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Rare SEGA Game Gear Consoles For Collecting

Rare Sega Game Gear Consoles Cover
Who knew there were so many variations to your favorite Sega handheld!

The Game Gear is Sega's first handheld console and is the answer to Nintendo's wildly popular Game Boy and was clearly everything that the Game Boy was not. It offered a bright color backlit screen, a different orientation to the Game Boy and numerous accessories that Sega would eventually hope to push the Game Gear over the top with the handheld market. Unfortunately this wasn't the case and Sega moved on from the portable machine, which ultimately was discontinued in 1997 worldwide.

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This would not stop Sega from doing numerous tie in promotions releasing multiple hardware revisions from different brands. Being a retro game collector, these Sega Game Gear consoles have had their prices increase to parabolic levels.

In this article, you'll find out some of the rare obscurities of the Sega Game Gear console revisions. Collecting them might cost you a pretty penny online but if you can snag one in the wild, you'll hit collecting gold.

1 - White Sega Game Gear

White Sega Game Gear

This shiny pearl white Sega Game Gear was bundled in a special case and featured a white TV Tuner. The product was never released in stores and only given to developers or people who were directly associated with Sega. This obviously had driven collecting this Sega Game Gear through the roof.

Prices can be had for around $300 and while not extremely expensive, it's still rare enough that you'll have to make sure to plan accordingly in order to not go out and splurge on that coffee from Starbucks!

2 - Coca-Cola Sega Game Gear

Coca-Cola Sega Game Gear

In 1994, Sega went ahead and did a tie in promotion with Coca-Cola and came up with the all red Coca-Cola Sega Game Gear to promote their Coca-Cola Kid game that came in an all red cartridge. Both the game and rare console were only released in Japan. Look at how this package grabs your attention. This is such a collectable item for any retro gaming collection.

If you're a Sega collector, get ready to pony up the dough. Finding an in box set will set you back at least $600 online. We didn't say rare Game Gears would be an easy pickup.

3 - Sega Game Gear Ninku Console

Sega Game Gear Ninku Console

This light-blue limited edition collectable console was officially released by Sega. It was released in Japan but was also region free and could play all of your favorite Sega Game Gear games from North America and PAL. It was estimated that approximately 5000 - 10,000 of these device variations were created. The Sega Game Gear Ninku was bundles with of course the game Ninku.

Sega Game Gear Ninku's can be found online for $300 for a complete in box set. There's only a handful of them available at any given time so you'll have to act quick in order to buy one.

4 - Samsung Game Gear

Samsung Game Gear

The Samsung Handy Gam*boy was a Game Gear not made by Sega. The console was released in South Korea. Samsung had to manufacture the Handy Gam*boy due to the banning of Japanese imports into the country of South Korea. This hurt Sega's ability to market the Game Gear in South Korea overall.

It offers the same sleek black exterior just like the regular Game Gear console. It was initially priced at  ₩198,000. Since it was only local to South Korea, we couldn't imagine too many devices floating around online. Finding a console will set you back thousands of dollars today.

5 - Gold & Diamond Encrusted SEGA Game Gear

Gold & Diamond Encrusted SEGA Game Gear

What would drive celebrities and enthusiasts more bonkers than a Golden colored Sega Game Gear that was wrapped with diamonds around it? You would have to think this was some sort of Pimp My Ride episode and having your chain pulled. Nope, this Gold & Diamond Encrusted SEGA Game Gear was actually an official release by Sega.

So how rare is this Sega Game Gear? It is estimated that only 50 were ever produced so it's a very limited edition release. This was specific to the United Kingdom and retailed at £55, 000. It's covered in 800 grams of gold and 46 carats of diamonds.

The company who actually made this was David Morris International. He once quoted in an interview stating:

"The ultimate present for the children of the super rich"

Unfortunately this Gold & Diamond Sega Game Gear did not come with any games, it did however throw in a set of batteries to sweeten the deal.

So there you have it, the 5 most rare Sega Game Gear Consoles you can collect today. If you've enjoyed this article, please consider subscribing or follow RetroKingPin on YouTube and Twitter for more reviews, news, tips and tricks and more!



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