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Metal Slug X (SNK) Review

Metal Slug X (SNK) - Arcade
Metal Slug X is an awesome SNK game that eats up a ton of your lunch money!

Metal Slug X is 2D shooter glory. So if you’re into a pure Arcade gameplay experience and tons of explosions, sit back relax and throw on that bandana.‌

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Metal Slug X (SNK) - Arcade 1

Metal Slug X is a side scrolling 2D shooting starring four commandos, navigating through world war 2 inspired solders making your way through locations like Egypt to Siberia.‌

Metal Slug X (SNK) - Arcade 2

You’ll start off with your handgun and begin to rescue prisoners of war. These guys drop some bad ass powerups. You got your choice of Heavy Machine guns, Rocket launchers, shotguns that blow enemies to pieces. Flame shots lighting everything in sight on fire. The amount of weapons in Metal Slug is like Contra on Steroids.‌

‌‌I also like how they space out the powerups to keep you coming back for more. Oh you want the Flame shot, well you’re not gonna get it that easily.‌

Metal Slug X (SNK) - Arcade 3

Occasionally you'll be able to pickup grenade powerups in the form of Fire that light up a row of enemies. There are a lot of settle things happening in the background to keep you interested. Wait, don’t turn me into a mummy please!‌

‌Speaking of mummies, there are a couple different forms you yourself can take on throughout the game. The pistol shooting mummy. How do you even see like that?‌

Metal Slug X (SNK) - Arcade 4

Then there’s the fatso slugs that you get to turn into after eating a fine assortment of fruits. Maybe I was wrong with thinking fruits help you shed a couple of pounds. A had a good laugh at the death animation, it was really over the top to have your belly just explode.‌

Metal Slug X (SNK) - Arcade 5

There’s no shortage of larger than life bosses in Metal Slug X. Every boss feels like there’s absolutely no way you can take them on with their variety of weapon patterns they’ll throw your way. But then you learn the patterns (or pump in as many quarters as you can hold in your jean pockets) and make way to the next stage. I have to admit, some of the bosses did feel a bit cheap at times like this one here that forces you to climb up and up and up to what seems to be like the never ending tower.‌

Metal Slug X (SNK) - Arcade 6
Go Home To Mommy!

What’s this John Rambo lookalike saying at his entrance with Arnolds voice? Go Home to mommy. Only to have him fall off the ledge and right into the mouth of a killer whale.‌

Metal Slug X (SNK) - Arcade 7

The team at SNK do a fantastic job in the area of level design. They’re constantly surrounding you with different colors in the backgrounds to help keep the gameplay feeling fresh.‌‌

There are no shortage of vehicles you can hop in and out of. From this mini tank that lets you aim and shoot from front to back. Then there’s this plane that you can fire mini rockets out of. Then you have this spider looking contraption that you can shuffle along in firing lasers along the floor. And my overall vehicle of choice the camel with the laser attached to it. Because nothing beats going to a war than with your trusty camel.

Metal Slug X (SNK) - Arcade 8

In case you didn’t notice, Metal slug X is also two players. That’s right, grab a buddy and a stack of quarters and you’ll be on your way. Luckily we have unlimited credits by today’s methods of play.‌‌

Considering metal slug X is an enhanced version of the second version of Metal Slug. There are still some downsides. Slowdown is still a thing when a ton of enemies are on the screen. I actually used this to my advantage at certain sections by being able to navigate in slow motion like Neo from the matrix.

Metal Slug X (SNK) - Arcade 9

Metal Slug X sets the bar high when it comes to run and gun 2d action games. You can a copy almost everywhere. From a ton of different consoles, Steam and of course the extremely affordable Neo Geo AES.‌



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