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Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In!

Best Video Games With Snakes Cover
Slithering their way into your media center doesn't sound like much fun if you're scared of snakes!

Snakes are a really interesting creature that has most people torn on the topic of likability. Some absolutely love them enough to pick them up in the wild even while some absolutely can't stand them or have some extreme cases of ophidiophobia against them.

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Luckily those virtual slithering creatures can't hurt you if you're on the side of the fence that can't stand snakes. Some of the characters featured on this article are downright cuddly with their over exaggerated features and personalities.

We'll be covering which snakes appear in video games to help you overcome your fears and start loving these wonderful creatures. Check out some of the most extravagant snakes in video games.

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! Snake Rattle n roll nes

Genghis and Atilla - Snake Rattle 'n' Roll

Overall, we believe that Snake Rattle 'n' Roll offers a  fun experience with overall challenging gameplay with colorful graphics and smooth gameplay.

Gameplay wise, you'll have to navigate through each of the levels while avoiding obstacles that come your way and enemies that jump in front of you. You can also jump to reach higher platforms to make for a great gaming experience.

We consider Genghis and Atilla as not entirely scary but downright lovable snake like characters and wish more NES games about snakes as protagonists.

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! Ssslumber - Banjo Kazooie N64

Ssslumber - Banjo Kazooie

As you lurk your way throughout Bubblegloop Swamp in the classic N64 game, you'll encounter Ssslumber.

Considering it's spending most of it's time sleeping and only wakes up when it hears someone trying to steal the Jiggy you are so desperately trying to find. Collectathons are always about looking for every piece of treasure in a game.

Did you know that Ssslumber was originally named slumber? A pun on being asleep the entire time but added the additional three S' in order to emphisize the hissing sound the snake makes.

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! Resident Evil 4 – Snake in a Box

Resident Evil 4 – Snake in a Box

We absolutely loved the survival horror more when Resident Evil 4 hit store shelves on the GameCube. Just entering that European village, fighting off infected villagers and other iconic enemies from the timeframe brings us back.

Seeing that snake in the box encounter whenever we broke a crate which we thought was initially normal to only encounter that snake head jump out at us and attack us.

It's no wonder that this enemies is dubbed as the famous "Snake in a Box".

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! Jormungandr - God Of War

Jormungandr - God Of War

Seeing Kratos go toe to toe against the massive snake Jormungandr for the first ttime in a God of War game was phenomenal. It truly felt like fictional characters on the PS4 were larger than life.

When that massive serpent head turned around for the first time, we were absolutely floored. Engaging against it in that epic boss battle is a sight to experience when considering the best games with snakes in God of War.

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! Bloodborne - Snake Balls

Bloodborne - Snake Balls

The boss battles in Bloodborne is what makes the gameplay so special in our eyes. Picture a cluster of snakes bound together by one another as you use your skills to go up against this massive monument of a stature.

They appear in Bloodborne's Forbidden Woods section of the game. While they're covered in snake-like tentacles, gazing at you with the single eye in their core.

Rolling at you at massively high speeds, you'll have to be careful when taking on this snake and Bloodborne is one game you can burn a lot of continues on.

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! Noodle - Snake Pass

Noodle - Snake Pass

Snake pass is a platformer where you take the role of the slithery creature and really gives you that feeling of those really terrific animals.

Collecting crystals help you progress throughout the levels. An interesting mechanic in Snake Pass is the ability to slither up objects in order to climb to new heights.

Snake pass is a great option if you're looking for a game about snakes that puts you in the perspective of the reptile themselves!

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! Steelix - Pokemon

Steelix - Pokemon

Pokedex entry number 208 brought us Steelix the iron snake Pokemon. It was made notoriously famous in the Pokemon cartoon show where Jasmine's Pokemon saves the day and frees Pikachu.

In Pokemon Red/Blue, you can get a Steelix by evolving from Onix when you trade it while holding a Metal Coat. The high defenses make it a great option as a tank character to have in your party.

Talk about how cool it would be to trade with a friend using your Gameboy link cable and suddenly having your Pokemon evolve right in front of you!

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! anaconda Red dead redemption 2

Anaconda - Red Dead Redemption 2

Hunting for Anacondas in Red Dead Redemption 2 is quite the task, considering they're only found in the Scarlett Meadows, south of Pleasance.

We loved the fact that this was an Easter egg burred just waiting for us to find it the moment we reached our target area in and around Pleasance!

We were absolutely frightened by their large stature, using their powerful bodies to constrict their prey and take out anything in sight!

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! The Great Serpent - Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

The Great Serpent - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftware really knows how to get a rise out of the player with their epic boss battles. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice delivers a quality one out of the great serpent.

Hiding around while this massive snake slithers around, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike was a great experience to playthrough on our PS4!

This isn't the only time you'll have to face off against this albino snake. The Great Serpent blocks your way tons of times not allowing you to progress unless you carefully pass this beast of a reptile.

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! King Cobra - Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater

King Cobra - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Considering the name of the best ps2 game is Kojima's biggest release on the Playstation 2, it's no surpise that King Cobra was the badest of them all.

With 11 different type of snakes appearing at different areas of the map, the King Cobra has it all. You'll have to face off against the most frightening snake of all.

That's an understatement considering you'll also be finding deadly scorpions, hazardous crocodiles and even areas of quicksand that are here to spoil your party plans.

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! God-Devouring Serpent - Elden Ring

God-Devouring Serpent - Elden Ring

When we first saw the second phase of the Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy boss battle, we kept thinking there's no way we'll be able to take out this huge snake or a boss in the first attempt.

Surely enough, we were right as this took several attempts to take out one of the ugliest bosses of all time.

Luckily enough, you don't actually have to defeat Rykard in order to complete the game. If you have a fear of snakes, you might want to choose not to fight off against this serpent.

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! Trowzer - Yooka-Laylee

Trowzer - Yooka-Laylee

This lovable snake is the reason why you progress in Yooka Laylee. Trading treasures for new moves is a fantastic feeling while hearing the characters hum and haw while the text is displayed on the screen.

Trowzer also tells you how to use your new found abilities (which some are more obvious than others). Trading in quill never felt so rewarding while seeing the exaggerated s sounds mimicking a snake as a park ranger.

Best Video Games With Snakes, That Slithered Right In! Midgar Zolom - Final Fantasy 7

Midgar Zolom - Final Fantasy 7

Remember to make sure that Cloud, Barret and Aeris are a high enough level and have good enough equipment to face off against this dark green snake Midgar Zolom.

The key to this boss battle is to poison it while remembering to heal your party in a pinch while depleting this bosses health meter.

Casting Barret's bolt attack is also a great way to make sure you take out this serpent is standing up is a useful method to make sure you gain some much needed experience points.



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