How Much Is The Xbox 360 Worth?

How Much Is The Xbox 360 Worth Slim Fat E

No matter whether you're buying or selling an Xbox 360, the prices will always seem to fluctuate. It can be based on the console's age, condition it's in or even the amount of peripherals that it comes with. Either way, it's extremely important to understand how much an Xbox 360 is worth so you're not getting a bad deal.

So, just how much is an Xbox 360 worth today?

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According to the data based on past eBay sales within the current year, Xbox 360 System Core with no controllers or hard drive sells for $55. The Xbox 360 Slim Console 250GB sells for $65. The Slim Console 4GB sells for $53.

The Slim White console 4GB White sells for $115 and the Halo Edition with 120GB HDD Sells for $150. You can also find the  the Xbox 360 E, going for $90 (4GB), $100 (250GB), and $150 (500GB) for each of these variations of hard drive space.

As you can see, there are a few main variables that affect how much an Xbox 360 costs: the model, the hard drive size, the store, the state of the system, and whether or not it comes in its original packaging.

There isn't really a going rate for brand-new Xbox 360 systems these days because they are so uncommon. On retail websites like Amazon and eBay, new Xbox 360 machines will likely sell for hundreds of dollars, if not more.

The price of Xbox 360 games also varies depending on the region in which you live. In North America, Xbox 360 games typically cost around $60, while in other regions, such as Europe, games might cost around €50.

(Note: The costs and details below are correct as of Nov 29, 2022. Although prices are subject to change, we'll continue to make sure that this article has been updated to reflect current rates and will do so going forward.

Additionally, the prices shown here will reflect North American Consoles only in $USD. If you live in a region outside the US, Canada or Mexico the models may vary slightly.

How Much Is The Xbox 360 E Worth

How Much Is The Xbox 360 E Worth?

The final revision of the Xbox 360, named the E varies between $90 and $150 respectively. The higher the capacity of the hard drive almost always demands a bigger price online.

New Xbox 360 E consoles are incredibly rare considering they are out of production. The pricing can climb up to $600 for special variants.

Hard drives can be found online ranging between $10 and $50. Not a large expense if you have to make two purchases to locate a hard drive.

How Much Is The Xbox 360 Slim Worth?

How Much Is The Xbox 360 Slim Worth?

The second revision of the Xbox 360, the Slim brought to you a more compact design. Ranging between $50 and upwards of $400 for a new console.

We recommend getting a slim version as it fixes the red ring of death that plagued tons of original Xbox 360 consoles.

The compact design allows for easier storage in entertainment consoles. You're also guaranteed to have an HDMI slot on the console rather than the standard AV output.

How Much Is The Xbox 360 Original Worth

How Much Is The Xbox 360 Original Worth?

The original Xbox 360 model can range from $50 - $150 depending on the console's condition, size of the hard drive and the number of accessories or games it comes with.

Due to the red ring of death, we strongly recommend avoiding these first models. You're better off waiting and getting either the Slim or E model to avoid these issues.

What Are The Differences Between The Different Xbox 360 Models?

What Are The Differences Between The Different Xbox 360 Models?

In addition to visual differences, there are functional variations among the Xbox 360 systems that prospective buyers and sellers should be aware of.

Making matters even more complex, each of the first two designs includes a variety of models. The Xbox 360 S (the Slim model) has three versions of its own, while the original (or fat) Xbox 360 has five different variations.

Xbox 360 E

  • This was the final design of the console.
  • Motherboard revisions are similar to Xbox Slim.
  • HDMI port included.
  • Quieter than all other models.
  • Hard drives vary between 4 GB, 250 GB, and 500 GB.

Xbox 360 Slim

  • Second Revision of the Xbox 360 Console.
  • Internals are similar to the Xbox 360 E consoles.
  • HDMI port included.
  • Hard drive revisions between the entry level 4 GB, 250 GB and the 320 GB that was only available for limited edition models.

Xbox 360 Original Models

The Xbox 360 fat models is where things get interesting. Some models only gave you a wired controller, others didn't have an HDMI port. We'll cover each of the models briefly and give you their highlights.

Xbox 360 Models to Avoid

Xbox 360 Models To Avoid

Xbox 360 Core

This model came with a wired controller only and no HDD. You also won't have an HDMI port and only get standard AV or component out.

Xbox 360 Pro

Some models (60GB) had an HDMI port built into the console, the lower end models (20GB) didn't. Even though you get a wireless controller shipped with all of these models, we recommend avoiding having to sift through the non HDMI models all together.

Xbox 360 Arcade

This model was a replacement to the Xbox 360 core model and only came with a built in storage of either 256 or 512MB of memory. Although it included an HDMI port, we do not believe this model is worth pursuing.

Given the low storage, lack of an HDMI port, or not coming with a wireless controller as well as the potential red ring of death error that has turned many Xbox 360 consoles useless, we recommend avoiding them for these reasons.

Xbox 360 Models to Look for

Xbox 360 Models To Look For

Xbox 360 Elite

This model has the best features for the pricepoint in our opinion. You won't have to worry about HDD limitations (120GB) or whether or not the console has an HDMI port. Keep in mind you may be faced with the red ring of death on this model, the chances are significantly less on the Elite consoles.

There is also the Super Elite console that shipped with certain variations of games such as with Halo 3 and Halo 3 : ODST as well as a 250gb HDD. Chances are, you'll only get the console and HDD and have to buy the games separately.

Xbox 360 S

The Slim redesign of the Xbox 360 featured a smaller design and removed the red ring of death that wiped out so many of the original models.

Our preference are the 250 (and 320GB models if you can find them in the limited edition models) as they have the improved hardware, not needing to worry about wireless controllers or HDMI ports.

There's also a 4GB model if you don't plan on having a large library of games.

Xbox 360 E

The final redesign of the Xbox 360 which was a slight variation of the S model in terms of look with the same internals.

You were able to pickup a 4, 250 and 500 GB model depending on your needs. We recommend this model for the look as well as the updated internals.

Considering the various options of models of Xbox 360 options, we recommend looking for a good deal on any of the models we recommended above. Considering the hard drives only range between $10 and $50, you can easily swap out hard drives on the fly if you can find a good deal on a lower HDD model.

Xbox 360 Limited Edition Models

Xbox 360 Limited Edition Models

For specific games, there were also points in time where specific models were brought to the table.

The green and gold master chief colored original model was the one we remember seeing numerous times.

Other models such as the R2D2 Star Wars themed S model gave you a 320GB hard drive and really slick blue and white design.

Again it's best to research which limited edition model works best for you as you may pay a large premium online for a slight difference in looks or hard drive space. We wouldn't recommend hunting down the increase in price just for a slightly modified look of the console.

Should I buy an Xbox 360 Today

Should I Buy An Xbox 360 Today?

Considering all of the backwards compatibility to date with all of the newer Xbox consoles such as the Xbox One, Series X and S you'd be hard pressed to even still look for an Xbox 360 today.

There are completely valid reasons to do so. Firstly, certain games that required the Kinect sensor are not compatible on the Series X or S.

Secondly, the modding capabilities of the Xbox 360 brings a new life into the console. Being able to play games from other regions (such as the amazing lineup of shmups in Japan) opens up the door for an entirely new library that you may have not known about or be able to play previously.

Considering the Xbox 360 originally came out all the way back in 2005, it's definitely not the newest console on the block. The fantastic library of games and options for modding makes it a good choice for someone looking to play great games at a reasonable price.

We hope this answers the question if you were wondering how much is an Xbox 360 worth. Please let us know on Twitter if you found it helpful!