8 Best Hololive Fan Games

Best Hololive Fan Games
Unleash Your Inner Hololive Fanatic: Dive into the World of the Best Hololive Fan Games!

Welcome, fellow V-Tuber enthusiasts, to a world where creativity knows no bounds! Today, we're diving headfirst into the captivating universe of Hololive Fan Games.

Yep, you read it correctly. A large number of creative fans have been motivated by the dynamic Hololive community to pour their enthusiasm into creating one-of-a-kind, immersive gaming experiences.

Hololive has become a brilliant light in the constantly changing world of virtual entertainment, winning over people's hearts and minds all over the world.

What transpires, though, when awe for these endearing virtual abilities develops into anything more?

Discover the amazing world of Hololive Fan Games, where players take on the role of creators by creating stories and adventures based on their favourite Hololive idols.

We will go through this dynamic environment where creativity and innovation meet undying fandom. You're in for a treat whether you're an experienced Hololive devotee or are only beginning to delve into this captivating world. The phenomena of Hololive Fan Games will be examined in-depth in this article from all sides, revealing the passion behind them, the variety they bring, and the significant influence they have on the Hololive community as a whole.

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8. Wowowow Korone Box

Best Hololive Fan Games Wowowow Korone Box

Are you up for an action-packed journey in the Hololive universe? Take a look at "WOWOWOW KORONE BOX," a viral video game created by fans that puts you in the role of the endearing Inugami Korone from hololive GAMERS. We're going to take you on a wild voyage through this top-down shooter in this blog post, where your goal is to gather as many Korone Boxes as you can while expertly dodging enemy fire.

Inugami Korone is no stranger to the gaming industry, and she is currently the protagonist of her own online story. You get to take on her paws and lead her on an action-packed voyage in "WOWOWOW KORONE BOX." Your aim? Get all the Korone Boxes you can. These highly sought-after rewards are dispersed throughout the game, and they are essential to your success.

But wait, the world of Korone isn't all sunshine and rainbows. You'll need to make your way through a dangerous environment loaded with foes and challenging boss fights as you gather those priceless boxes. It only takes one mistake to end the game!

It is your responsibility to protect Korone from harm and to make sure she is never struck even once. It's no easy task, but you are capable of overcoming any obstacle with talent and tenacity.

7. Deadbeat

Best Hololive Fan Games Deadbeat

What's the story behind Deadbeat then?

Imagine yourself in the role of Calliope Mori, the Reaper herself, and your goal is to live while belting out her lethal tunes. The catch is that you have to pull it off without dying yet again. This musical competition is unlike any other!

You might be wondering what inspired this fantastic game at this point. If you enjoy video games, you may be familiar with Everhood, a true gem of a title. Deadbeat heavily borrows from this video game classic while adding its own Hololive flavour to the mix.

You may change your keybindings by simply hitting "R" three times, which is a neat function. It is really cool. Making your gaming experience as convenient and personalised to your tastes as you can.

But hey, if you haven't already, we strongly advise giving Everhood a shot before you delve into Deadbeat. You won't want to miss this amazing gaming experience, we guarantee it.

6. Hololive Horror

Best Hololive Fan Games Hololive Horror

Chaos rules in the Hololive Horror universe as gremlins wreak havoc and the time machine's power drains away with time.

Your aim? to outwit these cunning monsters and guarantee your safe return across time.

The gremlins are unrelenting, and the clock is running out. You must go on a pulse-pounding treasure hunt for magnifying glasses buried all across the game's immersive map in order to activate the time machine. The closer you go to your escape, the more magnifying glasses you find, but watch out—the gremlins are after you.

Hololive Horror survival requires more than simply good fortune. It calls for planning, creativity, and steely nerves.

Before it's too late, can you outwit the gremlins, work out puzzles, and gather enough magnifying glasses to start the time machine?

5. DD Shooter

Best Hololive Fan Games DD Shooter

You have a duty to be the best supporter as a DD. Your well-kept secret? With the potent Super Chat Power, you may express your love and respect for your preferred content producers. The problem is that tremendous power also comes with enormous responsibility, and in this case, a fair amount of spending.

As you advance in VIP status, the importance of your support grows but so does the amount of money you must spend to keep your membership active. It's a two-edged sword; the more you ascend, the more fascinating it becomes, but the likelihood of becoming bankrupt increases.

Imagine yourself enjoying the benefits of being the best DD and showering your favourite streamers with Super Chats, and then the next thing you know, you're staring at an empty wallet and unable to continue. Your only option, bankrupt but unconquered, is to say a tearful goodbye to your beloved creators.

So do not worry, since DD-Shooter Upgraded Version is all about tenacity and tenacity. If you decide to accept it, your goal is to put all into it and become the greatest DD the streaming industry has ever seen!

4. Holoware v0.2

Best Hololive Fan Games Holoware

The much-anticipated Holoware public release, version 0.2, has just hit the virtual shelves, and it's packed with new features and improvements that are bound to elevate your gaming experience.

The heart of Holoware lies in its microgames, and this update doesn't disappoint. Get ready to tackle eight brand-new microgames that will test your reflexes and wits. Say hello to:

  1. Climb!
  2. Drumroll!
  3. Find Marine!
  4. Imitate!
  5. Make!
  6. Match!
  7. Run!
  8. Solve!

But that's not all – brace yourselves for two thrilling boss stages that promise to challenge even the most seasoned players:

  1. Interview!
  2. Dance!

3. Immortal: mors tud, vita mea

Best Hololive Fan Games Immortal

You'll assume the flaming role of Kiara, a phoenix travelling the realms beyond life and death, in Immortal: Mors Tud, Vita Mea, an unique Hololive fan-made RPG produced using RPG Maker MV.

Your objective?

To meet up with Calliope, a good friend, before the essence of your being vanishes into nothingness.

This little gem of a game provides an engaging experience that takes about 45 to 60 minutes to finish. But don't be fooled by its succinctness; "Immortal: Mors Tud, Vita Mea" is a sentimental journey brimming with passion, decision, and consequence.

This game's intriguing narrative is its core. Our feathered protagonist, Kiara, finds herself in the enigmatic afterlife and longs to see Calliope, her reaper friend. You will go on an adventure that digs deeply into the concepts of friendship, the purpose of life, and the certainty of death as the plot develops.

2. Burning Tenshi

Best Hololive Fan Games Burning Tenshi

Ever pondered what would transpire in the Hololive House in the event of a fiery accident?

You can stop wondering now because Kanata got herself into a hot mess in "Blazing Tenshi"! You must guide Kanata as she works her way through a series of challenging challenges to get to the pond and put out the fire that has engulfed the Hololive House.

There's more to this game than what the eye can see, though! Keep reading for a captivating conclusion that will keep you riveted.

Game Features:

  • Free-to-Play: Enjoy all the brain-teasing action without reaching for your wallet. However, any donations to support the developer are greatly appreciated.
  • Skip Levels: Don't let frustration get the best of you! If you find a level too challenging, simply head to the pause menu and skip ahead.

1. Fishing at Camp Carcosa

Best Hololive Fan Games Fishing at Camp Carcosa

Camp Carcosa, tucked away deep inside a magical forest, offers the best respite from the hectic pressures of modern life. The signs of society are less noticeable in this isolated retreat. Bid adieu to the incessant hum of the internet, farewell to the vanishing cell phone signals, and get ready for radio waves that play hide-and-seek with your ears. You can find comfort there in the embrace of nature.

The camp is a hidden gem, especially for fishermen, so don't let the inhabitants' hesitation discourage you. The great lake that blesses this peaceful getaway is filled with aquatic delights and just waiting for the adventurous angler in you to explore them. So sit back, unwind, cast your line into the crystal-clear lake, and watch as the lake's mysteries come to light.

But there's more! You'll get the extraordinary chance to put yourself in the shoes of none other than the adorable Hololive member Ninomae Ina'Nis as you set out on your fishing expedition. Together with her, you'll delve into the lake's depths in search of numerous fish species and a charming cast of other Hololive characters. You'll come across a wealth of corny jokes and puns that will have you giggling throughout your quest, so be ready for a great dose of humour.


Best Hololive Fan Games c

Hololive Fan Games are a monument to the fans' unending ingenuity, devotion, and affection for their beloved Hololive celebrities in the ever-expanding world of virtual entertainment. We can't help but be in awe of the amazing confluence of technology and fandom as we pull the curtain on our investigation of this enthralling universe.

These passionately created games not only give fans a way to interact with their favourite Hololive idols on a whole new level, but they also demonstrate the revolutionary potential of crowdsourced creation. They serve as a reminder that borders between fans and creators might disappear in the digital era and be replaced by a common imaginative space.

But, Hololive Fan Games are more than simply a diversion; they are evidence of the continuing power of Hololive artists and the phenomenon that they have grown to be on a global scale. In these games, we can experience the worlds of our favourite idols and create our own experiences. They serve as the canvas on which admirers weave their tributes, and in turn, they earn praise and admiration from other followers.

Awe-inspiring innovation may be inspired by fandom, and when we take stock of our trip through the complex world of Hololive Fan Games, we are reminded of this. These games are a monument to the collective ingenuity of Hololive enthusiasts around the world, from the challenging puzzles to the touching visual novels.



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