10 Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks (2023)

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks
Explore the Fun World of Pokemon Red ROM Hacks!

Are you an ardent player of the venerable Pokemon Red game?

Do you long for a novel and thrilling encounter that will give this cherished classic new life?

Look nowhere else!

In this article, we will investigate the top Pokemon Red ROM hacks and dig into the interesting realm of ROM hacks in general.

If you've never heard of ROM hacks, they are altered copies of the original game that include cutting-edge features, fresh plotlines, improved gaming mechanics, and much more. Your adventure through the Kanto area will be revitalised by these hacks, which provide a distinctive touch to the old Pokemon Red experience.

These ROM hacks provide a thrilling and engaging trip, regardless of whether you're an experienced Pokemon trainer or someone wishing to relive childhood memories. Let's get started and learn about the top Pokemon Red ROM hacks that will rekindle your interest in the game.

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Unleashing Creativity with Pokemon Red ROM Hacks

The Pokemon community is filled with gifted people who use their talents to create interesting ROM hacks in this digital era. These devoted gamers devote endless hours to giving the classic Pokemon Red new life, making sure that players may experience brand-new adventures in the setting they know and love.

10. Pokemon Brown 2014

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Pokemon Brown 2014

Trainers of Pokemon, assemble! Are you prepared to travel across the Rijon area on an exciting adventure? Take a look at Pokemon Brown, a well-liked retro ROM hack that recently underwent an amazing change. This fan-made product has been updated and improved to provide a memorable experience five years after its first release. In this updated edition of Pokemon Brown, be ready to discover new locales, take on fresh obstacles, and experience a variety of novel surprises.

Unveiling the Enhancements

Pokemon Brown's creators have painstakingly worked to enhance the gameplay as a whole by fixing bugs and adding fun new features. Spelling mistakes and other minor issues have been significantly reduced, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Players may also anticipate a wealth of new features that give the game fresh vitality, such as:

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Pokemon Brown 2014 2
  1. Expanded Region: Prepare to traverse ten vibrant cities within the Rijon region, along with an additional city in Johto. With over 20 diverse routes to explore, you'll never be short on exciting new destinations to discover.
  2. Expanded Pokedex: The Pokedex has been expanded to accommodate a staggering 22X number of Pokemon species. With approximately 70 new Pokemon introduced, you'll have a vast array of captivating creatures to catch, train, and battle alongside.
  3. New Moves: The arsenal of moves available to your Pokemon has been enriched with over 40 new additions. Unleash these powerful techniques to gain an edge over your opponents and showcase your strategic prowess.
  4. Revamped TM Set: The TM set has undergone a significant overhaul, providing trainers with fresh options for teaching their Pokemon powerful and versatile moves. Experiment with the new TM set to create the ultimate team composition.
  5. New Types: Prepare for exciting battles with the introduction of seven new types that were not present in the original Pokemon Red game. Strategize and adapt your team's strengths to exploit the weaknesses of your opponents' Pokemon.
  6. Vibrant Characters: Pokemon Brown introduces a wide range of colorful characters, each with their own unique stories and motivations. Interact with these intriguing individuals as you navigate through the region, adding depth and immersion to your journey.

9. Pokemon TRE: Team Rocket Edition

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Team Rocket Edition 2

Get ready for a unique showdown! Team Rocket's infamous captain Giovanni has started a heated competition to choose his replacement. You and your sister are put in competition for the prestigious post of commanding Team Rocket in this thrilling turn of events.

You must go out on a difficult path, overcoming gyms and the elite four, to demonstrate your merit. Ready to put your abilities, willpower, and strategic knowledge to the test in this exhilarating struggle for domination.

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Team Rocket Edition

We couldn't help but fall in love with Pokemon Brown as a die-hard player. For those hoping to preserve the essence of vintage Game Boy games, this outstanding ROM hack serves as a source of inspiration.

It is a shining example of a game that could be readily ported to a physical cartridge due to its meticulous attention to detail and flawless execution.

Pokemon Brown is a tribute to the amazing things that can be accomplished with unrelenting drive and perseverance to seeing a project through to completion. It was created with a lot of love and effort.

8. Pokemon TPP Version (Red Anniversary)

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks TPP Version (Red Anniversary)

Pokemon trainers looking for a genuine challenge should pay attention!

With the Pokemon Red challenge hack, be ready to go on an unforgettable trip.

With this special update, you may capture all 151 Pokemon in a single game while simultaneously increasing the challenge by beefing up trainers all over the place. Prepare to stretch your boundaries, use strategy, and defeat strong foes in this stern examination of your command of Pokemon.

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks TPP Version (Red Anniversary) 2

This hack was initially developed for the well-known Twitch channel TwitchPlaysPokemon, as its name indicates. The hack combines allusions and surprises that cater to the distinctive ambiance of TwitchPlaysPokemon in order to provide the channel's viewers an exciting experience.

This hack made its debut on the first anniversary of the channel's establishment, serving as the opening game of the channel's second season.

Participants took on the game for 39 days and more than 920 hours, eventually finishing it to an astounding 100%, and it swiftly turned into an epic journey.

7. Pokemon Black

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Black

As we explore the intriguing tale of an obscure Pokemon bootleg/art-hack, be ready to explore the strange. This interesting story, which is said to have come from 4chan, introduces a notion that is both unsettling and alluring. Although the existence of this hack is still unknown, the story behind it makes a lasting impression, inspiring us to investigate the terrifying particulars of this exceptional gaming experience.

The recognisable intro from Pokemon Red and Blue played out when the counterfeit Pokemon game first started up, preparing the player for an uncomfortable trip. Yet, a change was noticeable as soon as the "press start" prompt appeared. Red remained still as the Pokemon ceased to cycle through. The words "Black Version" appeared beneath the Pokemon emblem, which served to heighten the tense atmosphere.

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Black 2

When you choose "New Game," a modified version of Professor Oak's speech appears, giving you an indication that the game is essentially Pokemon Red Version. But, there was a surprise addition. A new Pokemon called "GHOST" appeared in addition to the regular Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle starters.

This level 1 Pokemon resembled the ghosts from the Lavender Tower that you met before getting the Silph Scope. It has just one move called "Curse," which wasn't present in the original Generation 1 games. Oddly, fear immobilised the defending Pokémon, preventing them from attacking Ghost. The screen went dark when "Curse" was used, and the defending Pokémon let out a warped scream. The adversary had disappeared when they were back on the combat screen, leaving them with one less Pokeball.

The implication was clear - the Pokemon had met their demise.

6. Pokemon Red - Proud Eyes edition

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Pokemon Red - Proud Eyes edition

Pokemon trainers looking for a new and thrilling adventure in the original Pokemon Red game, pay attention! Prepare yourself to experience Pokemon Red - Proud Eyes Edition V4.0 hack in a better way. With a variety of tweaks and adjustments, this customised version gives the cherished Game Boy game fresh life and will reenergize your Pokemon trip.

The Evolution of Changes

The Proud Eyes Edition V4.0 brings a streamlined list of significant updates that up the gameplay and difficulty. Let's explore the highlights of the changes:

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Pokemon Red - Proud Eyes edition 2
  • 2nd-Gen Graphics: Prepare to witness the familiar world of Pokemon Red transformed with updated graphics reminiscent of the second generation of Pokemon games. Immerse yourself in a visually enhanced experience that pays homage to the evolution of the Pokemon series.
  • Enhanced Casino Prizes: The rewards awaiting you at the casinos have been carefully curated and edited. Brace yourself for exciting surprises and valuable items as you test your luck and try your hand at various games of chance.
  • Revamped Pokemarts: Explore the revamped Pokemarts throughout the region, which have been meticulously edited to provide a fresh selection of items. Discover new and useful items that will aid you on your journey, ensuring you are well-equipped for any challenge that comes your way.
  • Improved Rival Encounters: Brace yourself for exhilarating battles with your in-game rival. The rival encounters have been expertly edited, offering new strategies, diverse teams, and heightened difficulty. Prepare for intense showdowns that will put your skills to the test.

5. Pokemon - Battle Factory

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Pokemon - Battle Factory

Enter this exhilarating arena where six Pokemon are chosen at random for each combat. You must carefully choose three Pokémon from this group, then fight valiantly to show your mettle.

The Rental System - A Path to Power

Trainers have a rare opportunity to progressively assemble a powerful squad at The Battle Factory. You are given the opportunity to swap one of your hired Pokémon for one from the trainer you just beat after winning a fight. By careful selection of Pokemon that compliment your fighting style and boost your entire lineup, you may strategically build your squad over time.

Conquer the Streaks

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Pokemon - Battle Factory 2

Trainers engage in exhilarating streaks of seven encounters in the Battle Factory. Each streak is a significant challenge that tests your abilities and smart thinking. Your streak comes to an end after winning the seventh combat, giving you the time to evaluate your performance and plan forward for further battles.

Trading for Power

How exchanging Pokemon affects their power is one of the Battle Factory's intriguing features. Your Pokemon's strength increases with each successful trade, improving their powers and lowering the bar for next bouts. As you make more transactions, your team's strength increases, giving you an advantage over your rivals.

4. Pokemon PureRed

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks PureRed

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with the classic Pokemon Red/Blue/Green games, which have been improved for purists looking for a genuine experience. By offering high replayability without adding mechanics, moves, sprites, aesthetics, type matches, or Pokemon from later generations, this upgrade effort attempts to give the old games fresh life. Based on the teardown, version 2.0 introduces a number of additional fixes and optional additions that raise the gameplay to new heights.

Improving Accessibility and Balance

This improvement's main goal is to improve early-game usability and accessibility for most of the original 151 Pokémon. As your adventure progresses, these Pokemon will be a powerful ally thanks to their upgraded movesets and balanced stats. The strategic depth of fights is increased by rebalancing numerous movements to make sure that even previously underutilised moves become useful assets.

Unveiling Sprites and Pokemon Availability

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks PureRed 2

A careful upgrade of the front sprites has been made, presenting the greatest images from the Red/Green/Blue/Spaceworld 1997 period. Experience a visual voyage that offers improved visuals while preserving the spirit of the original games. Moreover, all 151 Pokemon are now attainable in all versions of this hack, enabling you to finish your Pokedex and encounter every Pokemon the game has to offer.

Quality of Life Improvements

Your overall gameplay experience has been improved by a number of minor adjustments and bug fixes. These enhancements to the quality of life fix minor problems and simplify several game mechanics. However, you may still take use of combat engine peculiarities like the leech seed/toxic issue and the hyper beam no-recharge problem, which are both game defects that can be used to your advantage.

3. Pokemon Factory Adventure

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Factory Adventure

Prepare yourself on a brand-new Pokémon experience with the Pokémon Factory Adventure hack, which was influenced by Roaming Red and the wistful fan site The Pokémon Factory. Follow Red as he journeys back to the Kanto area after being summoned there by his comrade Blue to reveal a sinister secret.

The region is put under military lockdown as a weird mist covers Kanto and changes the Pokémon there into unheard-of forms. To save Kanto from suffering a terrible end, it is up to you to develop into a good investigator and discover the cause of these mutations.

A Nostalgic Tribute to The Pokémon Factory

The Pokémon Factory fansite, which was popular in the late 1990s, is honoured in the hack Pokémon Factory Adventure. Passionate fans, who were probably children at the time, posted their original suggestions for new Pokémon on this well-known website. The skilled Pokédex entries and sprites created by the website's artists would subsequently bring these ideas to life. These Pokédex mockups have grown in popularity over time, with some even earning the moniker "Pokegods." This hack integrates these original works and provides a remarkable collection of 190 Pokémon created by youngsters in the 1990s.

Features That Take Pokémon Gaming to the Next Level

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Factory Adventure 2

The engaging gameplay of Wandering Red, an open-world Red hack by TShadowKnight, is combined with a brand-new, all-new narrative in Pokémon Factory Adventure. Expect an immersive experience where each line of text has been painstakingly changed to tell a different story. Start your journey in an entirely open Kanto, enabling you to go around the area in whatever order you choose. Take advantage of the flexibility to select your beginning town, the scaling levels dependent on the skill of your squad, and the fun of the built-in randomizer settings.

Uncover New Locations and Face New Challenges

There are many new spots in the revamped Kanto area that are just waiting to be discovered as you travel across it. Engage in exciting bouts with brand-new Gym Leaders and other event characters. Uncover hidden truths. Enjoy the Battle Tent's return from Pokémon Anniversary Red, which offers thrilling challenges and rewards for accomplished trainers looking for an increased level of competitiveness.

2. Star Beasts - Meteor Version

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Star Beasts - Meteor Version

Prepare to travel back in time to the Pokemon universe with Star Beasts, a painstakingly designed update to the Gen 1 Pokedex.

Star Beasts began as a side project to introduce Vast Fame's Shi Kong Xing Shou to English-speaking audiences, but it has now grown into a singular endeavour with brand-new fakemon designs and thrilling gameplay components.

Explore this launch version to get a new perspective on the Pokemon games from the first generation.

A New Pokedex Awaits

A brand-new Pokedex filled with fascinating species to find and befriend is introduced in Star Beasts. Be prepared to come across a variety of creative fakemon, each with its own special appearance, traits, and powers. Go off on an exploring expedition as you try to finish your new Pokedex and learn more about these fascinating Star Beasts.

Revamped Movesets and New Moves

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Star Beasts - Meteor Version 2

The movesets in Star Beasts' debut edition have undergone a thorough redesign, giving the gameplay a breath of fresh air. Take part in fights that have been improved and fine-tuned to provide a more strategic and exciting experience. Be prepared to come across a lot of new manoeuvres that will increase the depth of your battles and broaden your toolbox. Adjust your tactics and utilise the wide variety of techniques at your disposal in your quest to become a Pokemon Master.

Introducing Steel and Dark Types

Steel and Dark are two brand-new, fascinating Pokemon kinds introduced by Star Beasts to the Gen 1 universe. Accept the strength and adaptability of Steel-type Pokemon, which are renowned for their tenacity and powerful defences. Use Dark-type Pokemon's tactical advantages and nefarious skills to unleash the evil forces. Embrace the challenge of mastering these new types and explore the unique strengths they bring to battles.

1. Pokemon Carmine Red

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Carmine Red

Pokemon Carmine Red, a passion project that gives the Gen 1 experience fresh life, will take you on a nostalgic trip through the world of Pokémon. Instead of using the conventional binary hack techniques employed in the past, this romhack adopts a contemporary strategy and uses disassembly as the basis. Pokemon Carmine Red is based on a concept that was developed ten years ago but was never completely realised because to the limits of binary tools. It tries to improve the first games while preserving the endearing flaws that made them popular classics.

Embracing the Messy Charm of Gen 1

Pokemon Carmine Red keeps loyal to the spirit of the first games, including all of the recognisable quirks and flaws that have come to define their history. This romhack keeps the nostalgic charm and flavour of the original Gen 1 experience while improving a number of gameplay elements.

A Plethora of Enhanced Features

With a variety of improved features, Pokemon Carmine Red enriches gameplay and offers a novel experience in the well-known universe of Gen 1 Pokémon. Only a few highlights are as follows:

Best Pokemon Red ROM Hacks Carmine Red 2
  • Massive improvement of learnsets, ensuring that Pokemon have a wider array of moves at their disposal.
  • Introduction of new typings for several Pokemon, adding diversity and strategic depth to battles.
  • Modification of the type chart, altering the effectiveness of certain moves and creating new strategic possibilities.
  • Adjusted base stats for many Pokemon, balancing their strengths and weaknesses for more engaging battles.
  • Overhauled wild encounters throughout the game, offering new opportunities to catch a diverse range of Pokemon.
  • Revamped moves, reimagining and repurposing previously underutilized moves to make them more viable in battles.


Trainers old and new may embark on a world of limitless opportunities and thrilling experiences thanks to the world of Pokemon Red ROM hacks. These hacks give the well-known classic fresh life by providing interesting experiences that hold our interest.

Trainers have access to a wide variety of ROM hacks that provide unique gameplay advancements, captivating plotlines, and cutting-edge features. Pokemon Red ROM hacks provide a novel perspective on the reminiscence adventure, whether it is via the discovery of brand-new Pokemon, the exploration of redesigned regions and dungeons, or the engagement in difficult fights.

We may take advantage of a myriad of fascinating possibilities that are suited to our interests by appreciating the inventiveness and originality of ROM hackers. There is something for everyone with these hacks, which range from straightforward adjustments to comprehensive overhauls.



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