Rare Gameboy Games You Might Actually Own!

Rare Gameboy Games
The classic Game Boy had some extremely rare games in its library. These are the rarest ones you might actually own. 

The Game Boy is a handheld 8-bit console released by Nintendo and hit store shelves back in 1989. The DMG Game Boy was the first in it's series. Nintendo later expanded by offering different Game Boy colors in its "Play It Loud!" campaign. Further revisions to the Game Boy include the Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. The console was eventually discontinued in 2003, giving the pocket sized handheld console a spectacular run and winning the hearts over of many retro gamers alike.

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Game Boy DMG

The Gameboy is known to be such an important part of gaming history and the original DMG offers so much nostalgia as a handheld console for those who grew up in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s. The more obscure games have grown to be extremely collectable over the years, sometimes increases multiple times their original worth due to them being so rare. To see how much these rare Gameboy games are worth, continue reading!

#10 Kid Dracula: $300 - $850

Kid Dracula

Kid Dracula is more than just a cute spinoff of Castlevania. It offers incredibly solid action, aggressive charm and is one of the best of the best the Gameboy has to offer.

A copy won't come cheap, weighing in at $300 for a loose copy. Kid Dracula is a must for fans of Castlevania and love the Gameboy.

#9 Toxic Crusaders $375 - $1400

Toxic Crusaders

Toxic Crusaders didn't sell very well when it was released, nor was the TV show very popular back in the 90's when it originally aired. The game also had ports for the NES and Sega Genesis but each version was slightly different.

Collectors have started to take notice of the rarity of the title, causing the price to increase to a whopping $375 for a loose copy. If you can come across it for cheap, pick it up and don't look back!

#8 F1 Pole Position $158 - $625

F1 Pole Position

F1 Pole Position might seem like a common racing game that you'd typically see at the bottom of the bargain bin. This is not the case with the NTSC case of F1 Pole Position. Despite sharing the name for the SNES title, this is a port of F1 Hero GB 92.

Collectors have scooped up all of the copies of F1 Pole Position, leaving the prices to skyrocket to $158 for a loose copy with very few opportunities to purchase a copy.

#7 Jimmy Connors Tennis $155 - $1000

Jimmy Connors Tennis

That's right, another sports game made the list. This time with Jimmy Connors Tennis. Featuring world renounced tennis players. Just a few years ago, this was a mere common title priced under $5 for a loose copy. Those days are now over, fetching upwards of $155 for a loose copy.

#6 Spud's Adventure $455 - $2600

Spud's Adventure

Spud's Adventure is a puzzle game that has some action and RPG elements mixed in to keep the gameplay feeling fresh. The potato character was changed to a tomato called Kwirk by Acclaim in the US release of the game. Atlus translated the other 2 Game Boy games in the series themselves, leaving the original characters intact, translating the protagonist's name as "Spud."

Finding a loose copy alone in 2022 is going to set you back over $450. Hopefully you can find one in the wild for a much better price.

#5 Amazing Tater $860 - $1780

Amazing Tater

This is looking like Deja-vu with another Atlas title. Amazing Tater is a direct follow up to Qwirk. This little known sequel had a very short print run and allowing the retro gaming community to consistently keep the prices high for this hidden gem. Today Amazing Tater can be had for $860 for a Gameboy game!

#4 Mega Man IV $135 - $1000

Mega Man 4

Mega Man 4 is a clear improvement in the Gameboy franchises to an extreme degree. It features alternate routes, a store system allowing you to purchase powerups, and completely redesigned levels. Making it on often overlooked title in the franchise for the Blue Bomber.

Mega Man IV is an excellent choice for platforming on the go with your good old DMG in hand. Unfortunately a loose copy will punish your wallet, fetching upwards of $135 in the process.

#3 Mega Man V $200 - $1730

Mega Man V

Mega Man V wasn't expected to be a groundbreaking experience by any means. It turned out to be one of the best Mega Man games of all time. The difficulty is left to be desired and the soundtrack might not be the best in the franchise's history but Mega Man V offers a great experience, new special weapons and a total of 15 bosses to go up against.

This is another overlooked title in the Blue Bomber's franchise but is a great one if you're interested in platforming games. Unfortunately Mega Man V is going to set you back a whopping $200 by picking up a copy.

#2 Avenging Spirit $165 - $600

Avenging Spirit

Avenging Spirit is a hidden gem by no question. The odds are in your corner that you've probably missed out on this game when it was released. Thankfully you can find a copy on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console if you wish to have a way to legitimately play it. Otherwise, you'll be stuck paying upwards of $165 for a loose copy.

#1 Sumo Fighter $200 - $1560

Sumo Fighter

Sumo Fighter is a fairly average platformer. It's got a ton of quirks to it and can be somewhat enjoyable. I would not enjoy having to shell out $200 for an average game but despite it's rarity that is what picking up a copy of Sumo Fighter will set you back.