Final Fight SNES Review

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Here's to hoping the guy on the left didn't finish that bag of Funyuns

Final Fight was released on the Super Nintendo as a launch title in 1991. In Final fight, you’re set out to save Jessica from the Maad Gears. I first saw final fight in the arcades, remember those places where you could walk into a room filled with smoke that had flashing lights, loud sounds, drug dealers and fights would often break out?

Kind of sounds like the plot of final fight. You only have the option to select from Cody and Haggar. It’s funny seeing former pro wrestler Haggar as now the mayor only to throw on the overalls again to crack some skulls.

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There are some notable differences in this version. Roxy and poison (the ones with the handcuffs) no longer appear as enemies. The elevator stage (the one with Rolento as the boss) has been removed.

As this was a launch title, Nintendo and Capcom were most likely dealing with storage issues preventing them from including this into the super Nintendo port.
There’s also no two player on the super Nintendo port The playable character from the arcade version “Guy” is not available here.

Final Fight (SNES) Review GUY

There was a later release Final Fight Guy that did include Guy as a playable character. You’d have to be a real final fight fan to buy this game again in order to play as Guy.

Final Fight (SNES) Review Guy2

What makes Final Fight SNES hard is that the enemies get up at different times. You’ll need to use the array of different abilities like the suplex, throw, power bomb to keep the enemies on the same side of the screen to not get backed in from both sides.

This can be challenging to deal with, especially if the enemies are on both sides of the screen from where you’re standing. This gameplay mechanic is key in a beat em up game as it’s what typically makes a beat em up quote un quote cheap.
I like how large the character sprites are compared to other SNES beat em ups. Cody still has the infamous infinite punch ability which is a great technique to use to progress in the game. Haggar is invincible when he back suplexes an enemy. This can be very useful for screen control.

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It’s by no means a realistic game. You can smash someone over the head with a pipe or stab them to death and they just keep getting back up for more! Final fight has some slowdown issues, I mean look at how bad this is right now with a couple barrels on the screen.

So should you play it? If don’t mind the slowdown, lack of two player coop, then throw on some overalls and crack some skulls.



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