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13 Best Sonic Fan Games - of All Time!

Best Sonic Fan Games - of All Time
Sonic fan made games date back more than 20 years, here are the best of the best

You might be wondering, what is the best Sonic fan game ever.

Do you adore the legendary blue speedster, from his supersonic moves to his wacky adventures? If this is the case, you are not alone.

Numerous fans have built their own Sonic games throughout the years, bringing their distinct ideas of the Sonic universe to life in fascinating, engaging ways.

We'll take a deeper look at some of the best Sonic fan games available, highlighting the most original and fun titles for fans of all ages to enjoy in this blog article.

There's something here for every Sonic enthusiast, from classic platformers to current exploring excursions.

So grab your rings and prepare to crank those engines - it's time to explore the wild and beautiful world of Sonic fan games.

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13. Sonic Time Twisted

Best Sonic Fan Games Sonic Time Twisted

Sonic Time Twisted is a fan-made game inspired by Sonic CD and Sonic 3& Knuckles. Sonic Time Twisted combines the greatest aspects of both games to create a fantastic sequel. The game is finally available and offers a terrific experience with a variety of features.

The game features 28 acts to explore, 8 unique zones, and 10 bosses to defeat. Sonic Time Twisted also includes six elemental shields, three of which are brand new. Players can expect 360-degree physical mechanics comparable to those used in Genesis/MegaDrive Sonic games. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are the three playable characters in the game.

Sonic Time Twisted features 14 3D special stages where players can go back and forth across time. Sonic Time Twisted has fascinating zones with distinct properties. Attraction Attack Zone, Raging Ruins Zone, Frigid Fortress Zone, Viridian Valley Zone, Drifting Dynamo, Tidal Tubes Zone, Submerged Saucer, Planetary Panic are among the zones.

Hinchy created, organised, and performed the majority of the Duelling Ages soundtrack. The entire soundtrack is available for download from the repository.

12. Metal Sonic Hyperdrive

Best Sonic Fan Games Metal Sonic Hyperdrive

Metal Sonic Hyperdrive is a Sega Mega Drive fan-made mod of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) by Lone Devil. It is a substantial upgrade that adds all-new Zones, Sonic CD-style gameplay, soundtrack, playable characters, and game modes. Metal Sonic plays the primary protagonist of the game, attempting to stop Dr. Robotnik's latest inventions. Kirby and Somari are among the other special guests who arrive.

The game's plot opens with Sonic defeating Dr. Robotnik. Eggrobo is rebuilt by Robotnik in order to go through Mobius in quest of the Chaos Emeralds. Eggrobo kidnaps Tails and throws him into Metallic Madness in the Mystic Ruins. Tails, on the other hand, escapes and proceeds to sneak into Robotnik's lab to steal parts from his robots. He then designs Codename: METAL, a new robot based on Metal Sonic's classic model. Tails dispatches Metal Sonic to Robotic Isle, where Eggrobo is heading, in an attempt to locate the Chaos Emeralds and finally put an end to Dr. Eggman's schemes.

The controls are similar to the first game, but there are several additional improvements. The Super Transformation requires 6 Emeralds and 50 Rings, however the Super Peel Out and Maximum Hyperdrive Attack can be accomplished by pressing Up and Down simultaneously with A/B/C. There are also several sorts of monitors in the game that grant various power-ups such as rings, shields, and even invincibility.

11. Sonic Chrono Adventure

Best Sonic Fan Games Sonic Chrono Adventure

Sonic Chrono Adventure, the exhilarating successor to Sonic After the successor and Sonic 3 & Knuckles, sends players on an epic journey through time and space. Sonic the Hedgehog is taking a well-deserved break in the gorgeous South Lakes region after his past adventures.

His relaxing vacation, however, takes an unexpected turn when he is aggressively chased by EGGATS-2013, a battered owl-like robot from his previous meetings. EGGATS, who has the capacity to alter time, transports Sonic back in time to witness the emergence of a despotic dictatorship and the inevitable collapse of the Sky Empire.

Sonic Chrono Adventure centres around Sonic's time-traveling exploits, allowing players to go through many periods. Initially, Sonic's time travel is unintentional, but as the game proceeds, he gains one of EGGATS' feathers, allowing him to use portals spread over the global map.

The story progresses through scripted events and interactions with non-playable characters, delivering substantial exposition to players. Unlike previous games in the series, Sonic stays mute, with his voice provided by a new character dubbed Rodolia the ladybird. Rodolia, depicted by a flickering sprite within his characteristic quills, interacts on Sonic's behalf.

10. Sonic Utopia

Best Sonic Fan Games Sonic Utopia

Are you a big Sonic fan seeking for a fresh new approach to play the game?

Look no farther than Sonic Utopia, a fantastic experiment that expands on Sonic gameplay in 3D in a novel and accessible way. But that's not all: Sonic Utopia flawlessly combines Sonic's best qualities into a unified and unforgettable experience that both old and new Sonic fans will enjoy.

What makes Sonic Utopia unique from other Sonic fan made games?

The creative geniuses behind this project created nearly every component of the demo, from the visuals to the audio to the gameplay engine. This covers all of the models, animations, textures, sounds, and music in-game. Murasaki, Sonic Utopia's programmer, built the 3D Sonic engine and gameplay that bring this vision to life.

Sonic Utopia made its debut at SAGE 2016, gaining critical accolades from Sonic fans worldwide after a long period of development. Sonic Utopia strives to be the next step in the Sonic gaming experience by capturing Sonic's best traits and elevating them to new heights.

9. Sonic: Project Hero

Best Sonic Fan Games Sonic: Project Hero

Sonic Project Hero is a fan-made 3D game based on the Unity Engine by Hero. It is a game that seeks to demonstrate the missing momentum-based gameplay and platforming that the developers believe are lost in modern Sonic games. Similar to Sonic Adventure, the game has no "boost" concept and offers fast-paced moments that give players the impression of fluid mobility in every element with a Spin Dash, bounce, wall-jumps, Light Dash, and Homing Attack.

The game's demo, which featured a gigantic Sonic skatepark with loop-de-loops, rings, opponents, and more, was published in October 2019 for PC and Mac. Fans adored it and have since enjoyed customising the game with the Unity engine. A Sonic fan has reconstructed an entire Sonic Unleashed level in Sonic Project Hero. Beatz, a YouTube user, recreated the Windmill Isle map, complete with slow-rotating windmills, shimmering waters, and rugged isles.

It demonstrated the game's momentum-based gameplay features and provided Sonic fans with an experience that many thought was lacking in recent Sonic games.

8. Sonic P-06

Best Sonic Fan Games Sonic P-06

Sonic P-06, short for Sonic the Hedgehog: Project '06, is an intriguing new platform game for Microsoft Windows being created by Argentine programmer Ian "ChaosX" Moris. This unauthorised version seeks to revitalise the infamously problematic Sonic the Hedgehog game from 2006. With the original game getting harsh criticism, Sonic P-06 sets out to correct its flaws while also restoring content that was cut during the development process. The project has issued five demos since its inception, each followed by bug-fix patches and quality-of-life enhancements based on valuable fan feedback.

Sonic P-06 authentically recreates the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game's 3D platforming experience. Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, E-123 Omega, Blaze, and Amy Rose are all playable characters from the original. However, this remake includes a number of tweaks and upgrades to improve the overall gameplay. Loading screens have been decreased greatly, graphics have been improved with more detailed images and various colour grading, and character attributes have been modified.

Sonic and Silver, for example, now travel faster, and Tails and Knuckles' moves from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 have been restored. Players can even choose between Sonic's animations from the final game and those from a 2005 prerelease demonstration.

7. Sonic The Hedgehog Megamix

Best Sonic Fan Games Sonic The Hedgehog Megamix

Sonic Megamix, often known as Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix, is a Team Megamix project that tries to reinvent the original Sonic the Hedgehog game for the Sega Mega Drive. This multiperson disassembly modification adds fascinating new art, music, abilities, layouts, and other features to the traditional game. Sonic Megamix gives fans of the franchise the opportunity to play as Sonic the Hedgehog as well as four other popular characters, including Mighty the Armadillo, Shadow the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Knuckles the Echidna.

Sonic Megamix takes place 15 years after Sonic's initial confrontations against the infamous Dr. Eggman (also known as Dr. Ivo Robotnik) on South Island, a world undisturbed by time limits. Sonic and Eggman's endless fight has persisted over the years, collecting allies and opponents along the way. Sonic, armed with new techniques, remains dedicated to foiling Eggman's aspirations for global dominance.

However, history repeats itself when Eggman comes to South Island in search of the power of its Chaos Emeralds in order to consolidate his reign over the planet. Sonic decides to return to South Island, joined by his old friend Mighty the Armadillo and the newly restored Shadow the Hedgehog, who is eager to explore the island.

Sonic Tee

6. Sonic 1: The Next Level

Best Sonic Fan Games Sonic 1: The Next Level

Sonic 1 - The Next Level is a fantastic hack of the classic Sega Mega Drive game Sonic the Hedgehog developed by the amazing MarkeyJester. This hack received widespread attention after winning an astounding number of trophies in the 2015 Sonic Hacking Contest. Sonic 1 - The Next Level elevates the original game to new heights with enhanced sprite animations, better audio quality, and visually spectacular boss effects.

Sonic's moveset stays true to the original Sonic the Hedgehog, but with thrilling innovations from Sonic 2 and Sonic CD. Sonic's renowned Spin Dash and the Super Peelout technique from Sonic CD are available to players. The game takes place in the enigmatic "Gust Planet Zone," yet the reason for Sonic's existence there remains unknown. The zone is full with hills, loops, springs, varied platforms, and unique enemy Badniks that present a new challenge in each act, as one would expect from a Sonic game.

5. Sonic: Before The Sequel

Best Sonic Fan Games Sonic: Before The Sequel

LakeFeperd's Sonic Before the Sequel (Sonic BTS) is an outstanding fan game that covers the gap between Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Sonic BTS, designed as a "interquel," takes players on an exhilarating trip across numerous zones, alternating between Sonic and Tails as they face battle against the diabolical Dr. Eggman.

Following the events of Sonic 1, in which Sonic releases the Chaos Emeralds and is teleported to Hilltop Heights Zone, Sonic notices the nearly finished Death Egg and sets out to prevent its launch. Meanwhile, Tails runs into Sonic while studying a dormant Motobug in Star Shore Zone. Sonic quickly intervenes and dashes off when the Motobug awakens. Tails decides to follow Sonic because he is fascinated by his skills.

Soon after, a robot assaults Tails, but he defeats it. Sonic detects someone following him and discovers Tails eagerly pursuing him. Sonic jumps into the ocean in an attempt to escape, leaving Tails behind. Tails, on the other hand, is abducted by a flying capsule, which leads to their final reunion.

Sonic invites Tails to join him, and the two face Eggman together. Tails is unfortunately knocked off a platform and falls into the skies below. Tails learns how to harness the power of his tails, which grants him enhanced speed. He defeats the orb robot, putting an end to their conflict.

Sonic battles Eggman in his armoured suit in the final confrontation. Sonic transforms into Super Sonic as the seventh Chaos Emerald appears, beating Eggman and returning to his normal form. Sonic is falling from the skies when Tails saves him with the Tornado, Sonic's biplane. Their journey continues as they arrive at Emerald Hill Zone, laying the groundwork for Sonic 2.

4. Sonic: After The Sequel

Best Sonic Fan Games Sonic: After The Sequel

Sonic After the Sequel (Sonic ATS) is a fantastic fan game created by LakeFeperd that serves as a prequel to the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. This exhilarating game features Sonic and Tails on a journey to stop Dr. Eggman from causing devastation on Angel Island and crashing the Death Egg. Sonic After the Sequel DX enhances the gameplay experience with updated versions and new features such as the Drop Dash from Sonic Mania.

Sonic and Tails discover a weird island with a hovering metal ring near its snow-covered mountain following the events of Sonic 2. Curiosity peaked, they resolve to explore this uncharted terrain. As they travel through Horizon Heights, they come across a little robot that looks like Tails and abruptly activates and assaults Sonic. This encounter, unbeknownst to them, is a trap set by Dr. Eggman.

Sonic is trapped in a magnetic forcefield, unable to stop Eggman from taking the Chaos Emeralds. Tails, on the other hand, manages to knock the emeralds away, returning them to the Special Zone. Eggman flees to his temporary base, Storm Station Zone, with Sonic and Tails hot on his tail. Along the journey, they encounter Eggman's Flying Battery Fleet, halt development in a nearby forest with the help of a red Armadillo, and battle the orb robot from a previous game. Throughout their quest, they come across mysterious feathery objects and prophetic murals depicting a dragon and a golden warrior.

3. Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited

Best Sonic Fan Games Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited

Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited (Sonic 3 A.I.R.) is an exciting fangame created by Eukaryot that aims to provide fans with an improved port of the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. This fangame adds a slew of new features, such as 16:9 widescreen compatibility, consistent 60 fps gameplay, a new time attack mode, bug fixes, and small gameplay modifications. While the Steam version is the preferable source (automatically detected by A.I.R.), any ROM of the same revision will function, ensuring a legal and piracy-free experience.

Sonic 3 A.I.R., which builds on the original ROM, provides a 100% realistic Sonic 3 & Knuckles physics experience while also including several upgrades for a more refined and current gameplay.

The addition of widescreen functionality with a resolution of 400x224 pixels is one of the most striking modifications. Players can select several graphical enhancements in the options menu, such as screen filters (sharp, soft, or xBRZ), a backdrop blur effect, 360° character rotations, and an afterimages effect for Speed Shoes.

The Special Stages have been completely redesigned, with no slowdowns and a smooth 60 frames per second. A smooth horizon line and anisotropic filtering within the checkerboard have been added to the stages. In the options menu, players may also choose whether the ring counter counts up or down.

You for sure can't go wrong with Sonic 3 AIR as it's easily our pick for one of the best Sonic fan made games ever.

2. Sonic Robo Blast 2

Best Sonic Fan Games Sonic Robo Blast 2

Sonic Robo-Blast 2 (SRB2) is a fantastic fan-made game that takes the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog franchise into 3D. SRB2 strives to capture the essence of the old Sega Genesis Sonic games while giving a unique gaming experience, as it is built on a modified version of the Doom engine called Doom Legacy.

SRB2 transports players on a fast-paced adventure through vivid and lively stages reminiscent of previous Sonic games. In contrast to Doom's gloomy and grim environs, SRB2's levels are often lighthearted and filled with colourful vistas. Players can run at tremendous speeds and accomplish amazing jumps, reaching previously unheard heights in Doom.

The spindash, a charging skill that allows players to acquire momentum and speed, is one of the game's most noteworthy elements. Furthermore, players will encounter a variety of badniks who can be defeated with a single jump, providing a satisfying sense of platforming action. Each act consists of two gameplay portions followed by a boss battle, giving each level an exciting climax.

1. The Unleashed Project

Best Sonic Fan Games The Unleashed Project

If you like Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations, we have some good news for you. The Unleashed Project is a fantastic mod for Sonic Generations' PC version that brings the thrilling daytime stages from Sonic Unleashed to life. This hack, created by enthusiastic fans, provides a new and nostalgic experience by flawlessly combining beloved levels from Sonic Unleashed into Sonic Generations.

The Unleashed Project goes above and beyond a basic port, offering players altered and redesigned level layouts that retain the essence of the original stages. The mod adds a new hub planet and simplifies stage advancement, resulting in a more immersive gameplay experience.

To top it all off, an optional enhanced rendering engine leftover from Sonic Generations development improves the visual quality even more.

Seriously, a fan made game this good it deserves the number one spot on our list of the best Sonic fan made games ever.

What is the oldest Sonic fan game?

What is the oldest Sonic fan game

Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE), which began in 2000, is one of the earliest acknowledged fan games. SAGE is an online event that features fan-made Sonic games, with fans submitting demos and creations for other fans to play and provide feedback on. Since then, SAGE has been held annually, with the most recent expo taking place in 2021.

Sonic Robo Blast 2, which was released in 1998 and is still in production today, and Sonic Time Twisted, which was released in 2017 but was really built over a 12-year period by a dedicated fan, are two more early Sonic fan games. The game combines classic Sonic gameplay with aspects of time travel.

What is the best 2d Sonic fan game?

What is the best 2d Sonic fan game?

Here's a rundown of some of the best 2D Sonic fan games:

  • Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a 3D open-source Sonic the Hedgehog fan game created with a modified version of the Doom Legacy source port of Doom [8]. It has a devoted following, and players control Sonic the Hedgehog as he races and jumps through numerous levels, defeating Dr. Eggman's robots.
  • Sonic Before the Sequel is a prequel to Sonic the Hedgehog 2 that was created by a fan named LakeFeperd. Players control Sonic as he explores new levels and confronts new adversaries in the game, which takes place between Sonic 1 and Sonic 2.
  • Sonic Time Twisted: Overbound Game Studio created Sonic Time Twisted, a 2D Sonic fan game. Sonic must battle a variety of stages and adversaries in this fast-paced game.
  • Sonic Classic Heroes is a fan game that incorporates elements from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Players can take on the roles of Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles as they race through levels and combat familiar villains such as Dr. Eggman.

Is Sega OK with Sonic fan games?

Is Sega OK with Sonic fan games?

There are times where Sega did allow Sonic fan made games to be created and thrived by capitalizing on the opportunity. Rather than shutting them down, here are a few examples where Sega was OK with Sonic fan made games:

  • Sonic Mania, a game co-developed by Christian Whitehead, a fan of the series who had previously created Sonic fan games, is one example of a fan game that was permitted to exist. Sega recognised Whitehead's abilities and engaged him to work on Sonic Mania, a critical and financial success.
  • Sonic Robo Blast 2, a fan-made 3D Sonic game that has been in production since 1998, is another example. Despite being available for download on the internet, the game is still being developed by a crew of dedicated fans, and Sega has not taken any legal action against the project.


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