18 Best FNAF Fan Games, of 2023

Best FNAF Fan Games
Diving into Darkness: The Top Fan-Made FNAF Thrills! 🌙🎮 #FNAFFanGames

Ladies and gentlemen, animatronic enthusiasts, and fellow gamers, prepare to embark on a thrilling journey into the electrifying world of Five Nights at Freddy's fan games!

We cordially invite you to join us as we explore the best fan works that celebrate the venerable series in this digital age where the distinction between awe and interest is becoming hazy.

Scott Cawthon's universe of Five Nights at Freddy's, which features spine-tingling thrills and pulse-pounding suspense, has captivated the gaming industry. But what happens when the devoted fandom seizes control and adds their own originality to the mix? You receive a selection of fan games that redefine what it means to be afraid in the gaming industry in addition to paying homage to the original series.

These fan games pull you into their terrifying grip with each flicker of the monitor, each creak of an animatronic limb, and each suspenseful night. By bringing fresh twists, tales, and characters that will have you on the edge of your seat, they envelop you in a frighteningly familiar universe.

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18. Dayshift At Freddy's: Remastered

Best FNAF Fan Games Dayshift At Freddy's: Remastered

Dayshift at Freddy's was the name of the game when it first launched, however it got a big graphic makeover and rebranded as Dayshift at Freddy's: Remastered. In contrast to the 1993 setting of the first Five Nights at Freddy's game, DSaF takes players back to the odd year of 1987.

In DSaF, the FNaF games are given a humorous twist in which you play a daytime security guard rather than a hooligan or nightguard. Using dialogue options and a map, you'll be able to explore the pizzeria's numerous rooms, each of which is packed with tasks for you to finish. Your intention? five days at Freddy's without dying.

Choices matter in this game, and they come with consequences. With a total of 11 different endings, ranging from mildly amusing to downright absurd, DSaF ensures that your decisions have a direct impact on the outcome.

And did we mention Breadbear?

The freedom to explore Freddy's Pizzeria is provided via DSaF, but there is a catch—you have to make choices over the course of a workweek. These decisions can set off a number of actions that will directly impact the conclusion you get at the end of the week.

17. Tyke & Sons Lumber Co

Best FNAF Fan Games Tyke and Sons Lumber Co

When the story opens, Mike is a young beaver who is eager to continue his family's legacy. He sets off on a journey that will take him far from the comfortable forests of his home with his father Tyke at his side. Together, they must gather diverse materials and create products for not just the forest's occupants but also for mythical locations that exist beyond the realm of our comprehension.

The extensive range of its quests is what distinguishes Tyke & Sons Lumber Co. As Mike, you'll encounter difficulties as you work with the odd woodland residents, overcome obstacles, and explore enigmatic worlds full of magic and adventure. Each adventure reveals a distinct narrative that reveals the mysteries of this alluring universe.

But this is when things really start to get interesting. But with a nice family story, 'Tyke & Sons Lumber Co.' it introduces some sinister revelations about Mike's long-lost grandfather Chipper. You'll learn things about Chipper's past as you advance through the game that will make you wonder about the true nature of this world and its past.

16. The Freddy Files

Best FNAF Fan Games The Freddy Files

After quite a couple years of deliberation, the choice was decided that instantly brings joy and nostalgia back.

You guessed correctly, yes! We're overjoyed to announce The Freddy Files official re-upload, a project that will always have a special place in our hearts.

Some of you may be wondering now why the developer chose to revive The Freddy Files after all this time. It's for you, the incredible fans who have been impatiently expecting its comeback, is the straightforward response.

15. Super FNAF

Best FNAF Fan Games Super FNAF

Throughout the gaming industry, Super Five Nights at Freddy's has long been a source of mystery. It's an adventure side-scroller with platforming components set in the FNaF 1 Setting, and it centres on the moving tale of the five children who have vanished and are seeking retribution for the famed purple guy's sad killing of them. The game has amassed a devoted fan base over the years, but there are some critical issues that have just lately come to light that must be addressed.

Due to its initial shock value and distinct perspective on the Five Nights at Freddy's universe, Super Five Nights at Freddy's initially attracted a lot of gamers. Although it had a lasting effect, several worries have since surfaced.

The potential harm that this game might cause, especially to younger players, is one of the main worries. In order to make Super Five Nights at Freddy's a memorable experience, shock value is frequently utilised. Nonetheless, it becomes clear after some thought that this emphasis on shock value could not be beneficial for a positive gaming experience, especially for young players.

The inclusion of fan-created song covers in the game is another disconcerting finding. Since then, claims of grooming have been made against the musician who created these covers. This information raises doubt on the game because it centres on the subject of lost children. Naturally, this information has caused a lot of players to feel nervous and worried about the stuff they are interacting with.

14. Five Nights At Freddy's NES

Best FNAF Fan Games Five Nights At Freddy's NES

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for has here. Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza's spooky, mysterious world! Be ready for a wild voyage full of games, activities, and a lot of questions, including why the heck this location isn't connected to the main electrical system.

You are about to have a unique experience the moment you enter Freddy Fazbear's. The real adventure starts when you find yourself sat in a gloomy room at the end of a lengthy, ominous hallway. Certainly, there's enjoyment to be had. Your heart will race as you consider the mysteries of this location and wonder what you have gotten yourself into.

For those of you who are brave, you may spend up to six nights in this room of shadows. Even rumours of a bespoke night have surfaced, so if you're up for the task, it might appear in next releases.

You will require anything you can think of to impress a supervisor who might not even recognise your commitment and hard work, including cameras, flashlights, and door controls.

13. Sinister Turmoil Sewers

Best FNAF Fan Games Sinister Turmoil Sewers

A tantalising preview of a highly anticipated game that never quite materialised, Sinister Turmoil: Sewers offers a harrowing look at what might have been. This dark adventure is intended to be a suitable farewell for fans of the Sinister Turmoil series while both terrifying and satisfying them.

You rapidly come to the realisation that getting out is not going to be simple as soon as you find yourself in the run-down basement of a once-loved amusement park. The sewers spread out in front of you like a nightmare maze, a labyrinth of rooms and tunnels that appear to go on forever. The fact that there are monsters hiding in the shadows, each with a one, horrifying goal in mind—to take your life—makes your situation much more grim.

One thing quickly becomes apparent as you make your way through Sinister Turmoil: Sewers' eerie corridors: you are not alone. Within these gloomy confines, the fearsome Mangle, a ghoulish collection of animatronic components, roams freely. That warped, evil form, which was once entertaining, will do anything to find you.

12. Baby's Nightmare Circus

Best FNAF Fan Games Baby's Nightmare Circus

Picture yourself trapped in the maze of your own mind, unable to wake up or remember how you got there. The flimsy beams of your torch and the fortitude to enter the darkness are all that stand between you and the unknown in this intriguing region.

Welcome to Baby's Nightmare Circus, an exciting fan-made game based on the renowned Scott Cawthon franchise Five Nights at Freddy's.

This time, you accidentally entered the depths of your brain, where the lines between reality and the fantastical are hazy. Your sole impulse in this nightmare environment is survival.

You must defend yourself against the evil creatures that lie in the shadows, waiting to pounce when you least expect it. Your only weapon is a torch.

11. The Joy Of Creation: Story Mode

Best FNAF Fan Games The Joy Of Creation: Story Mode

You are given the opportunity to take on the role of none other than Scott Cawthon and his family in Five Nights at Freddy's: The Tragedy Unearthed. But, this is not a story to be celebrated; rather, it is a journey into the worst horrors. You'll put yourself in their situation as they struggle to survive in the safety of their own house throughout a terrifying night.

The ugly, burned creatures that stalk them are unknown in origin and purpose. Your objective? Discover the mysteries buried in the home's shadowy nooks and the mysterious circumstances that resulted in the abrupt cancellation of the following FNaF game.

10. Thermomorph

Best FNAF Fan Games Thermomorph

Imagine this: Your crew has been brutally murdered, leaving you trapped on a mine ship in low light. Unidentified, unearthly creatures are everywhere. The only tools you have are a flamethrower and a motion sensor, and your goal is to stay alive long enough to fix the escape pod. Welcome to the tense world of Miner's Descent, a game that masterfully combines the spooky atmosphere of Alien and the spine-tingling feelings of Five Nights at Freddy's.

The heart-pounding thrill adventure Miner's Descent is not like other video games; it takes its cues from the best in horror. You're in for a treat if you've ever experienced the heart-pounding dread of Alien or the adrenaline rush of Five Nights at Freddy's. This independent jewel expertly combines elements from both to provide a terrifyingly unpredictable experience.



A fan-made effort called TEALERLAND pays homage to the FNAF series while providing a novel viewpoint on the animatronic horror subgenre. It demonstrates the creativity and commitment of the FNAF fan community and their love of the original content.

The same spooky setting, pulse-pounding suspense, and animatronic characters that have haunted your nightmares in FNAF games are there in TEALERLAND. This fan game, however, stands out thanks to its novel themes, distinctive storytelling, and novel obstacles.

The developers of TEALERLAND truly believe that everyone should have access to the FNAF experience, which is why they have made it totally free to download and enjoy. This implies that there are no cost constraints preventing you from exploring the world of animatronic horrors.

TEALERLAND greets you with open arms, whether you've been a longtime fan of the FNAF series or are simply intrigued about the animatronic frights it delivers. The game is free to download and play, which makes it the perfect option for players of all skill levels.

8. Jolly 3

Best FNAF Fan Games Jolly 3

One game has stood out among the rest in the constantly changing world of fan-made horror games, chilling players everywhere. The latest spine-tingling entry in the acclaimed JOLLY series, Jolly 3: Chapter 1, also known as J3: C1, is set to revolutionise how you perceive fear and suspense.

Imagine that 32 long years have passed since the terrifying events at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, yet the allure of unanswered questions still hangs in the air. An independent entertainment corporation sets out on a mission to bring the eerie legends of the past to life because it is possessed by an insatiable curiosity. For Halloween, they present Fazbear's Fright, their terrifying masterwork, a horror attraction that digs into the frightening relics that have shaped childhood memories that are best kept hidden.

Nevertheless, this time they aren't just looking for artefacts from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. They are travelling from place to place in search of more twisted gems to stoke their attraction.

The first stop?

An abandoned factory, once the epicenter of Jolly Entertainment. Conspiracy theorists and die-hard fans alike are on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the uncovering of clues that could finally put the mysteries to rest.

7. Five Nights At Freddy's Reborn

Best FNAF Fan Games Reborn

If you enjoy Scott Cawthon's renowned Five Nights at Freddy's video game series, Five Nights at Freddy's Reborn is going to elevate your gaming to a whole new level. We're here to help you navigate the animatronic nightmare because it's not just a rehash; it's a rebirth.

Yeah, the game's fundamental premise is the same as that of the original series. You find yourself in a cramped office with doors to keep the animatronics out, cameras to keep an eye on them, and a meagre power supply that could mean the difference between survival and a scary experience. Do not be misled, though; "Five Nights at Freddy's Reborn" has some cunning plans in store.

Your nightmares' frightening mechanical spectres, the animatronics, have undergone a terrible makeover. They can now move within the cameras, spy at you, pass by your workplace while running or walking, and even share a camera view.

The outcome? You'll experience more jump scares as well as an experience that will make you nervous.

6. Fredbear's Fright

Best FNAF Fan Games Fredbear's Fright

An amazing fan game has appeared in the shadowy recesses of the internet, where imagination has no limitations, and it is sending chills down the spines of fans of Five Nights at Freddy's.

Years have passed since the terrifying animatronics of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria were turned off and the doors were secured. But just when you begin to believe the agony is gone, a new story begins. Here comes FunFrights Inc., a team of devoted followers who enjoy the macabre and have a special fondness for Fazbear Entertainment's frightening heritage.

FunFrights Inc. set out on a challenging mission to develop a terrifying experience that would both bring back the terrible past of Fazbear Entertainment and make your pulse skip a beat. They combed through old, deserted spaces, brushing off long-forgotten props and reusing them to bring their ominous vision to life.

The outcome?

Fredbear's Fright is a fan game that masterfully combines a disturbing new twist with the unsettling familiarity of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. That is evidence of the fervour and commitment of fans who are determined to keep the FNAF universe alive.

5. Those Nights At Rachel's

Best FNAF Fan Games Those Nights At Rachel's

Should you choose to accept it, your task will be to defend the property around-the-clock while utilising our carefully established fortifications and navigating our cutting-edge security tablet. In reality, the task is simple. There is, however, a little point that we ought to presumably bring out.

Here at Doug's n' Rachel's, the animatronics frequently get fairly animated after hours. So relax; it's not as horrible as it may seem. Imagine it as a nice round of traditional hide and seek with a little twist. Make sure they don't locate you is your main goal, which is straightforward.

After all, we want to keep things fun and exciting, right?

We therefore have faith that you will enthusiastically accept your brand-new position in light of that. And as always, don't forget to flash that warm smile—one it's of our guiding principles!



POPGOES was initially created on the subreddit /r/2124 and is now being developed by a gifted group of people from all over the world. The staff grew as the initiative gathered traction, and work on it went on behind closed doors.

The story of POPGOES takes place a year after the terrifying incidents at Fazbear's Fright. Our tale introduces us to Fritz, an anonymous English creative genius. The Popgoes Pizzeria was created as a result of his initiative to revive the animatronic pizzeria idea. Modern robotic characters like Popgoes the Weasel and Blake the Badger rule this world, showing cutting-edge technology that is years ahead of its time.

There are several futuristic characteristics inside the pizzeria's walls. Imagine a world where there are 3D printers in almost every room, kid-friendly touchscreens, and animatronics that can prepare meals from scratch.

Both the level of invention and the perception of normalcy are astounding. Nothing breaks down or malfunctions. The complex puzzle comes together as planned, producing a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza that appears to be immaculate and free of the terrible incidents that plagued its predecessors.

3. Jollibee's

Best FNAF Fan Games Jollibee

If you've ever ventured into the world of fan-made games, you may have stumbled upon the spine-tingling creation known as Jollibee's: Phase 1.

This survival horror video game was created by the talented IvanG and was influenced by the actual Jollibee fast-food business in the Philippines. There is a twist in this story, though. Due to trademark infringement, "Jollibee's: Phase 1" is no longer available, leaving fearful gamers wondering what horrors it ever included.

When it was at its peak, Jollibee's: Phase 1 was a spooky, engrossing adventure. Players were transported into the centre of Jollibee's, a restaurant where joy, magic, and delectable food converged. Playing games with Popo in Popo's Playroom, attending joyful events with Yum, the game's beloved mascot, and being entertained by the mysterious Jollibee himself were all part of the unique adventure that was promised.

It wasn't your typical fast-food adventure. Every nook and cranny of the eatery harboured secrets and awaiting horrors in Jollibee's: Phase 1, which ventured into the realm of survival horror. It was a sinister and dark interpretation of a restaurant that is typically linked with warm smiles and delectable food for families.

2. Five Nights At Candy's

Best FNAF Fan Games Five Nights At Candy's

Imagine a scenario where the harmless mascots from your childhood recollections take a sinister, frightening turn. That's exactly the territory that "Five Nights At Candy's" encourages you to discover. This game is set in a parallel universe to the original Five Nights at Freddy's series thanks to the elaborate narrative that Macko has woven. The twist is that it takes place before FNaF: Sister Location's events.

The animatronics you thought you knew are given terrible new life in this unsettling parallel universe. You are introduced to a warped environment in the game where the distinction between fun and dread is hazy. It's a unique tactical horror game where your only defences against the lurking animatronic creatures are strategy and quick thinking.

Yet that is not where the narrative ends. Now let's talk about POPGOES Evergreen, a game set in the same world as the "Five Nights At Candy's" fangames.

This shared continuity, often known as the Candy + Popgoes Universe or CPU, is evidence of Macko's talent for creating complex worlds. After the events of Five Nights At Candy's 4, POPGOES Evergreen picks up the pieces, giving players the chance to dive deeper into the tales and secrets of this sinister and alluring environment.

1. One Night At Flumpty's 2

Best FNAF Fan Games One Night At Flumpty's 2

As the ominous nursery rhyme goes, "Welcome one and all to Flumpty Bumpty's, If the light's turned off then you're safe, If the lights are on then they'll come find you, And rip you a brand new face."

Indeed, my dear reader, it is time to return to Flumpty Bumpty's strange home where the game rules are as bizarre as the people.

Once more, Flumpty and his collection of, shall we say, "unusual" buddies have asked (well, maybe abducted) you to participate in a really strange game. If you accept this task, your goal is to live until 6 a.m.

If you're successful, these strange creatures will become your new friends. It's not a fate you want to think about, let's just say, if they capture you before the clock strikes six.

There are a lot of new regulations in this new place, and you'll have to pick them up quickly. The only tools you have are a light switch, a computer running on an old battery, and a few vents.

Yep, you read that right; your survival depends on these meagre means. Good luck, and let's hope you make some enduring, albeit unusual, friendships.


Best FNAF Fan Games c

In wrapping up our journey through the eerie and exhilarating world of the best Five Nights at Freddy's fan games, one thing is abundantly clear - the FNAF community is a wellspring of creativity and devotion.

We've ventured into the chilling depths of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and beyond, guided by the ingenuity of talented fans who've breathed new life into this iconic horror franchise. From reimagined animatronics to unique gameplay twists, these fan-made creations have startled, thrilled, and entertained us throughout.

Yet, beyond the spine-tingling scares and jump scares, there's something truly heartwarming about the way the FNAF community rallies together to pay homage to Scott Cawthon's original masterpiece. It's akin to a tapestry of fear and fandom, where every stitch adds depth and richness to the lore of Freddy and his animatronic cohorts.

As we take our leave from this haunted pizzeria, we invite you to keep the spirit of FNAF alive by exploring these remarkable fan games. They are a testament to the enduring appeal of this horror phenomenon and a testament to the boundless creativity of fans worldwide.



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