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Cheap Super Nintendo Games That Are Still Fun

Cheap Super Nintendo Games That Are Still Fun
Who Knew Super Nintendo Game Collecting Could Still Be Fun?

As time passes by, gamers alike are flocking towards the games that bring them the most nostalgia. One of the best consoles of all time that provides gamers with that experience is of course the Super Nintendo. This has allowed prices to skyrocket of your favorite SNES classics. Keep in mind, Nintendo has sold more than 49 million SNES units worldwide, with 721 official licensed games released in North America.
(SNES Wikipedia List)

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Regardless of the console's multi million releases, gamers are still stuck with paying a premium on even the most common games on the SNES compared to other consoles such as the Playstation 1, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or Sega Genesis.


The high prices could also be related to Nintendo releasing some of the best third party titles such as Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III or Secret of Mana that command hundreds of dollars on the open market bringing the lesser known titles up in value as well.

If you wanted to understand how to start a retro game collection, the Super Nintendo is one of the higher touted consoles to begin a collection. Luckily there are some good options for this great console that are often under $20 for a loose copy.

#10 Gradius III

Gradius III SNES
Average Price $15

Gradius III was one of the first shmups on the Super Nintendo and quite frankly, it's starting to show its age. With a ton of slowdown (that can arguably be used to your advantage) it has been surpassed by many other shooters on the SNES.

A loose copy is still only $15, so finding a copy shouldn't be too hard if you know where to look. Gradius 3 is a fine option for a cheap Super Nintendo game.

#9 Desert Strike Return To The Gulf

Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf (USA)
Average Price: $11

Desert Strike is an enjoyable experience and can be addicting once you get a hold of the customizable controls it has to offer. Being a gulf war inspired helicopter themed action game, there are few too many of these types of games that a 16-bit console has to offer.

Desert Strike won't hurt your wallet much. Fetching an average price of $11 for a loose copy.

#8 Tecmo Super Bowl

Tecmo Super Bowl
Average Price $14

Tecmo Super Bowl is easily the best football game released on the SNES. It offers crisp and fast gameplay, customizable set plays you can choose from and belongs in any SNES fans collection regardless of the price point.

We've put together a list of best sports games released on the SNES that you should check out if you're into the genre.

Luckily Tecmo Super Bowl will only set you back $14 at the time of this writing.

#7 Tetris Attack

Tetris Attack
Average Price $16

If you're looking for an addicting puzzle game but you're tired of the same old Tetris and Dr. Mario, look no further than Tetris Attack on the Super Nintendo. It offers a brand new play style when playing single player and go head to head with a partner in the two player mode.

Tetris Attack is an addicting challenging experience that will only set you back $16 for a loose copy.

#6 Pilotwings

Average Price $16

Pilotwings was a launch title for the SNES, showcasing it's brand new Mode 7 technology. The Mode 7 landing experiences provided unique gameplay for 1990. The music is spectacular and fits so well with the gameplay. Somehow you can always pick up Pilotwings and give it a go!

Pilotwings can be had for a couple of coffees at your local java house at only $16 for a loose copy.

#5 F-Zero

F-Zero (USA)
Average Price $16

Another launch and Super Nintendo Player's Choice title, F-Zero flies in and hits your with Mode 7 graphics at a smooth 60fps. F-Zero is another one of those games where you can unwind after a long day, open up an adult beverage of choice and just relax to the fast paced action and killer soundtrack.

F-Zero can be had for less than a couple pints at your local brewery for a cool $16. You might want to pick up a copy of F-Zero now considering this is a cheap Super Nintendo game.

#4 Super Star Wars

Super Star Wars (USA)
Average Price $16

How could you not want to pick up a copy of this platformer with a cover like that? Super Star Wars is the first in the trilogy of games released on the Super Nintendo. But be prepared if you're new to the Star Wars series on the SNES, this game is relentless when it comes to difficulty. Be prepared to retry over and over again without the use of a save or password system.

Super Star Wars is an excellent choice for a platformer and will only set you back $16 for a loose copy.

#3 Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct
Average Price $17

ULTRA COMBO! Killer Instinct is a fantastic fighting game for fans of the genre or newcomers to the fighting genre as a whole. With its unique combo system and killer soundtrack, there is a ton of meat on the bones to master as you face off against either a computer or in a versus mode.

Killer Instinct is sitting with an average price of only $17 for a loose copy. There's plenty of room left over in the wallet to memorize those combos.

#2 Rival Turf

Cheap SNES Games Rival Turf
Average Price $17

Rival Turf is one of those don't judge a book by it's cover games. What are these two doing in the cover here? I'm sure all the 8 year old kids back in the 90's all were under the impression that looking like this was extremely cool. Being the only beat 'em up on the list I'm glad there are still options available in this genre on the Super Nintendo. Rival Turf was meant to go head to head against Final Fight back in it's release date.

A loose copy of Rival Turf will deduct $17 from the bank account which is better than a group of rival street thugs taking it away from you.

#1 Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Average Price $18

Finally at number one we have Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. An RPG is on the list of inexpensive Super Nintendo games? Quick, run out to your local game store and buy up all the copies! Mystic Quest is an entry level experience to the Final Fantasy series. It's received a lot of negative feedback over the years for not being the best experience on the console. Yes, it's not as good as Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy 3, nor will it be on anyone's list of best RPGs on the SNES but it's a good playthrough for how easy it is to pickup a copy.

A loose copy will set you back only $18 in 2022. Mystic Quest is a fine option for a cheap Super Nintendo game you can still find out in the wild today.



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