but supplies are scarce, and panic is spreading like wildfire.

Assume the role of Kevin from the Outbreak series, and brace yourself for a relentless battle to survive both inside and outside the RPD.

You'll have to use your limited resources wisely and see to it that the other survivors are safe. With the help of new gameplay features and an internal timer, the timing of your actions takes on greater significance.

This mod is divided into chapters, with each one providing new adversaries and gameplay elements to further the plot. Your progress is maintained since these chapters are connected, which adds a new level of difficulty as you carefully manage your character and resources.

Although maintaining the spooky atmosphere of the Resident Evil series, During the Storm has a more open-world approach, similar to games like Dark Souls. The customary quantity of door locks has been diminished in order to heighten the impression of scale.

Players can explore not only the streets featured in RE2 and RE3 but also discover new areas and undertake various optional side quests. Unlike in other games, these sidequests have a direct impact on the main plot and its large cast of 30 NPCs.

3. Resident Evil: Revisited

Best Resident Evil Fan Games Revisited

Have you ever thought that you were destined for a particular career? Like one particular point in time and your future were tightly entwined? Discover the world of Resident Evil: Revisited, where time is reversed and a long-forgotten episode of the Resident Evil series is brought to life.

We are all familiar with the infamous Mansion Incident, which occurred on May 11, 1998, when the Arklay facility's haughtiness allowed the Tyrant Virus to catastrophically escape. But what had occurred before that disastrous event? In the closing weeks before the S.T.A.R.S. inquiry, what sinister secrets are concealed?

You'll assume the role of Trent in Resident Evil: Revisited, an enigmatic Umbrella Agent with a murky past and his own hidden agendas. Trent is a mysterious man who was sent to inspect the facility and retrieve Umbrella's priceless research. You'll quickly discover that nothing in this game is what it first appears to be.

Every echoing footstep that you make as you move through the Arklay facility's dimly illuminated halls turns into a question. Who is your enemy? There is a noticeable sense of tension as the solution is just out of your reach. The border between reality and deception blurs in this immersive experience, leaving you unsure of whom to believe.

2. The Arklay Chronicles

Best Resident Evil Fan Games The Arklay Chronicles

In the RETAC universe, time travel takes place to July of 1998, placing you in the middle of the eerie and terrifying events that took place in the Arklay Mountains.

You can play as some of the most well-known Resident Evil characters, including Barry Burton, Kenneth Sullivan, Richard Aiken, Forest Speyer, and the mysterious Albert Wesker, in this fan-made masterpiece. Your gaming experience will be more interesting and varied because of the unique creative circumstances that each character brings.

That's not all, though. In RETAC, the Spencer mansion—famous for its sinister secrets and spooky mysteries—takes centre stage. Many secrets are concealed behind its walls, which you will learn as you explore the spooky passageways and twisting tunnels.

Will you possess the necessary skills to solve the mansion's most sinister puzzles?

Here's a pro tip: Be sure to set up your name in the settings window before you enter the terrifying world of RETAC.

Why? Because your in-game accomplishments will live on in the leaderboards, allowing you to compete with other brave individuals who dare to confront Arklay's horrors.

1. DOOM: The Mercenaries

Best Resident Evil Fan Games DOOM: The Mercenaries

You're in for a treat if you've ever become so totally engrossed in a game that it seems like the only thing you've ever done. We'd like to welcome you to the heart-pounding world of DOOM: The Mercenaries, which has just returned in deluxe Beta 3.0 form.

The iconic Doom: The Mercenaries mod has been revived in this partial conversion for gzdoom 4.7.1, and it's come to blow your mind. Consider a combination of the heart-pounding Doom series with the spine-tingling Resident Evil 4.

That's precisely what this mod delivers, and then some!

The gameplay in this updated edition, which is inspired by the original RE4 Mercenaries mode, is just as fierce as ever. It does, however, have just enough originality to keep you on the edge of your seat. You won't want to miss this event, we promise.

Ever wanted to inhabit the roles of well-known figures from both worlds? Indeed, in DooM The Mercenaries, dreams do come true. You can take on the roles of the fearless Leon, the fascinating Ada, the powerful Krauser, the enigmatic Hunk, or the evil Wesker. Every playing is a brand-new experience because of the unique skills and surprises that each character brings to the table.


Best Resident Evil Fan Games c

A wealth of imagination and passion may be found in the Resident Evil fan game community. It's evidence of the Resident Evil series' ongoing appeal and the fervent fan base it has generated.

These fan-made games, as we've seen in this article, are more than just homages; they are immersive experiences that let us rediscover the thrills and chills of the original series while providing new angles and interesting twists.

Thanks to the devotion and creativity of fans, we've explored creepy mansions, confronted hideous beasts, and teamed up with enduring personalities. The universe of Resident Evil fan games is a live, breathing organism that is continuously changing due to fresh concepts, mods, and updates.

It's a community where fans can share their passion for the show and add to its extensive backstory.



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