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Is The PS3 Backwards Compatible?

Is The PS3 Backwards Compatible?

If you asked the question, Is The PS3 Backwards Compatible? The Retro KingPing answer is, maybe?

The PS3 is backwards compatible, you just have to pick the right version of the console to get the best backwards compatibility.

With so many epic RPGs on the original PlayStation, you'll want a device to play them on your shiny new HDTV. The composite cables introduced quite amount of grainy graphics due to its design.

If you're not interested in upscalers like the OSSC or fiddling around with choosing the right RGB scart cable when you have a stack of classic games just calling your name!

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Can you believe the first ever PS3 console actually came out in 2006? I remember seeing that first glance at E3 and thinking WOW!

I was insanely excited to see the PS3 not only play my favorite games but to become a full blown entertainment package.

This is the absolute best guide for what the PS3 has to offer, what library of games it can play and why the PS3 is one of our favorite gaming consoles of all time.

What Does The PS3 Do?

I was able to use Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube all at the touch of that middle button! It was almost like a couch potato's dream!

If you have quite the collection of Blu-ray Discs lying around, the PS3 also doubles as a stand alone Blu-ray player. I love the simplicity of being able to pop in my favorite Blu-Ray and watch it in stunning 1080P.

Which PS3 Consoles Can Play PS2 Games?

Which PS3 Consoles Can Play PS2 Games?

Not all PS3 consoles are backwards compatible with the PS2 library. I wish it was as simple as just picking any console revision and putting in your game. You'll have to have the correct console revision to be in luck.

If you're hanging onto a PS3 Super Slim or Slim, better luck next time. These updated PlayStation 3 consoles are only backwards compatible with the original PlayStation 1 games like Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy 7.

The PlayStation 3 20GB or 60GB are backwards compatible with most of the PS2 and PlayStation games, meaning you'll be able to play your favorite games without the need to hang onto the older devices.

These two devices are often referred to as the 'fat' PS3 consoles being slightly larger in size. If you're still hanging onto an 80GB PS3, chances are you've plugged in the Wi-Fi password and updated the firmware on the device. In this case, you're out of luck since it was removed.

All of the PS3 consoles can run PlayStation 1 discs. Unfortunately Sony decided to remove the PlayStation 2 capability in later console releases, while leaving the upscaled HDMI output for PSX games.

How Much Does a PlayStation 2 Backwards Compatible PlayStation 3 Cost?

How Much Does a PlayStation 2 Backwards Compatible PlayStation 3 Cost?

Since people are finding out about the scarcity of these 'fat' consoles, they can often fetch between $100 and $600 depending on the PS3 console's condition as well as any accessories it can come with.

Once Sony decided to remove the PS2 backwards capability in the newer consoles, the prices have skyrocketed to more or less what they costed new. People are really serious about the concept of backwards compatibility for both libraries!

The 20GB and 60GB PS3 consoles are now highly sought after and can get quite pricey. If you're lucky enough to snag one at a good price online, buy it now and ask questions later!

What If I Can't Find One?

Of course, if you're unable to find a solution to is the PS3 backwards compatible and you have a fat stack of those classic PS2 games lying around begging to be played, you have a couple of more options.

Well firstly, you can buy a PS2 outright. That's clearly the best option for playing your original PlayStation 2 games without the pain of searching for a backwards compatible PS3.

The second option is to pop your PS2 discs into your PC in order to backup your games to the PC and use a PS2 emulator that can play all of your games. One emulator we recommend is PSCX2. It can do all kinds of cool things like upscale the graphics in the games to make them look better than what you can get on the PS2! It can work on all kinds of operating systems (Including Mac and Linux) and is open source and is consistently being updated.



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