The Best Gameboy Emulators, for Your Nostalgic Gaming Needs

The Best Gameboy Emulators, for Your Nostalgic Gaming Needs

You might be wondering what is the best Gameboy emulator. Well, today you're in luck as we'll go over the best Gameboy emulators available and help you select the one that's suitable for you.

So, whether you're a Pokemon, Zelda, or any other classic Gameboy game fan, keep reading to find out which emulator you should use to relive your childhood memories.

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What is a Gameboy Emulator?

What is a Gameboy Emulator?

A Gameboy emulator lets you play original game files called ROMs on another device than the original hardware. It works by simulating the hardware and software of the Gameboy system, resulting in a playable environment.

Gameboy emulators have been developed for so many different devices such as PCs, smartphones, and even your beloved game console.

After downloading an emulator, you can use it to play Gameboy games that you've either downloaded from the internet or ripped from an actual cartridge using a special equipment.

Are Gameboy emulators illegal?

Are Gameboy emulators illegal

The legality of Gameboy emulators is a complicated topic that varies by country and scenario. In general, using Gameboy emulators is not illegal in and of itself, but the source of the games being played on the emulator can be.

We don't recommend obtaining these ROMs without obtaining the proper consent from the copyright holder. This means that downloading and playing Gameboy game ROMs from unauthorised sources is unlawful.

Where can I download GBA emulator for PC?

Where can I download GBA emulator for PC?

We'll be covering some of the best emulators for Gameboy in this article. Each of the emulators covered will contain links to download the emulators from the main websites of each application.

We won't be able to share ROMs, but a quick google search for the name of the game and rom in the search query will typically result in an area to download these files in order to play your favorite Gameboy games on PC.

Is Myboy accurate?

Is Myboy accurate?

My Boy! is regarded as a very faithful GBA emulator. The emulator can accurately simulate the original GBA's console's hardware, including its CPU, RAM, graphics, and sound.

My Boy!, in addition to its authenticity, includes a number of features, such as the ability to save and load games, apply cheat codes, and customise the controls and display settings to your liking. It also supports a number of controllers, including Bluetooth controllers, even a link cable is possible for crossplay. This makes gaming on the emulator more pleasant and convenient.

Best Gameboy Emulators

So, without further ado here are the top choices for emulation on the Gameboy. Let's dive right in!

1. VisualBoyAdvance

Best Gameboy Emulators VisualBoyAdvance

One of the most significant benefits of VisualBoyAdvance is its high level of compatibility. This emulator can run practically all Gameboy and Gameboy Colour games without trouble, making it a solid choice for gamers looking to enjoy a diverse selection of classic titles.

Another advantage of VisualBoyAdvance is the variety of functions available. The emulator allows you to customise your gameplay experience by saving and loading games, using cheat codes, and adjusting the display and sound settings to your liking.

VisualBoyAdvance is likewise simple to use, having an intuitive interface that makes it simple to navigate and modify. This makes it an excellent choice for both expert and inexperienced gamers.

While VisualBoyAdvance is an excellent emulator, it does have a few shortcomings. One of the major drawbacks of this emulator is that it is resource-intensive, which means it may not function smoothly on older or less powerful systems.

Another disadvantage of VisualBoyAdvance is that it does not support later Gameboy consoles, such as the Gameboy Advance. While the emulator is excellent for playing classic Gameboy and Gameboy Colour games, it may not be the best option for playing more recent titles.

VisualBoyAdvance is an outstanding PC Gameboy emulator. Its wide range of features and high level of compatibility make it a dependable and customizable choice for vintage gamers.

2. mGBA

Best Gameboy Emulators mgba

mGBA offers a number of features that make it a good choice for enthusiasts of vintage gaming. You may, for example, save and load games at any time, use cheat codes, and personalise the controls and display settings.

The UI is really simple and easy to use, so you can start playing all of the old games right away without having to spend too much time tinkering with the limitless number of settings that some emulators have.

One of the most significant drawbacks of mGBA is its lack of compatibility. While it can play most Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, and Gameboy Advance games, some are incompatible with the emulator.

Under these conditions, you may not be able to play all of your favourite games on mGBA, which is unfortunate.

We've also noticed that mGBA can be power hungry when it comes to the PC it runs on, which means it may not function smoothly on older or less powerful PCs. This is often not an issue with newer or more powerful devices.

3. RetroArch

Best Gameboy Emulators retroarch

RetroArch's adaptability is one of its most significant advantages. Being compatable with a number of different architectures and platforms is a massive advantage. It's an excellent option for retro game fans who want to play their favourite classic games on any device they own that spans multiple genres.

RetroArch, in addition to its broad compatibility, provides a plethora of features, such as save state support, cheat codes, and multiplayer support. The incredibly easy to use interface is fantastic for a couch setup and makes for a wonderful experience.

It's easy to see why RetroArch is considered to be one of the best Gameboy emulators considering how flawless the interface and all in one emulator features it has.

4. Higan

Best Gameboy Emulators higan

One emulator that has received a lot of attention lately is higan, which is made to accurately and completely simulate a variety of vintage game consoles, including the Gameboy.

Accuracy is one of the major benefits of higan. The emulator's goal is to deliver an experience that is as near to the original as possible by simulating the original hardware of the consoles it supports. This makes it a fantastic option for fans of old-school video games who wish to play such titles in their original form.

5. Boycott Advance

Best Gameboy Emulators Boycott Advance

Windows, Mac, and Linux are just a few of the numerous operating systems that Boycott Advance is compatible with. On older laptops or computers, the emulator might perform slower, especially when playing games with higher system requirements.

Boycott Advance's user interface is among its biggest drawbacks. It may not be the cleanest in terms of the user interface, despite the fact that it still functions. Additionally, the emulator might operate more slowly on older desktops or laptops, especially when running games with higher system requirements.

Boycott Advance may also be hampered by a lack of active development. Since the emulator hasn't been updated since 2005, there might be problems using newer hardware or operating systems.

6. Virtual GameBoy

Best Gameboy Emulators Virtual GameBoy

Gameboy Colour games cannot be played on Virtual GameBoy, if you're seeking for a GBC emulator. This implies that you'll need to use a different emulator if you wish to play games made particularly for the Gameboy Colour.

One advantage of Virtual GameBoy is that it works with many different operating systems. There are tons of ways you can play Virtual Gameboy, whether it's Mac, Dos, there's even a Linux version if that's what you run. The emulator is also portable and doesn't require a powerful computer to function properly, which is advantageous for users of older or less potent computers.

Virtual GameBoy is a versatile Gameboy emulator that is trustworthy and accurate. It is still a good option for anyone wishing to play vintage Gameboy games on their computer, despite the fact that it does have some restrictions and is not as actively updated as some of its rivals.

7. BatGBA

Best Gameboy Emulators batgba

The majority of Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games are compatible with BatGBA, although there are a few that might not function properly on the emulator. For instance, some games might not run at all or have problems with the music or graphics.

It's also important to note that Gameboy Colour games cannot be played on the BatGBA. It's a shame that it's truly a GBA console that's it's emulating but it makes sense since from our standpoint.


The Best Gameboy Emulators

We've looked at some of the top Gameboy emulators that let you play your favourite old-school Gameboy games on contemporary gadgets. Each emulator, from the well-liked and adaptable VisualBoy Advance to the precise and dependable BatGBA, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The ideal emulator for you ultimately depends on your unique requirements and tastes. Do you place more importance on complex features and customization options than accuracy and compatibility? There is an emulator out there that will meet your gaming needs, no matter what your priorities are.

These emulators offer a way to play classic Gameboy games, whether you want to relive your childhood favourites or do so for the first time. Have fun playing!