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The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed!

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed! cover
These games do the most famous ship of all time in the Titanic justice!

While the RMS Titanic might be well known for the tragic event of sinking after colliding with an iceberg during it's travels from Southampton, England, to New York City on April 15, 1912 you may have not known about some of the games about the Titanic. While you might be wondering Are there any Titanic video games, there are certainly so many great ones that you'll want to discover in this article.

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What remains one of the most tragic events in any lifetime, taking the lives of over 1,500 people. The Titanic's legacy remains one of the most iconic disasters in human history.

Everyone in the 90s remembers the James Cameron's classic adaptation of the Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet that portrayed the event with class and style. Since then, it has spawned numerous film adaptations, books and of course games.

We will be covering only the best games about the Titanic that you may have overlooked due to their cover. Under the hood, the RMS theme is in full effect!

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed 1912 Titanic Mystery

11. 1912: Titanic Mystery

If you were looking for a hidden object game that features being on board the Titanic ship during the dreadful voyage, look no further than 1912: Titanic Mystery.

You'll be set out to search for clues and discover the solution to puzzles in order to find out the hidden details behind the sinking of the ship. Set in the year 1912 just before the famous collision with the iceberg, you're set off to explore the ship and interact with people to obtain information in order to solve the mystery.

If you're a fan of hidden object games or are looking to learn more about the history of this ship's truth, you'll want to check out 1912: Titanic Mystery.

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed - Revenge of the titanic

10. Revenge Of The Titanic

Developed by the indie studio Ape Studios, this mobile game features the Titanic in a fashion you may not be used to. Instead of being hit by the iceberg, you're set out to destroy all of them in this arcade shooter.

Revenge Of The Titanic doesn't take itself too seriously and is a marvel to pick up and play. We enjoyed seeing the icebergs just explode after taking them out with the bullets fired from the main ship.

If you're looking for a light video game that's easy to spend a couple of minutes when you're short on time like playing on the bus, check out Revenge Of The Titanic.

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed - Hidden Expedition Titanic

9. Hidden Expedition: Titanic

Another hidden object adventure game made our list of games about the Titanic and this time we have the wonderful team at Big Fish Games to thank for Hidden Expedition: Titanic.

You'll play as a member of the Hidden Expedition team, sent out to search out the sinking of the Titanic ship. Along the way you'll search for clues and solve puzzles to uncover the mystery that lead to the disaster causing the ship to sink.

Filled with elements of adventure and hidden objects, it almost feels like one of those scavenger hunt games while looking through the different areas of the ship.

Originally available for PC and Mac OS, it's also been brought over to the Nintendo 3DS which was an odd choice for a handheld game about the Titanic.

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed - Titanic Der Tauchfahrt-Simulator

8. Titanic: Der Tauchfahrt-Simulator

When talking about simulator based PC games, one you might want to consider as the English speaking audience might know it as Dive to the Titanic. Putting you in the perspective where you'll use a submarine to explore the interior areas of the famous Titanic ship.

As you make your way taking photos and submersing yourself into the realism the gameplay provides. It's designed to be more of an educational game giving you a realistic experience for those who are interested in understanding the Titanic's history.

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed - Call of Duty Black Ops 4

7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

When it comes to games about the Titanic, we'd bet that first person shooter Call of Duty wouldn't be the first game that came to mind.

What's better than the premise set off in the famous RMS ship where a zombie invasion plagues the ship and you have to fight off hordes of enemy zombies throughout the level.

That's exactly what the map called "Voyage of Despair" has to offer. Although only a small section of the zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has you walking through the ship, it was still nice to see the Titanic being paid homage in a Call of Duty game.

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed - Duke Nukem Zero Hour

6. Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

Lace up your boots, your favorite R rated time travelling hero is back in Duke Nukem: Zero Hour. This time, Duke will time travel his way along a variety of locations on the earth throughout the past and present. Duke Nukem: Zero Hour absolutely fits the bill by answering the question what Titanic game is from the 90s.

One of those locations as an unlockable feature is the Titanic where you and your trusty Uzis are taking out bad guys along side the corridors of the famous ship.

You'll have to bring out your Nintendo 64 for this one and hopefully you have your expansion pack handy in order to get better graphics on Duke's journey.

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed - Titanic Adventure Out of Time

5. Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

This classic point-and-click adventure released in 1996 for PC and Mac is set on the British passenger liner ship that sank in 1912.

You make your way as a secret agent set out to prevent the series of events from taking place by solving puzzles and interacting with the members aboard the ship.

The voice acting in the FMV videos is downright funny at times with how poorly it has aged. At this point, you'll have to have to put things into perspective that a lot of time has passed since it's release.

Based on the decisions that you make, the gameplay does provide alternative endings and storylines that you'll be able to discover while playing.

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed - Search for the Titanic

4. Search for the Titanic

Back in 1989, some DOS games were rather primitive. Search for the Titanic was one of those DOS titles that was actually ported to the C64 later on.

In this naval simulation game where you're set off to explore the massive earth's ocean, buying different ships in search for the famous Titanic shipwreck.

Ironically enough, this game came out just years after Robert Ballard famously discovered the lost RMS Titanic wreck in 1985 so we think this might have something to do with the popularity of the game at this time.

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed - Titanic Honor and Glory

3. Titanic: Honor and Glory

This independent video game project is based on the Unreal Engine 4 and does a wonderful job in recreating this great ship.

Although still under development, the goal is to give you all of the famous areas of the ship, from the crew quarters to all of the public rooms that you would have explored if you were originally on the ship.

If you're interested in this project you can check out their main page here.

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed - Titanic Fall Of A Legend

2. Titanic: Fall Of A Legend

In a game where you'll go through the last possible events leading up to the famous ocean liner before it sank into oblivion comes to you on PC.

The gameplay will provide quite the atmospheric experience as you hear the waves wash away while strolling through the deck at the hull of the ship.

As you make your way into one of the rescue boats you'll be able to see one of the most iconic sinking moments in gaming's history. You can also grab  a friend and experience this in an online co-op gameplay mode.

The Best Games About The Titanic - You Had No Idea Existed - Hidden Mysteries Titanic

1. Hidden Mysteries: Titanic

Taking you all the way back to the Wii is this point and click adventure game where you're taken back from buying a ticket to board the RMS Titanic and navigating your way through the British passenger liner.

We found ourselves laughing at some of the characters here. The voice acting is worthy of a playthrough if you're looking for something to poke fun at.

The puzzles is where Hidden Mysteries shines. They're difficult to make it through if you don't have a guide handy. After completing the game you'll unlock a bonus level which is quite the added touch.

Hidden Mysteries: Titanic offers great replay value considering the choices you make determine the outcome of the storyline with the branching paths it features.

Since it's release on the Wii, there is also a PC release you can pick up and play.


Titanic Games has established itself as an engrossing and realistic gaming experience that immerses players in the RMS Titanic's tragic history. This article has covered the game's many facets, from its spectacular visuals and lifelike simulations to its fun gameplay elements and historical accuracy.

With Titanic Games, users get the extraordinary chance to assume the roles of passengers on board the tragic ship and overcome a number of obstacles while experiencing the events that took place on that terrible night in 1912. Gamers will have an amazing experience because to the meticulous attention to detail in the ship's interior recreation, as well as the gripping plot and dynamic gameplay.

Titanic Games' creators have done a great job of achieving a delicate balance between fun and respect for the Titanic's historical significance. Players can learn more about the tragedy and develop a deeper knowledge of what happened through the game, which also serves as a source of pleasure.

Titanic Games integrates a variety of elements and gameplay mechanisms that keep players interested and intrigued throughout their gaming experience, as we discussed previously in the article. The detailed recreation of every feature of the ship, including the opulent first-class rooms, the busy decks, and even the grand staircase, shows how much attention has been paid to every last detail. This level of specificity contributes to the creation of an actual, immersive, and



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