10 Best Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks (2023)

Best Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks
Unleash the Ultimate Adventure: Discover the Best Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks for a Thrilling Gameplay Experience!

Greetings and welcome to our article about Pokemon Ruby ROM hacks! You've come to the correct place if you enjoy playing the original Pokemon video games and want to spice things up a bit.

The intriguing world of Pokemon Ruby ROM hacks will be explored in this article, and you will get an outline of what they are and why Pokemon fans find them to be so appealing.

Understanding Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks

Pokemon Ruby, which debuted on the Game Boy Advance in 2002, enthralled gamers with its compelling plot, engaging gaming elements, and expansive universe to discover. During the years, skilled developers and devoted players have elevated the game to new heights by producing ROM hacks.

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10. Pokemon Ruby - RTC Clock & Font Patch

Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks RTC Clock and Font Patch

Presenting a cutting-edge patch that transforms the gaming experience in new ways.

The update adds a clock function to each Pokémon Center and applies gbata's RTC fix. By enabling players to monitor in-game time, this innovation improves the immersion of the game.

  1. Players have the flexibility to reset the in-game clock at any Pokémon Center, ensuring accurate timekeeping and customization to their gameplay preferences.
  2. The time can be easily viewed at any Pokémon Center, providing convenient access to this essential information.
  3. The font used in the game has been replaced with the distinct font from Pokémon Emerald, adding a fresh visual element to the text.
  4. Textbox sizes have been adjusted to match those found in Pokémon Emerald, accommodating the new font. However, the vibrant colors from Ruby/Sapphire have been retained.

9. Pokémon: Ruby - Festa 2002 Demo Recreation

Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks Festa 2002 Demo Recreation

Experience the Pokémon Ruby Demo from the Pokémon Festa 2002 event with this rom hack. This patch was created particularly for Ruby v1.0 and is accurate thanks to the use of several sources.

The translation of a Festa 2002 fan site in Japanese, demo gameplay videos, and details from the Festa Demo TCRF article all served as inspiration for the creation of this hack. The foundation for the painstaking replication of the demo experience was provided by these sources.

Gamers can now choose to play as Brendan or May, with the choice being randomly made. Changes to the move animations for Absorb/Leech Seed, Surf, Gust, and Confuse Ray have been made. To match the original demo sources, the trainer's price in money and EXP gain were changed. Item and Berry pockets are the only ones left on the bag. Taillow changed his type to only use Flying. Together with large and minor sprite tweaks, the hack also includes tilemap and tileset alterations.

8. Pokemon Ultra Quartz - Lets Go! Blobbos

Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks Lets Go! Blobbos

With this improved version of the 2006 romhacking classic Pokemon Quartz, which was initially made for the Le Ruse Bird drunken funtime twitch stream, be ready for a thrilling voyage. A number of tweaks and upgrades have been made to the game thanks to BARO BOAR's significant improvement hack.

All 386 of Baro's fakemon now have fully new stats and movesets, which is a major improvement. These phoney Pokémon just had the stats of the Pokemon they took the place of in the Pokedex in the original edition. Each fakemon now has a unique set of traits, which gives the gameplay more nuance and variation.

Now that the National Dex is available straight away, you may find and capture almost any Pokémon in the game. The opportunity to put up a diversified and potent Pokemon squad is abundant thanks to this enhanced Pokedex.

The level curve has been raised, and additional improvements have been made thanks to the painstaking editing of every trainer in the game. As you go through the game, get ready for tougher fights and more interesting encounters.

7. Pokemon - Topaz

Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks Pokemon - Topaz

Go out on an exciting task Giovanni, your new employer, has given you. The TOPAZ region's uncommon Pokemon are the key to his study and the possible fortune it can bring Team Rocket, therefore his goal is to catch them.

Giovanni gives you a promotion at the start of the game, kicking off your quest. After flying into SHAWFORD, you are met by the active presence of Pokemon Police. You swiftly enter your home after being prodded by your mother to start your quest.

Immerse yourself in the TOPAZ region's marvels, where you'll find over 200 brand-new Pokemon that are just waiting for you to find and capture them. Be ready to compete against a wide range of trainers who will put your abilities and tactics to the test. Explore painstakingly created maps that bring the area to life, finding surprises and hidden treasures along the way.

6. Pokemon - Battle Fire

Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks Battle Fire

As you and your family move to the intriguing MACAVAYENN TOWN, be ready for an incredible voyage. Your new home, nevertheless, has a dark secret: the infamous squad VYRIS is causing havoc in the ERNAH area. In order to seize control of the entire area, their sinister goal is to awaken VIRUS LUGIA, a cybernetic clone of the legendary Pokemon LUGIA.

See a world of altered graphics as they have been updated to improve your gaming experience. Find 202 brand-new Pokemon that are just ready to be caught and added to your collection. Be ready to meet new heroes, tough gym leaders, the elite E4 group, and the evil squad VYRIS—each of whom plays a crucial part in the story that is developing.

Discover new, carefully created maps that give the ERNAH area life and provide a dynamic, immersive setting for your quest. On your journey to foil team VYRIS' evil schemes, you'll have to make your way across perilous terrain, unearth hidden secrets, and overcome a number of obstacles.

5. Pokemon Ruby Destiny I - Reign Of Legends

Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks Reign Of Legends

Welcome to the first book in the Ruby Destiny trilogy, where a compelling story takes place under the constraints of the real-time chronology in the Gento area. Prepare for an extraordinary trip as you face Black Lugia's immense might, a force determined to destroy the area and upset the world's delicate equilibrium.

A compelling story that unfolds against the backdrop of Gento will engross you. You will be able to directly experience Dark Lugia's terrible power as you go through the area. This powerful being poses a serious threat since it wants to wreck Gento and upset the balance that keeps the world from ending.

Be ready for an exciting journey where the region's future and the fundamental nature of life are at stake. You will need to gather your bravery, hone your abilities, and set out on a mission to foil Dark Lugia's devastating intentions as you face the evil forces at work.

The Ruby Destiny trilogy features a gripping narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat and reveal unexpected turns that will leave you craving more. Discover the secrets of Gento, take part in the heart-pounding action, and learn the full depth of Dark Lugia's deadly power.

4. Pokemon Orange - Pokemon Naranja

Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks Pokemon Naranja

Discover the fun features of Pokémon Naranja, a hack that transports you to the lively Orange Islands. The Orange Archipelago, a brand-new area that this hack introduces, allows you to explore and meet Pokémon from the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn regions.

As the plot of Pokémon Naranja's second league episodes develops, relive Ash's exploits from the second season of the Pokémon anime. The game provides a fun and immersive experience with four difficult badges that are evocative of the obstacles in the anime.

Players will now face a bigger struggle thanks to the game's enhanced difficulty, higher levels, and more 2-vs-2 combat. The revised visuals used to illustrate the tropical archipelago brilliantly show off a vibrant environment with white sand beaches, azure waters, and swaying palm palms.

Together with other well-known figures from the anime series, you can choose to play as Ash or Misty. The immersive experience is enhanced by the inclusion of Mew VS Mewtwo and Pokémon 2000 in the hack. Meet new trainers, unique Pokémon, and explore stunning maps that perfectly reflect the Orange Islands.

3. Pokemon - Snakewood

Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks Snakewood

Fresh scripts, over-worlds, and sprites are just a few of the additional components that this amazing hack adds. Be ready to discover intriguing new places like the enigmatic Meathouse, the perplexing Isle of Calm, and the surprising Hoenn University of Cinema. You will run into several catchable zombie versions of well-known Pokemon along the route. Six Denjuu, a sizable number of Fakemon (40–50), including secret evolutions of current Pokemon, and new legendary monsters, some of whom have evil motives, are also included in the hack. The variety of encounters is increased by the presence of five Isshu (Unova) Pokemon and seven Sinnoh Pokemon.

The majority of gyms are destroyed due to the zombie invasion, creating a novel and unusual way to earn badges. A few Pokemon have changed type, and a mysterious pet store run by a particular Count is waiting for you. You will come across dishonest folks along the way who would do whatever to trick you, and the plot will take some surprising turns. Many allusions to literature, cinema, manga, previous hacks, and different aspects of pop culture are included within the hack, which adds to its entertainment value and depth. Expect a darker and a little more difficult story than what you would generally find in a Pokemon game.

2. Pokémon Quartz

Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks Quartz

Discover an interesting Pokemon hack that takes you on an adventure through the alluring Corna region. This hack adds a variety of remarkable and rare Pokemon for players to battle and capture, providing a novel and thrilling gaming experience.

Be ready to meet a lot of new people, including trainers with unique personalities and fighting styles. You will face new and unanticipated challenges with each encounter, which will keep you interested and alert throughout your quest.

The addition of 386 entirely new Pokemon is one of this hack's most notable features. These species add a feeling of surprise and exploration, enabling you to put together a unique squad. Every battle is an exciting experience because to the wide variety of Pokemon, which vary from quirky and charming to strong and awe-inspiring.

The vast and expertly crafted map of the land of Corna invites you to explore it. Prepare to go off on a big journey that will take you through luxuriant forests, perilous mountains, vast cities, and enigmatic tunnels. As you travel across the wide and magical landscapes of Corna, there are innumerable mysteries to discover, hidden objects to locate, and difficulties to overcome.

1. Pokemon - Light PLatinum

Pokemon Ruby ROM Hacks Light PLatinum

Pokemon Ruby Version was brilliantly remade into Pokemon Light Platinum as a ROM. It introduces aspects from the 4th Generation of Pokemon games and has a tonne of intriguing features.

Pokemon Light Platinum has a brand-new area named ZHERY, which is one of its notable features. This area provides the setting for exciting adventures as well as the introduction of new leaders and an Elite Four to face off against. You'll also run into fresh foes that will test your abilities to the fullest.

Pokemon Lite Platinum brings together species from many areas, including Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, in terms of their availability. As a result, you'll have the chance to catch and train a wide variety of Pokemon, giving your team unparalleled strength.

The game heavily emphasises exploration, and you'll have the ability to go on thrilling excursions to various locations where you'll find hidden treasures and meet uncommon Pokemon. Also, the game gives you the chance to catch legendary Pokemon, which heightens the challenge and thrill of the action.

Pokemon Light Platinum surpasses expectations in terms of presentation and style. The game has brand-new sprites, events, and tiles that improve immersion overall and add aesthetic appeal. A spectacular conclusion to your trip is also provided by the Pokemon World Championship, which has been added as the final event.



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