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Games Like Littlewood: The Ultimate List

Games Like Littlewood: The Ultimate List
Littlewood is a fantastic game and you should check out these similar titles

An independent game called Littlewood has swept the gaming industry. Players build their settlements, acquire resources, and engage in commerce in this role-playing game. Yet it's usual to seek a change of pace or to play games that are similar. You may scratch that itch by playing any of the games on this list of Littlewood alternatives.

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1. Introduction

Littlewood, an indie game, has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity recently. In this role-playing game, players may construct towns, gather resources, and carry on business.

Because it has many of the traits of simulation games, the game is a fantastic choice for anybody who like them. In any game, it's common to desire to try something new.

Whether you've played Littlewood to death or are just looking for something similar, we've made a collection of games that will quench your appetite.

2. What is Littlewood?

What is Littlewood?

A role-playing game called Littlewood was published in 2019. The world in which the game is set was delivered from the grip of evil by the player's character. The player is required to start from scratch, accumulate resources, and engage in player-to-player trade. The game's cute, pixelated graphic style is played from a top-down perspective.

The fact that Littlewood is wonderfully soothing is one of its most prominent features. Players are not under any time constraints, and they are free to take as much time as they need to build their town. The attractiveness of the game is further enhanced by the inclusion of various NPCs with distinctive personalities.

3. Games Like Littlewood

You're in luck if you're looking for games similar to Littlewood! There are many games available that have comparable mechanics and themes. Here are a few of the top Littlewood-like video games:

1. Stardew Valley

Games Like Littlewood 1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is fundamentally about running your own farm. You'll begin by clearing the ground, growing the crops, and rearing the animals while monitoring your money and making sure you have enough supplies to maintain your farm. But that's only the beginning of the game; as you go, you'll also have the chance to investigate mines, go fishing in nearby rivers and lakes, and even form bonds with the wide range of individuals you'll meet.

The attention to detail in Stardew Valley distinguishes it from other farming simulation games. Every element of the game feels like it was carefully thought out and implemented, from the realistic weather patterns to the complex crop management system.

Eric Barone, a lone developer, spent four years creating Stardew Valley before it was released in February 2016. The game first went unnoticed, but it gradually developed a cult following because to its endearing aesthetics, soothing gameplay, and captivating plot. Around a million copies of the game have been sold by 2017, and it has now established itself as a cornerstone of the indie gaming community.

2. Graveyard Keeper

Games Like Littlewood Graveyard Keeper

You take on the role of a mediaeval cemetery's keeper in the video game Graveyard Keeper. It's your responsibility to bury the dead, adorn graves, and maintain order in the cemetery. You'll also need to manage resources, craft products, and communicate with the oddball residents of the town. You'll never get bored because there is so much to do!

The plot of Graveyard Keeper is twisted and grim. As you explore the game's mysteries further, you'll come across witches, zombies, and other paranormal beings. You'll have to make decisions along the route that will change how the story turns out. Which kind of steward are you going to be—a kind or a cruel one? Your decision is yours.

After its August 2018 release, Graveyard Keeper has gained a passionate following. It can be found on a variety of systems, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Several upgrades have been made to the game, including the Stranger Sins DLC addition.

3. My Time at Portia

Games Like Littlewood My Time at Portia

An open-world simulation game called My Time at Portia lets you explore the endearing and fantastical village of Portia. To get noticed and receive prizes as a newbie to the community, you must establish relationships with the people, finish projects, and take part in festivals.

The crafting system in My Time at Portia, which lets you make and personalise your own tools, furnishings, and even your own home, is one of the game's most thrilling features. The game also features combat, requiring you to explore caves and ruins to fight enemies and gather useful supplies.

In a post-apocalyptic future where people have rebuilt their civilization from the wreckage of the past, the plot of My Time at Portia takes place. You must carry on your family's tradition as a renown builder's descendent by bringing Portia's town to its previous splendour.

In January 2019, My Time at Portia was first made available on Steam. Since then, it has been ported to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, among other platforms. To ensure a fluid gameplay experience, the game has undergone a number of upgrades that include new content, bug patches, and quality-of-life enhancements.

4. Harvest Moon

Games Like Littlewood Harvest Moon

The journey of a young farmer who inherits their grandfather's land is the subject of Harvest Moon. The player will come across a variety of personalities and circumstances as they advance through the game, which will influence their experience. The game offers a range of narratives to explore, from developing friendships with villagers to taking part in festivals. Players will discover the mysteries of the game's narrative and gain a better understanding of their surroundings with each encounter.

Harvest Moon is an extremely similar game to Littlewood in the sense that you're constantly looking for things to mend. The possibilities are endless when it comes to digging up crops or planting new things.

The video game Harvest Moon has won the hearts of players all across the world. It is understandable why it has grown to be a cherished gaming franchise given its engrossing gameplay, compelling plot, and strong sales. Harvest Moon is a game that will undoubtedly give you hours of delight, whether you've been a fan of the series for a long time or are just getting started.

5. Animal Crossing

Games Like Littlewood Animal Crossing

Creating your own world is one of Animal Crossing's main appeals. You take on the role of a human who relocates to a community with talking animals. You may then furnish your home, tend your own garden, and even create your own apparel. Since the game is real-time, the seasons and special occasions will affect how your town looks. Also, you can travel to the towns of your friends and exchange goods with them, giving the game a social component.

Animal Crossing's narrative is straightforward but endearing. When you first arrive in a new town, a friendly animal welcomes you and offers to be your guide. From there, you can engage with the town's other animals and assist them with a variety of jobs. Although there isn't a central plot, the characters' and the dialogue's endearing and humorous interactions more than make up for it.

6. Story of Seasons

Games Like Littlewood Story of Seasons

The player character in Story of Seasons relocates to the quaint, picturesque community of Oak Tree Town to begin a new life as a farmer, which serves as the focal point of the narrative. Players will run into a variety of personalities along the route, including fellow farmers, villagers, and prospective love partners. The game's endearing and touching plot will keep you interested.

For anyone who enjoys playing farming simulation games, Story of Seasons is a must-play title. It's hardly surprising that this game has won over the hearts of many players all over the world given its captivating gameplay, endearing plot, and excellent sales numbers. If you haven't tried it yet, this is the ideal opportunity to do so. It's no wonder that games like littlewood would bring you to discover Story of Seasons.

7. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Games Like Littlewood Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a novel, non-combat gameplay design that prioritises environment interaction, puzzle-solving, and exploration. You will come across a variety of creatures and people as you explore the island of Gemea; each has a distinct personality and a backstory that you can learn about.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles tells the story of a hero who must scale a mythical mountain in order to preserve the region's natural beauty and discover the long-forgotten ancients' secrets. The world in which the book is situated has no sundown and perpetual cloud cover. A variety of lovable characters will come across your path as you travel and uncover the island's unique past.

8. Slime Rancher

Games Like Littlewood Slime Rancher

You take on the role of Beatrix LeBeau, a rancher, in the first-person adventure game Slime Rancher. You are in charge of collecting and caring for the numerous varieties of slimes on your ranch. Collecting and interacting with slime is fun since each type has unique characteristics. You'll need to look after, feed, and safeguard them. As the game progresses, you can upgrade your ranch and unlock new areas to discover.

Slime Rancher's tale is entertaining and imaginative. In order to begin a new life on a faraway world, Beatrix LeBeau has left Earth behind. Her ambition is to get to the position of the galaxy's best slime rancher. She will run into a number of difficulties and problems along the road. The novel is delightful to read since it has heart and comedy in abundance.

9. Forager

Games Like Littlewood Forager

You assume the character of a lone adventurer in Forager as you explore a huge and varied open-world full of secrets and difficulties. The gameplay is simple, but there are plenty of difficult obstacles to overcome. To advance through the game's several levels, you must acquire resources, erect structures, and learn new talents.

The game is both difficult and addictive since it combines several different genres, including puzzle-solving, exploration, and survival. The game also includes a variety of biomes, such as dungeons, forests, and deserts, each with their own themes and difficulties.

You'll enjoy the like Littlewood attributes as you explore the world of Forager in your spare time. You won't be disappointed!

10. RimWorld

Games Like Littlewood RimWorld

Building and running a colony of survivors on a distant planet is a challenge in the colony simulator game RimWorld, created by Ludeon Studios. Three fundamental aspects of the gameplay are building, resource management, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

The unique sci-fi colony simulator RimWorld offers a challenging and engaging gaming experience. Given its distinctive storyline elements, dynamic AI, and enthusiastic modding community, it is scarcely unexpected that the game has become a cult classic and a commercial success. Why not try it and see whether you have what it takes to build and thrive on a distant planet?

11. Oxygen Not Included

Games Like Littlewood Oxygen Not Included

In Oxygen Not Included, players must maintain their duplicants happy and healthy while managing the colony's resources, such as oxygen, food, and water. The infrastructure of the colony can be built and automated using the game's intricate system of pipes and equipment.

In addition, players can explore the asteroid's several biomes, each of which has unique resources and difficulties. Players must adjust to their surroundings in order to survive, whether they are in the sweltering Caverns packed with magma or the bitterly frigid Ice Caps.

12. Terraria

Games Like Littlewood Terraria

You'll explore a world full of difficulties and hidden truths in Terraria's plot, which is one of mystery and adventure. As players advance through the game, finding hints and exploring new places, the game's lore is gradually revealed to them.

The game also has a number of non-player characters (NPCs) who offer missions, items, and information to aid players in moving forward. The depth and richness of the gaming environment are increased by the NPCs' individual personalities and backstories.

4. Conclusion

Games Like Littlewood c

Littlewood is a fantastic game that served as the model for a number of others that are now available. There is a game on this list for everyone, whether you're looking for a soothing simulation game or a survival game with comparable features. We hope this list has assisted you in identifying your next gaming compulsion.

5. FAQs

Is Littlewood available on all platforms?

  • Littlewood is available on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

No, some of the games on this list, such as Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, are published by larger companies.

  1. Can I play these games multiplayer?
  2. It depends on the game. Some of the games on this list, such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, have multiplayer modes.
  3. Are these games available on mobile devices?
  4. Some of the games on this list, such as Stardew Valley and Terraria, have mobile versions available.
  5. Can I play these games without an internet connection?
  6. Yes, all of the games on this list can be played without an internet connection.


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