25 Cartoons About Dinosaurs, Beyond the Classics

Cartoons About Dinosaurs
Roaring Fun and Prehistoric Adventures in Cartoons About Dinosaurs!

Cartoons about Dinosaurs have captured the imagination of both children and adults for generations. These powerful animals that once walked the Planet millions of years ago still hold a fascination for us and pique our curiosity. Their majestic presence may be seen on our screens thanks to the art of animation, delighting and entertaining viewers of all ages.

Join us as we travel back to a time before time, where T-Rexes rule with might and strength and cute baby dinosaurs set off on wonderful adventures. Explore timeless treasures like The Land Before Time, which has won millions of fans since its 1988 premiere. We'll also discuss well-known shows like Dinosaur Train and Dino Dan, where kids may enjoy themselves while learning about diverse dinosaur species.

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The Best Dinosaur Cartoon Shows, The Family Will Love!

You'll be amazed how how well these Animated cartoon dinosaur shows have held up over the years. Considering how many of these are way back from the 90s and even dating up until the late 80s.

But it's not all just fun and games. These dinosaur cartoons also offer valuable life lessons and explore important themes. From friendship and teamwork to bravery and problem-solving, these animated tales weave in meaningful messages that resonate with both kids and grown-ups alike.

These cartoons about dinosaurs will be ranked in terms of release date, so make sure to check it out all the way through or you might miss something special!

1. Diplodo (1987)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Diplodo

Diplodo appeared abruptly in the late 1980s, catching the interest and creativity of both kids and adults. This animated cartoon show enabled viewers to travel back in time and follow the exploits of the Diplodos, a pack of endearing and valiant dinosaurs. These ancient beings won over audiences all across the world with their distinct appeal and lovable personalities.

Diplodo's seamless fusion of amusement and education set it apart from other dinosaur-themed cartoons of the era. The television show offered young viewers a good deal of entertainment and excitement while also educating them about various facets of dinosaur life. For parents and teachers looking to blend enjoyment with learning, it perfectly merged fascinating storytelling with factually precise data.

Diplodo wasn't just for fun; it also taught important lessons about life along the road. Young viewers learned the value of friendship, cooperation, and tenacity through the Diplodos' experiences. Youngsters were immersed in the fascinating world of dinosaurs while learning how to overcome obstacles, face their anxieties, and have confidence in themselves.

2. Denver, the Last Dinosaur (1988-1990)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Denver, the Last Dinosaur

Denver, the Last Dinosaur, captivated spectators' attention with his imposing presence. He was a memorable figure because of his amiable nature, loyalty, and musical communication skills. Audiences of all ages were moved by Denver's portrayal of the teenagers as their guardian and confidant, which highlighted the value of compassion and understanding. Leading all the way up until the 90s was this popular TV show.

Those who grew up watching the show have a special place in their hearts for Denver, the Last Dinosaur. It's still a treasured recollection that brings up happy and sentimental memories. Several decades after its first debut, fans are still drawn to the show's famous theme song, catchphrases, and the colourful world of Denver and his buddies.

The 1988 film Denver, the Last Dinosaur is a prime example of an exceptional dinosaur-themed animated film. Viewers were left with a lasting impression thanks to the show's seamless integration of entertainment and instruction, lovable characters, and the charismatic presence of Denver. Both new and seasoned fans of this series continue to be filled with a feeling of wonder and adventure.

3. Dino-Riders (1988)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Dino-Riders

When Dino-Riders was first released in 1988, it was a revolutionary idea that combined dinosaurs with cutting-edge technology. With the help of the power of dinosaurs as their friends, the Valorians and the wicked Rulons engaged in a time-traveling war in this animated series. This obscure combination of extinct monsters and cutting-edge weapons produced an unmatched sense of curiosity and thrill.

The captivating tales of Dino-Riders are at the show's core. Every episode told a suspenseful story about heroes and villains involved in a fierce struggle for existence. The show immersed viewers in a setting where winning depended on cunning, daring, and teamwork. Young minds were motivated to consider issues of bravery, loyalty, and the significance of safeguarding the natural environment by the rich narrative in addition to being entertained.

A wide ensemble of endearing characters from Dino-Riders made an impression on viewers. Each character brought their distinct personalities and objectives to the table, from the valiant Valorians under Questar to the cunning and ominous Rulons under Krulos. This colourful cast of heroes and villains gave the story depth and complexity, resulting in an engrossing viewing experience.

4. The Land Before Time (1988, TV series 2007-2008)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time, a 1988 film about the travels of a group of baby dinosaurs, enchanted moviegoers with its poignant storyline. The film follows Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike, five juvenile and unique dinosaurs from various species, through a dangerous and fascinating prehistoric terrain. These lovable creatures form an unexpected friendship and set off on a trip that is full of obstacles, learning opportunities, and the ultimate goal of getting to the Great Valley, a place of safety and abundance.

The Land Before Time's strong themes of resiliency and bravery in the face of difficulty struck a chord with viewers. The young dinosaur heroes face a variety of difficulties, such as perilous predators and catastrophic natural events, all the while learning the importance of friendship, empathy, and tenacity. The emotional depth and resonance of the film were built on these important life lessons.

The Land Before Time stands out as a top dinosaur animated film because it can make viewers feel real emotions. Both children and adults were moved to tears by the story's profound and moving moments. The movie's ability to move people from different eras further solidifies its status as a timeless masterpiece.

5. Dinosaurs (1991-1994)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Dinosaurs (1991-1994)

Dinosaurs was driven by its endearing characters, each of them had their own distinctive traits and personalities. The sitcom featured a variety of endearing and recognisable dinosaur characters, from the well-intentioned but inept father Earl Sinclair to the tenacious and resourceful mother Fran. Not to be forgotten is the cheeky Baby Sinclair, whose motto "Not the Mama!" evolved into a commonplace expression in popular culture. This dynamic cast of characters brought the prehistoric world to life with humor and heart.

By its brilliant storytelling, Dinosaurs not only entertained but also addressed a number of social and environmental issues. The series used the prehistoric setting as a metaphorical background to explore issues including consumerism, pollution, and family interactions. While keeping viewers of all ages interested and delighted, these issues were skillfully integrated into the humour and wit of the programme.

Even while it wasn't really a cartoon per such, the mix of puppetry and animatronics in Dinosaurs made it innovative. The characters in the show were brought to life using cutting-edge technology, which produced a degree of realism and expressiveness that was absolutely amazing. Modern animatronics and talented puppeteers added a further element of authenticity to the series, making the dinosaurs seem real and plausible.

6. The Adventures of T-Rex (1992-1993)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs The Adventures of T-Rex

This American/Japanese co-production, which was first shown in 1992, captivated audiences with its distinctive fusion of music, crime-fighting, and, of course, the majestic Tyrannosaurus brothers.

The spectacular band of musical Tyrannosaurus brothers who wowed audiences with their vaudeville performances are introduced to us in The Adventures of T-Rex. In addition to being skilled performers, Bernie, Bruno, Bubba, Buck, and Bugsy were also T-REX, a group of clandestine criminal fighters. They used their particular abilities to fight evil under Professor Edison's great guidance, all the while enthralling audiences with their amazing musical prowess. The Adventures of T-Rex stood out thanks to this special fusion of music and bravery that produced an absolutely remarkable experience.

Our brave T-Rex brothers set out on a daring mission to battle crime in the colourful world of anthropomorphic dinosaurs. Rep City was in danger from the evil corporation known as The Corporation, which was led by the mysterious Big Boss Graves. The fearsome foes impeding the administration of justice included Little Boss, Adder, Madder, Shooter, Axe, and the Doctor. As the T-Rex brothers donned their secret identities, utilizing their unique anatomical powers, they set out to vanquish the villains and restore peace to their beloved city.

7. Barney & Friends (1992-2009)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Barney & Friends

Did Barney really make it's way all the way until 2009? Barney is a cute cartoon cinosaur and we really wanted to highlight it's successes along the way.

A great resource for young learners, Barney & Friends established the ideal blend between pleasure and knowledge. The programme used interactive elements, music, and captivating stories to impart knowledge about social skills, numbers, colours, and shapes. Children were inspired to explore their creativity, foster their imaginations, and embrace the joy of learning through Barney's happy interactions with his buddies. Barney & Friends created a nurturing environment where education and entertainment merged seamlessly, providing a foundation for early childhood development.

That's quite an accomplishment for one of the best cartoons about dinosaurs list that we've put together for you.

8. Dino Babies (1994-1996)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Dino Babies

In 1994, the animated show Dino Babies introduced young viewers to a prehistoric world full of fun and friendliness. Sid, Scat, Cera, Rocky, and Steggy were a gang of baby dinosaurs who went on fanciful adventures while also picking up important life skills. Children's imaginations were sparked by Dino Babies, which transported them to a world where dinosaurs ruled and curiosity was king, through their amusing interactions and exciting encounters.

Young viewers were treated to a lovely fusion of adventure and information thanks to Dino Babies outstanding balancing of pleasure and educational value. Each episode offered chances to discover camaraderie, problem-solving skills, and the wonders of the Paleontological Era. Children may learn important lessons while watching the amusing antics of their favourite dinosaur pals since the show was able to smoothly include educational components into its captivating narrative.

Dino Babies vivid and colourful animation brought the prehistoric environment to life and captivated young minds. Viewers were taken back in time to a time when dinosaurs roamed freely thanks to the meticulous attention to detail and innovative surroundings. The stunning animation of "Dino Babies," along with suspenseful plots that kept kids on the tip of their seats, sparked viewers' imaginations and enticed them to go on daring excursions with their pet dinosaurs.

9. Extreme Dinosaurs (1997)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Extreme Dinosaurs

We're making some serious headway on our list of the best cartoon shows about dinosaurs with Extreme Dinosaurs coming in at number 9.

By using innovative methods to bring the dinosaurs to life, Extreme Dinosaurs pushed the limits of animation. The series transported viewers to a world where dinosaurs walked alongside cutting-edge technology thanks to its vivid colours, intricate character designs, and captivating visual effects. The breathtaking visuals gave the story depth and reality, capturing the audience's attention and enveloping them in the intriguing world of these larger-than-life creatures.

Action-packed journeys that kept viewers on the tip of their seats were the lifeblood of Extreme Dinosaurs. The dinosaurs set out on perilous missions using their amazing talents, battling Bad Rap and his goons to prevent their evil schemes. Every episode was an exhilarating rollercoaster of fierce combat, close calls, and triumphant moments. Each viewing of the series was an immersive and fascinating voyage into the realm of animated heroes thanks to the series' usage of thrill and tension.

10. Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (2005-2008)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

The timeless Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs resonates with audiences of all ages. Children are touched by its tender and emotional narration, while adults are made nostalgic by it. This animated cartoon show is a beloved classic that appeals to viewers of all ages because of the eternal allure of dinosaurs and the ideals of friendship and inventiveness. Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs is certain to enthral and inspire you whether you're reading it for the first time or rereading it as a treasured memory.

Released in 2005, Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs is still a charming and enchanted cartoon that honours friendship, the power of imagination, and the enduring appeal of dinosaurs. The show keeps igniting viewers' imaginations and bringing them to a universe where anything is possible thanks to its endearing characters, colourful visuals, and loving storytelling. Experience the delight and wonder of this cherished dinosaur cartoon by travelling with Harry and his dinosaur companions on their fascinating journeys.

11. Prehistoric Park (2006)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Prehistoric Park

Prehistoric Park's main character, Nigel Marven, uses inventiveness to transport us on an astonishing journey through time. Nigel goes to various geological eras through an amazing space-time portal, bringing back alive replicas of extinct animals to the present. The series is built on this intriguing idea, which allows viewers to see amazing dinosaurs and other prehistoric species in the present day.

The name-brand wildlife park is located in the centre of Prehistoric Park. It is a wide area sandwiched between high mountains and the ocean that is reminiscent of the gorgeous regions of South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province. The restored prehistoric animals are protected in this exquisite refuge. In addition to showcasing these wonderful creatures, Nigel's goal is to save them from extinction and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

As the show's principal presenter, Nigel Marven assumes centre stage and guides the adventures with his knowledge and contagious enthusiasm. He is accompanied by a supporting cast, which includes Bob, the chief keeper at the park who is in charge of overseeing and caring for the animals on a regular basis. Assuming the position of chief veterinarian, Suzanne McNabb looks out for the safety and health of the inhabitants of the archaic age. In episode 3, Ben, a member of Nigel's team, joins the team, adding to the excitement and camaraderie.

12. Dinosaur King (2007-2008)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Dinosaur King

Explore the fascinating world of Dinosaur King, a 2007 edition of the anime television series that captivated audiences around. This compelling television series, which was produced by Sunrise and debuted on TV Asahi, mesmerised viewers with its captivating fusion of action, friendship, and the enduring appeal of dinosaurs.

Max Taylor, the son of renowned palaeontologist Dr. Spike Taylor, is introduced to us in Dinosaur King. Max sets out on an amazing journey with his buddies Rex Owen and Zoe Drake one fateful morning after seeing a meteor fall from the sky. As they travel deeper into the woodland where the meteor fell, they come upon unusual stones engraved with representations of lightning, wind, and grass. Chomp, a live Triceratops, is brought to life when Max accidentally triggers the stones with a card that features a Triceratops. This creates an exceptional bond and prepares the group for exhilarating dinosaur encounters.

In its second season, Dinosaur King starts a new phase. The Space Pirates join the battle as The Alpha Gang and the Ancients make a powerful comeback. The D-Team and Alpha Gang must work together to stop the Spectral Space Pirates' evil scheme after Gavro, one of their members, kidnaps the parents of our heroes. The prize in this cosmic quest is a set of cosmic jewels called the Cosmos Stones. When the fate of the individuals and the cosmos itself are at stake, betrayals, unexpected allies, and exciting conflicts take centre stage.

13. Eon Kid (2007-2008)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Eon Kid

The legendary Eon family, whose members are regarded as excellent warriors and martial artists, is the series' central character. Although though only Eon, Marty, and his father are recognised by name, it is obvious that every member of the family is gifted. However, the family was eventually wiped out by the General's forces, leaving Marty as the only one to carry on the family name. The ancient home of the Eon family, a magnificent stronghold hidden among a bamboo forest, serves as their training facility, equipped with wooden training drones and challenges to hone their martial arts skills. Sadly, Eon died in the process of defeating the General, the hero who put an end to the Second Robot War. His formidable weapon, the Fist of Eon, was handed down.

Sadly, Eon, the hero who vanquished the General and put an end to the Second Robot War, died in the process. The Fist of Eon, his formidable weapon, was handed down through his family for a century. Marty only spoke with Eon once through a hologram at the Temple of the Iron Soul, but his influence and guidance are still influencing Marty's life today.

As Marty, our main character, is searching for robot parts and comes across the Fist of Eon, his life takes an extraordinary turn. He is unaware that he is Eon's direct descendant and is therefore destined to carry on his ancestor's legacy. Marty, using the might of the fist, transforms into the world's last hope against the General's evil troops and sets off on a heroic quest to save it. Marty's combat prowess and power increase throughout the series, demonstrating his innate aptitude and tenacity.

14. Dino Squad (2007-2008)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Dino Squad

If you're looking for cute kids dinosaur shows that you can enjoy with the entire family, look no further than Dino Squad!

As we reveal the astonishing power of change in Dino Squad, get ready to be astounded. This amazing animated series, which debuted in 2007, portrayed five brave youths, each of whom possessed the power to transform into a powerful dinosaur. As they harness their newfound powers, these heroes embark on thrilling adventures to thwart the nefarious Victor Veloci, a shapeshifting velociraptor with sinister plans to reshape the world. Get ready for an adventure full of friendship, action, and timeless lessons that appeal to audiences of all ages.

The story of Dino Squad extends beyond exhilarating escapades and integrates important life lessons. In addition to being treated to thrilling action, viewers also learn more about important subjects like bullying, environmental effect, and personal accountability. The show acts as a platform to instruct and motivate young people, providing advice on how to overcome challenges, have a positive effect, and take care of the environment. Viewers gain an understanding of the value of empathy, cooperation, and standing up for what is right via the experiences of our heroes.

15. Dinosaur Train (2009-present)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Dinosaur Train

Enter a fantastical prehistoric world filled with life in the jungles, marshes, volcanoes, and oceans. Buddy, a curious young Tyrannosaurus rex, guides toddlers on an amazing voyage across time in Dinosaur Train. Buddy boards the Dinosaur Train with his new Pteranodon family to travel his era and have exciting encounters with a wide variety of dinosaurs. This engaging CGI-animated musical series, created by Craig Bartlett, is well-known for his work on Nickelodeon's "Hey Arnold!" It invites viewers to explore their imaginations and discover new things.

There is nothing ordinary about the Dinosaur Train. It has the remarkable ability to carry its passengers across the broad Mesozoic Era—the Age of Dinosaurs—in one trip. Buddy and his companions go through the Time Tunnels, passing through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods, under the direction of the wise Troodon Conductor. They come across several fascinating critters along the way, including underwater prehistoric animals, which helps them learn more about the Mesozoic era.

16. Kung Fu Dino Posse (2010)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Kung Fu Dino Posse

We're introduced to a group of remarkable dinosaurs in Kung Fu Dino Posse that have a talent for martial arts and a strong desire to defend the world from evil. The Kung Fu Dino Posse, led by the brash and self-assured Green Tyrannosaurus rex Kane, utilises its members' diverse talents and personalities to become a formidable force. Together with Kane, we have Chow, the amiable and powerful Red Stegosaurus, Jet, the street-smart and astute Orange Pteranodon, and Lucy, the resilient and knowledgeable Yellow Triceratops. Together, they set off on adventurous adventures where they take on evil and defend the law.

The epic combat and comic relief in Kung Fu Dino Posse are the ideal balance, making for an interesting and enjoyable viewing experience. The Posse engages the primary enemy Skor and his less intellectual brother Skrap in dramatic showdowns that display the dinosaur heroes' remarkable martial arts prowess. The series effectively combines funny moments with its action-packed format, mostly through Jet and Chow's absurd antics. This delicate balancing act between seriousness and humour keeps viewers riveted and looking forward to each new episode.

17. Dino Dan (2010-2013)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Dino Dan

In Dino Dan, the spectator is taken to a contemporary setting where dinosaurs are free to roam. In order to bring these ancient creatures to life, the series combines live action with CGI animation. Dan Henderson, the main character and a trainee palaeontologist, sets out on exciting adventures with his friends. Together, they unearth historical hints, come across various dinosaur species, and educate young people about science. "Dino Dan" educates young viewers about dinosaurs and their fascinating environment through thrilling adventures and captivating storytelling.

Dino Dan: Trek's Adventures debuted as a follow-up season in 2013, building on the success of the first season. This time, the attention was on Trek, Dan's younger brother, who shares his sibling's extraordinary ability to see dinosaurs. Ten-year-old Trek explores the fascinating world of dinosaurs while learning about their traits and behaviours. With the introduction of fifteen new dinosaur species, from Microraptor to Albertosaurus, Dino Dan: Trek's Adventures takes viewers on a thrilling journey of discovery.

18. Dinofroz (2012-2013)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Dinofroz

Dinofroz reveals the thrilling adventures of 12-year-old Tom Carter and his buddies. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they discover a cryptic board game that sends them back in time and grants them the amazing ability to shift into dinosaurs using the strange Rockfroz stones. Legends predicted the emergence of the dinofroz, who would deliver both humanity and the dinosaur world from the dragons' oppressive rule. They have the mysterious Shaman, a great magician with incredible magical abilities, assisting them on their dangerous adventure.

The dinofroz are endowed with tremendous powers by the fragments of the Rockfroz, enabling them to take on the ruthless generals of Neceron, the ruler of dragons, and his subordinate dragons. The tale gains another layer of interest when Tom's father, a well-known palaeontologist, sets off on his own time-traveling adventure to protect Tom from the dragon lord's wrath.

19. The Good Dinosaur (2015)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur takes us on a fascinating voyage through a different time period in which dinosaurs never went extinct. Arlo, a timid Apatosaurus that embarks on an astonishing adventure, is introduced to us in this fantastical universe. He makes an odd acquaintance with Spot, a young human, along the journey. Together, they go through a perilous, unknown country that is home to stunning vistas and unexpected difficulties. With the help of this animated masterpiece, we may reimagine the past and learn about the wonders of a world where dinosaurs live.

A passionate crew worked tirelessly to bring this enthralling story to life while creating The Good Dinosaur. In order to investigate the relevance of dinosaurs in the modern era, writer Bob Peterson and director Peter Sohn started the project in 2009. The movie had multiple revisions throughout its production, changing directors and voice actors along the way. Despite the difficulties, the team's unflinching dedication led to the creation of a visually gorgeous and emotionally stirring movie.

20. Super Dinosaur (2018-2019)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Super Dinosaur

The 2018 show Super Dinosaur, which is based on the well-known comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard, swept moviegoers up in an exciting journey full of action, camaraderie, and excitement. With its dynamic plot and visually spectacular animation, this computer-generated animated television series enthralled viewers by providing a novel and engrossing perspective on the world of dinosaurs.

Characters play a key role in Super Dinosaur, and they are engaging and lively. The programme introduces us to Derek Dynamo, a bright and lovable youngster who, along with his closest friend Super Dinosaur, works for Earthcore, an organisation devoted to defending the world from dangers. The emotional centre of the narrative is the relationship between Derek and Super Dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus rex that Max Maximus genetically altered. Super Dinosaur, affectionately referred to by Derek as "SD," exemplifies a rare fusion of toughness, loyalty, and a playful spirit. Together, they form an extraordinary team committed to defending Earth and its inhabitants.

21. Gigantosaurus (2019-present)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Gigantosaurus

Olivier Lelardoux is the director of the CGI-animated preschool series Gigantosaurus, which was conceived by Franck Salomé, Nicolas Sedel, and Fernando Worcel. This joint venture between French animation studio Cyber Group Studios and Kaibou, which is based on the Jonny Duddle novel, assembles a skilled crew to bring the storyline to life. The series, with animation created by Canadian studio Blue Spirit Studio, got backing from Disney Channel, France Télévisions, and other Canadian businesses, securing its place as an outstanding addition to the animated entertainment industry.

Gigantosaurus, which is based on Jonny Duddle's best-selling novel, chronicles the adventures of four curious young dinosaur buddies : Rocky, Bill, Tiny, and Mazu. Together, they go out on adventurous adventures to solve the puzzles surrounding the eponymous Gigantosaurus, the largest and most ferocious dinosaur ever. It's crucial to remember that the Gigantosaurus from the television series is not to be confused with the Giganotosaurus dinosaur species. The child characters' adventures not only amuse young viewers but also teach them important life skills.

22. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (2020-present)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

With its superb voice cast and gorgeous animation, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous shines. Paul-Mikél Williams, Sean Giambrone, Kausar Mohammed, Jenna Ortega, Ryan Potter, and Raini Rodriguez are just a few of the brilliant performers who offer their voices to the group of adolescent campers navigating the difficulties of Isla Nublar in the series. With its attention to detail and cinematic grandeur, the painstaking animation vividly depicts the dinosaurs and their lush environs. Dinosaur fans of all ages will enjoy the fascinating viewing experience made possible by the excellent voice cast and mesmerising images.

A suspenseful premise at the centre of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The narrative centres on dinosaur enthusiast Darius Bowman, who wins a computer game and gets to attend Camp Cretaceous, a secluded dinosaur adventure camp on Isla Nublar. When the dinosaurs escape from their enclosures, leaving the campers alone and forced to negotiate the perilous island alone, excitement turns into a battle for survival. Darius and his fellow campers Ben, Yaz, Brooklynn, Kenji, and Sammy must rely on their cunning and daring to discover a way out alive as they set off on a treacherous adventure.

23. Dino Ranch (2021)

Cartoons About Dinosaurs Dino Ranch

The Cassidy family and their exciting existence on the ranch are introduced to us in Dino Ranch, which takes place in the centre of a magical, prehistoric universe where people and dinosaurs cohabit. Matthew Fernandes, co-founder and CCO of Industrial Brothers, is the creator of this enthralling series that takes young viewers on an extraordinary journey. Combining the allure of dinosaurs with the spirit of the Wild West, Dino Ranch debuted on CBC in Canada on January 16, 2021, and on Disney Junior in the United States on January 18, 2021. On June 18, 2021, it was afterwards made accessible for streaming on Disney+, enthralling viewers on several devices.

The events of Dino Ranch take place against the remarkable backdrop of a working ranch that also acts as a dinosaur preserve. The Cassidy family, which consists of Bo and Jane Cassidy as well as their three adopted children Jon, Min, and Miguel, embarks on exhilarating journeys amid stunning scenery in the Wild West-inspired setting. The Cassidy family exemplifies the true meaning of courage, teamwork, and the power of embracing the unknown via caring for their herds of dinosaurs and engaging in risky rescue missions. Prepare to journey with the Cassidy family through the complexities and wonders of ranch life, where dinosaurs and people coexist together.



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