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Best RTS Games To Unleash Your Strategic Mind

Best RTS Games To Unleash Your Strategic Mind

What is the best RTS game of all time?

RTS games are among of the most well-liked and entertaining ones available today. They need the ability to think strategically, make decisions quickly, and manage resources.

It can be difficult to select the top RTS game because there are so many on the market. We'll be delving deeper into some of the top RTS games that have withstood the test of time in this article.

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What is a Real Time Strategy Game?

Real-time strategy (RTS) games are a subcategory of strategy games in which players must act immediately and without the option of pausing the game. In an RTS game, players often command a faction or army and are tasked with gathering resources, erecting structures, developing technological advancements, and raising armies in order to beat their rivals.

RTS games frequently require players to handle individual troops and groups of units meticulously in order to accomplish their goals. In order to outsmart their rivals, players must also make strategic choices on what units to manufacture and what technologies to explore.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, Company of Heroes 2, and Starcraft II are some of the most well-known RTS games right now. These video games have devoted followings and vibrant online communities.

Are RTS games good for your brain?

RTS games can benefit the brain since they demand many cognitive functions as planning, multitasking, problem-solving, and decision-making. Cognitive skills like memory, focus, and spatial reasoning can all be strengthened by playing these games.

RTS game play can also enhance spatial awareness, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination. But excessive gaming can harm your brain and general health, so it's crucial to exercise moderation and take regular breaks.

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Best Real Time Strategy Games

These are the best RTS games for you as players to enjoy. Remember this list will be in no particular order.

1. Age of Empires II

Best RTS Games Age of Empires II

A historical real-time strategy (RTS) game, Age of Empires II was first released in 1999. Thanks to its immersive gameplay, interesting plot, and addicting mechanics, the game has remained popular among players for more than 20 years despite its age.

Age of Empires II's enduring appeal might be attributed to its classic gameplay elements, which let players engage in epic conflicts and make tactical choices. No civilization can be too powerful because to the game's complex balance system, which makes it fair and exciting for all players.

The game has also been kept intriguing and fresh by its enormous amount of community-driven content and mods, guaranteeing that there is always something new to discover.

2. StarCraft

Best RTS Games StarCraft

Starcraft delivers a challenging and intricate gaming experience that calls for multitasking, rapid decision-making, and strategic thinking. To defeat their opponents, players must acquire resources, construct bases, and train their armies. Additionally, the game has an engaging single-player campaign that depicts the histories of each faction.

Starcraft delivers a challenging and intricate gaming experience that calls for multitasking, rapid decision-making, and strategic thinking.

To defeat their opponents, players must acquire resources, construct bases, and train their armies. Additionally, the game has an engaging single-player campaign that depicts the histories of each faction.

3. Warcraft III

Best RTS Games Warcraft III

Warcraft III's gameplay focuses on resource management, base construction, and tactical combat. There are four playable races in the game, and each has its own special soldiers, buildings, and skills. Resources like timber and gold must be gathered by players in order to construct their base, raise their troops, and conduct research on upgrades.

Players in Warcraft III must tactically employ their units and heroes in addition to building their bases and armies. Heroes are unique units with specialised skills that may level up and acquire new abilities as they collect experience. Heroes are used by players to unleash potent spells, reinforce their armies, and change the course of battles.

4. Company of Heroes

Best RTS Games Company of Heroes

In Company of Heroes, resource management and tactical fighting are the main game mechanics. In order to win, players must acquire resources, erect structures, and develop their army. The game's destructible environments provide the gameplay an extra element of complexity.

By demolishing structures to deny their opponents resources or by setting up chokepoints to direct opposing forces into kill zones, players can take advantage of this.

Company of Heroes follows the Allied assault of Normandy and takes place in World War II. Players command Able Company, a group of American soldiers charged with freeing France from German rule. The game has a compelling narrative and engaging cutscenes that draw players into the action.

5. Total Annihilation

Best RTS Games Total Annihilation

Total Annihilation differs from other RTS games in its gameplay design. The game's central idea is resource management, where players must acquire resources to erect buildings and units. Players can gather a number of materials in the game, such as metal, electricity, and radioactive waste. These materials can be harvested by players utilising various units and structures.

The game's combat system is also distinct, offering a large selection of units and weaponry. Players can defend their bases by constructing defensive constructions and fighting with land, sea, and air units. A well developed AI system is another component of the game that gives players a hard experience.

6. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Best RTS Games Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Real-time strategy games are at the heart of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2's gameplay. To wage war against their adversaries, players construct their bases, harvest resources, and create units.

Each unit in the game has distinct strengths and weaknesses, and players can adjust their strategy to fit their playstyle. The game also features an enjoyable and captivating single-player campaign that lets players fully explore the alternate history plot.

A famous real-time strategy game that has withstood the test of time is Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. Gamers love this game because of its captivating gameplay, gripping plot, and top-notch graphics. The game will continue to be played and enjoyed for years to come as seen by its economic success and devoted fan base.

7. Rise of Nations

Best RTS Games Rise of Nations

In the game Rise of Nations, players can select one of 18 different civilizations and guide it through eight different historical periods. Historical occurrences like the Industrial Revolution, World Wars I and II, and the modern age can all be experienced by players as they advance from the prehistoric to the modern era.

Rise of Nations still has a devoted following and is still selling copies even though game is almost two decades old. Over the years, there have been numerous expansions and re-releases of the game, which has more than 1 million copies sold worldwide. Its replayability, distinctive combination of strategy components, and historical authenticity all contribute to its success.

8. Supreme Commander

Best RTS Games Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander is primarily a resource management, base construction, and combat game. Energy, mass, and technological resources must be carefully managed by players as they construct and enlarge their base to generate troops and fortifications. Three factions are featured in the game, each of which has special units, advantages, and disadvantages. Players have an almost infinite number of plans and tactics at their disposal thanks to the wide variety of units and structures available to them.

The scale of Supreme Commander is one of its most distinctive features. Armies made up of hundreds of units can engage in combat over vast areas. Players must therefore make cautious plans, taking into account the terrain, hostile defences, and the positioning of their own forces.

9. Homeworld

Best RTS Games Homeworld

Players assume control of the leader of a group of refugees in Homeworld as they set out to locate their home planet. The three-dimensional gameplay in Homeworld is distinctive and adds to the game's complexity and appeal.

One of the most interesting parts of Homeworld is its narrative. The Kushan people, who were driven from their home planet of Hiigara, are represented by the player in the position of their leader. To reclaim their lost homeworld, they must guide their people on a perilous and frightening trip through space.

The space strategy game Homeworld is a classic because it has a compelling plot, fun gameplay, and gorgeous aesthetics. Its legacy is still felt today and has had a long-lasting effect on the gaming industry. We wholeheartedly advise playing this well-known game if you haven't already.

10. Star Wars: Empire at War

Best RTS Games Star Wars: Empire at War

The galactic conquest mode and the tactical battles mode are the two gameplay segments of Star Wars: Empire at War. The goal of the galactic conquest mode is to conquer the galaxy by having players take control of either the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance and build and manage ships and troops, conquer planets, and engage in diplomatic relations. In the tactical battles mode, players directly command their soldiers and fight in space or on the ground to accomplish their goals.

Starfighters, capital ships, ground vehicles, and infantry are just a few of the troops available in the game. Each unit has its own advantages and disadvantages, thus players must pick their units wisely before engaging in combat. Hero units, like as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, are also present in the game and have unique skills that can change the course of a battle.

11. Dawn of War

Best RTS Games Dawn of War

The squad-based game Dawn of War has a real-time tactical combat system. To overcome their foes, players must manage resources, construct bases, and train armies. The Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Orks, and Eldar are the four distinct factions in the game. Each faction has its own set of units, skills, and tactics.

A cover system is also included in the game, which deepens the gameplay even further. The surroundings and buildings can be utilised to conceal troops and provide defence against hostile fire. The morale system in the game allows for units to be shaken or destroyed during battle, which has an impact on how well they perform.

12. Ashes of the Singularity

Best RTS Games Ashes of the Singularity

The universe of Ashes of the Singularity is one in which humans have advanced to the point that they can use the power of sentient machines. In this game, players assume the role of a commander and command their forces through a series of engagements on many worlds. Fast-paced, tactical action with an emphasis on macro-management over micromanagement is what is intended.

To upgrade their armies, players can construct bases, gather resources, raise troops, and study technologies. In addition, the game has a novel element dubbed meta-units, which enables players to combine units to create bigger, stronger ones. The game has enormous landscapes and multiplayer modes where players may engage in competition with each other or cooperate to battle the AI.

13. Stronghold

Best RTS Games Stronghold

In the video game Stronghold, players assume the role of a lord who is tasked with creating and running a mediaeval castle while also protecting it from invading enemies. Players must gather resources like food, stone, and wood to create different structures, assemble armies, and prepare them for combat. Both a campaign mode with a variety of missions and a free-build option where players can create their own castles from scratch are included in the game.

Stronghold's emphasis on castle defence is one of its distinctive qualities. In order to stave off enemy attacks, players must carefully plan the layout of their castle, positioning walls, towers, and other defensive constructions in key spots.

14. Sins of a Solar Empire

Best RTS Games Sins of a Solar Empire

Three races that are vying for dominance of the galaxy are central to Sins of a Solar Empire's gameplay. The human-like Trader Emergency Coalition (TEC), the extraterrestrial Vasari Empire, or the Advent religious group are the three options available to players. Because each race has distinct units and skills, the gameplay will vary depending on the player's selection.

The game's rich tech tree and wide range of research possibilities let players customise their playstyle to their strategy. To earn allies and trade routes, players must carefully manage their resource usage and engage in diplomatic relations with opposing groups. A really epic experience is offered by the game's massive conflicts, which feature hundreds of ships on the screen at once.


To sum up, real-time strategy games are among the most captivating and difficult ones available.

Players have been lured to the intense gameplay, intricate plots, and immersive landscapes for decades because to the series' long history of successful games, which includes classics like Starcraft, Warcraft III, and Company of Heroes.

Despite the differences between each game, success in all of them depends on rapid thinking, careful preparation, and tactical execution. RTS games are here to stay, as seen by upcoming releases and intriguing advances in the genre.

The finest RTS games provide countless hours of fun and a true test of skill, whether you've played them before or are a newcomer to the genre.



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