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Best Minecraft House Ideas - and how to build them!

50+ Best Minecraft House Ideas Modern Houses
From Modern to Medieval, there's a Minecraft house for you!

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The immensely popular sandbox game Minecraft lets you create and explore virtual worlds. Building your own home is one of the Minecraft's most pleasant features since it not only gives you a place to live but also lets you utilize your imagination.

With a ton of new maps you can download and play for free, from Vikings to The Escapists to Skywars, there's plenty of things to keep you busy while you build your new home.

We've gathered a list of some really cool Minecraft houses in this article to serve as inspiration and guide for building an exceptional house in the game.

Whether you're a new or seasoned Minecraft player, we're confident you'll discover some fantastic tips to help you discover some of the best Minecraft building ideas.

Now let's get going!

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1. Minecraft Modern House

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Modern House

A contemporary glass home is a great method to give you those clean lines is a great option for a Minecraft house design.

It's a wonderful chance to play with the glass blocks and lights in the game to design a chic, modern house.

  • Clean lines and simplicity are key considerations when creating a contemporary glass home in Minecraft.
  • Glass blocks should be used to create an open, spacious feeling in the design, which should be uncluttered and sparsely decorated.
  • Using geometric forms and straight lines to create a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic is a terrific idea.

Check out this epic modern house tutorial by Halny.

2. Minecraft Cottage

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Cottage

This cute Minecraft house in the form of a cottage is built out of a number of materials, including wood, stone, and brick. A few essential components and methods are necessary to get this appearance.

  • Use steps or slabs to create a gradual inclination for the roof to obtain the cottage's distinctive slanted appearance. For a more rustic and earthy appearance, a thatched roof constructed of hay bales might also be a fantastic choice.
  • You then may want to include some ornamental accents, such flower boxes, hanging lanterns, or an outdoor little garden, to enhance the Minecraft cottage's attractiveness.
  • Last but not least, don't forget to include some warm furnishings inside, such a bed, a table, and chairs.

This cottage is an ideal Minecraft starter house for those looking for something simple in the woods.

Check out this Minecraft cottage build on Youtube!

3. Minecraft Medieval House

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Medieval House

Popular building designs are essential in Minecraft and with no other way to go all out in style than this Minecraft Medieval House that will give the game a whiff of the past.

You should use specific architectural features that are typical of mediaeval construction, such as exposed wooden beams, thatched roofs, and stone walls, to accomplish this effect. You're able to achieve this look by:

  • Collecting any materials that suit your aesthetics. Use bricks, stone bricks, or cobblestones for the walls. Use dark oak or spruce wood planks for the roof, and for a more genuine appearance, add a thatched roof.
  • For the framework, use wooden logs or beams, and then add additional ornaments like chandeliers or candles.
  • Consider the amount of rooms you desire and the size of the house when planning the layout of your home. Keep in mind that medieval homes frequently featured compact, cosier rooms with low ceilings when you create your arrangement. A medieval-style castle with a moat and drawbridge.

Using these techniques will give you an insanely cool Minecraft house that will bring you to be the envy of your friends!

Check out this tutorial now!

4. Minecraft Survival House

minecraft house ideas  Minecraft Survival House

You'll need the best you can come up with in order to survive and what better way than to build a Minecraft Survival House. Offering you loads of protection and refuge.

Beware though, it must be strong and useful enough to shield the you from invading mobs and other dangers while also supplying yourself with everything that you'll need to survive. Consider the basic necessaries like food, water, and a place to rest.

  • Start by picking a spot near resources like trees and water, as they will be necessary for harvesting stuff.
  • Gather mud, bricks, and other building supplies before starting construction.
  • A modest, rectangular building with a roof and a door is a straightforward design that can be readily improved.
  • To give a little more well needed protection from the common elements, you might want to give the roof a little overhang.
  • Give your Minecraft survival house some windows for you to look outside and see what's coming your way.
  • A crafting table, furnace, and storage chest are necessary objects to have within the Minecraft survival house.
  • Among other necessary items should be a bed for resting and giving you some much needed respawn points for when you fight off hordes. A small farm can also be created outdoors for a consistent supply of well needed food.
  • You might want to consider having some gates around the perimeter to make sure that you ward off hordes of mobs that might come and attack!

Ultimately the more simple the build is, the better it will work as this is less of a show and tell and more about survival.

This robust Minecraft survival house will surely make you the envy of all your friends!

5. Minecraft Hobbit Hole

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Hobbit Hole

You'll be the talk of the town along the school grounds with your best rendition of this Lord of the Rings inspired Minecraft Hobbit Hole.

To get this look going, you'll need a ton of different materials such as wood and some earth like blocks to add to the ascetics of this small Minecraft house.

  • Dig out a place big enough to fit your Minecraft Hobbit Hole. Once you've dug your hole, you can begin constructing the walls of your home using a mixture of stone bricks, oak logs, and mossy cobblestone to give it an old-fashioned, rustic feel.
  • Using a combination of oak logs and wooden planks to give you that awesome looking circular gateway. The roof should be made of spruce or dark oak wood and slope downward to fit in with the hillside.
  • This Minecraft Hobbit Hole may be made even cooler by adding a fireplace and a cobblestone chimney.
  • To sprinkle the icing on the cake, add some flowers or grass outside to give you that Lord of the Rings feeling.

We encourage you to give this small Minecraft house a try if you're looking for something new!

6. Simple Minecraft House

minecraft house ideas Simple Minecraft House

Beginning players who are looking for a sleek minimalist approach to their Minecraft house may want to consider building something simple.

Luckily this is one of the easiest ideas to approach. Consider doing the following:

  • You'll want a flat area to make sure you're building on something safe.
  • Something simple can be as easy at 5x5 or 10x10 blocks of area to build on.
  • Start by building the walls and slowly move your way towards the roof.
  • The roof can be something simple like wooden planks that you have laying around.
  • Finish it off with some windows and add some décor to add some charm

And voila, you have yourself a perfectly fine Minecraft house inspiration built for your needs.

7. Minecraft Mansion

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Mansion

With many stories and wonderfully spacious rooms, a mansion in Minecraft is something that the more experienced person would like to venture off to.

Once they've gathered the necessary skills from building simple houses they'll move onto something more elegant.

  • Building the foundation of the mansion will take some really choice materials like stone or brick. You want it to be strong and look visually appealing.
  • Once the foundation is in place, the walls will come together with textures that complement each other.
  • Mansions will have strong features such as pillars or arches to give you that grand look and feel of walking into a proper mansion.
  • Remember to add some Minecraft landscaping as you'll want your new home to stand out among the rest.

So if you're wondering where are all of the Minecraft mansion ideas, here is a fantastic way to start!

8. Minecraft Village House

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Village House

A nice and useful home in a small hamlet can be built if you're looking for a Minecraft village house.

With an emphasis on utility and purpose, these homes frequently have a quaint and rustic atmosphere.

  • This look will bring vintage styled materials like wood logs, gravel and cobblestone as a base.
  • Add in some clay or thatched roofing to give the house an extremely authentic feel.
  • You'll want to make sure that this is on the side of a small Minecraft house as you'll have a single storey home or a small two storey one.
  • Doors in the material of wood or iron will capture this iconic look and feel.

So if you're looking for some simple Minecraft house ideas, this one will be right up your alley!

9. Minecraft Cave House

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Cave House

If you're looking for an idea perfect Minecraft cave house, look no further than this wonderful looking one.

  • You'll be on the lookout for a cave in order to place your building in. Clear the area of anything around and get to work
  • Choose a starter for this house. You'll be able to use various blocks like cobblestone, bricks or some other material of choice.
  • Give it a warm and fuzzy feeling by providing torches and other lighting in order to brighten up the dark space.

If you're looking for a simple Minecraft house inspiration, look no further than our cave house to keep you busy.

10. Minecraft Underground Base

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Underground Base

If you're looking for an idea for a Minecraft underground base, you've come to the right spot!

It should be hidden enough beneath the ground in order to act as a secret hideout. Considering it's underground, you'll need to make some adjustments when designing it's interior and exterior:

  • A hidden location is best to scour here. You'll also want to have your door be inconspicuous enough to not warrant unwelcome guests.
  • Put together a variety of different rooms like a bedroom or storage room or whatever your heart desires.
  • Lighting is key here as there won't be much outside light (if any).
  • You'll be able to add some hidden doors to add to the security of your base.

This underground base idea will surely bring a look on your friends faces of jealousy!

11. Minecraft Treehouse

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Treehouse

Coming up with some Minecraft treehouse ideas can be pretty daunting if you aren't familiar with it or are looking for a fresh new idea.

  • Finding a good tree is the first and most important step. It has to be tall and sporting a massive trunk. If you can, find one that has a ton of branches and leaves in order to give you the support you'll need.
  • Clear the area from any obstructions while using wood planks or logs to create the base of your new home.
  • You'll want to create a platform to have the trunk attached to for extra support.
  • The walls and the roof come next. This is where you'll want to keep it consistent and use wood features as you're going for a treehouse look.
  • Couple it off with some décor and a nifty rope bridge for added bling factor.

The key to building yourself a beautiful treehouse is being extremely creative and not afraid to tinker with the design. This is all part of the fun!

12. Nether Themed House

minecraft house ideas Nether Themed House

An interesting look and unique design is this Nether themed house.

This is something that is not for the faint of heart. Building a Nether themed house will take some patience as it's in an extremely dangerous part of Minecraft.

Nonetheless, here is how you can achieve this wonderful look:

  • Start off by finding a location that's typically flat or on a hill that can be used as a base for your house.
  • Nether Bricks, Nether Quartz work best for building this style of house.
  • Build the walls using these same bricks or quartz choices to create openings and walls.
  • Add a roof using blackstone or Nether brick using different types to give it a more unique look.

This dangerous house is still something we consider to be one of the best Minecraft house ideas around.

Don't miss this opportunity to build the Minecraft house of your dreams!

13. Minecraft Jungle Base

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Jungle Base

If you're settled on living somewhere in the wilderness, you'll want to check out this Minecraft jungle base idea that we've whipped up for you.

This is an extremely fun and courageous way to be in the wonderful world of Minecraft. Here's how we did it:

  • You'll want to find somewhere with plenty of trees that's close to a source of water. This can be a river or even a waterfall.
  • Your foundation will be needed as a base. Start by clearing the area of any obstructions.
  • Using wood or even cobblestone give yourself a structure.
  • Just because you're living in the jungle, you'll still have to add some doors or windows to bring in some natural light.
  • Give it a thatched roof. Having leaves will give it that look and feel of living in the jungle.
  • Some Minecraft interior options include couches, beds and tables to make the home feel complete.

Living in the jungle certainly isn't for everyone. Make your friends in awe of your Minecraft jungle base.

14. Big Minecraft House

minecraft house ideas Big Minecraft House

A grand statement can be achieved with no other than a big Minecraft house.

This is something that will surely put your skills to the test as you'll need to cover a ton of real estate.

So be prepared to get inspired by this big Minecraft house idea!

  • Find out a suitable location that is massive in size to build this large house. For an added touch, find a spot near water or on the top of a massive hill.
  • Find a style that suits your needs. This will give you a rough shape idea that will help you put the concept together.
  • The materials you'll need are high end wood or stone or even glass. This will surely bring an epic look to the house of your dreams!
  • Put the foundation together, add some walls and finish with a roof. This will give you the common elements that you'll need in a house of this size. Take your time as this will be no easy task.
  • Give it tons of windows and doors to give it the look and feel of a gigantic house.
  • Finally you'll want to add some simple landscaping to bring that wow factor right in the middle of your home.

If you're looking for some Minecraft big house ideas we've got you covered with this one!

15. Minecraft Haunted House

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Haunted House

Building your own Haunted House can make for a scary experience for those looking for something chilling to the bone.

This will not be an idea that's easy, it'll take patience and practice to solve for this.

Here are some of the steps you'll need to take in order to give you that spooky look:

  • Use some extremely dark materials to bring out the spooky atmosphere. This can be dark wood, blackstone or obsidian.
  • As an added touch, give it some authenticity by adding cobwebs or chains to add a horror element.
  • Give it a really spooky entrance. You can opt for a long narrow path or a creeking gate to give you that true horror theme.
  • The interior of this Minecraft haunted house should be filled with a ton of hidden passages, secret rooms and trap doors to fill the theme perfectly.

With these steps, you'll be well on your way to building a Minecraft Haunted House in no time!

16. Minecraft Beach House

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Beach House

One of the simplest Minecraft starter base ideas we could find was none other than a beach house!

Something about sunshine and sand brings us so much joy, we just had to include it in our list of the best Minecraft house blueprints.

  • You may have heard the popular real estate term, location, location, location! Well, this beach house is no exception as you'll need something near the water in order to root your foundation.
  • Try and pick materials that give that look and feel of a true beach house. Wood, glass and sea laterns are perfect choices here.
  • Give it a rectangular shape with a balcony overlooking the ocean for that added touch.
  • You may want to include things like beach chairs, a hammock or even a surfboard to truly bring the beach life home.

So grab your controller and put that shovel to work, a beach house is a simple but elegant design that will give you hours of enjoyment in the sun!

17. Minecraft Mountain House

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Mountain House

Houses in the mountains are no easy task. These style of houses should have an extremely rustic feel to them. Putting together elements like wood and cobblestone that blend in perfectly within the mountains.

  • Choose a location that's right around the mountain. Select the spot that works best for you.
  • The foundation is key since there are lots of bumps and the mountain won't be perfectly level.
  • The roof is a key feature here that should be constructed from either wooden planks or logs to give it that rustic charm it deserves. Throw some stairs to add even more texture on this roof.
  • Give it some glass panes for windows and add stones leading into the house. Sprinkle some landscaping in the form of trees and shrubs for an added touch!

This Minecraft Mountain House is a fantastic option for someone looking to build that home that they'll be able to see from miles away!

18. Minecraft Mushroom House

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Mushroom House

One of the many cool houses to build in Minecraft is this fantastic mushroom house.

Inside looking out of this one is really neat as the core is made of giant mushrooms!

  • The key to success here is finding a mushroom biome. They're incredibly rare to find so you must mark it and return to it later once you've gathered the supplies.
  • Look around for dirt, mushroom blocks and mycelium. You'll be able to craft mushroom blocks by placing mushrooms of the same type onto the crafting table.
  • The stem is out of dirt or mycelium and use the blocks for the cap.
  • You'd be surprised at what you can come up with when you start adding things like doors and other really unique decorative pieces to make it your own.
  • Add a touch of lighting in the form of glowstone, sea lanterns or other unique lighting sources.
  • Throw in some beds, crafting tables, and other really unique items to really make it your own.

A Minecraft Mushroom House can be a fun and creative way to explore and will really set your house apart from the rest!

19. Minecraft Underwater House

minecraft house ideas Minecraft Underwater House

An underwater house is one of the coolest but most challenging projects you probably will ever encounter in the world of Minecraft.

It comes with some simple but challenging steps:

  • Look for a flat area while underwater but remember to make sure that this should be deep enough to cover the roof of your new home.
  • Get the needed materials such as building blocks, stone or glass for the walls floors and roof for your home.
  • Build carefully from the bottom up. The foundation will be needed to be created by the blocks and the rest will fall into place.
  • Give it some interior decorations like seaweed or coral to give it that added charm you've been looking for.

A Minecraft underwater house is a great way to keep you busy while you're out in the water swimming around. Be sure to build something similar to this one!


minecraft house ideas Conclusion

Minecraft is a great way to use your imagination and put your skills to the test. It's brought you countless amounts of media like toys, plush dolls and even a cartoon series.

Building houses can be quite a rewarding experience. Who would have thought that Minecraft could feel like a city building game baked into it's design.



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