Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks, Unleashing Adventure

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks
The Nintendo DS has an amazing community dedicated to bringing you some of the most amazing ROM hacks available for Pokemon

Are you an avid Pokemon player looking for a modern take on the time-tested Nintendo DS (NDS) games?

Look nowhere else!

We're excited to offer a thorough analysis of the top NDS Pokemon ROM hacks in this blog post. Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver are just a few of the iconic games that have received a new lease on life because of these fan-made adaptations. Prepare to go out on a remarkable voyage that is full of adventure, creativity, and nostalgia!

The 10 Best Pokémon Nintendo DS Hacks

Unusual experiences provided by hacked ROMs give well-known games fresh life and present a challenge to even the most seasoned trainers. These inventions are the work of devoted fans that are both passionate about Pokemon and have exceptional programming abilities. They provide intriguing tales, novel gameplay elements, and even new areas to explore by altering the original games.

The possibilities are endless!

10. Pokémon Moon Silver

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Moon Silver

This hack's journey started with a desire to investigate fresh options in the Pokemon game world. The famous Blaze Black 2 hack by Drayano served as inspiration for the inventor, who set out on a mission to add magic to HeartGold and SoulSilver.

MeroMero's guide on incorporating the Fairy-type into these games provided the spark that inspired Drayano to expand his well-known Sacred Gold and Storm Silver hack. The objective was to improve moves, add new attacks, make the Type Chart more appealing, and introduce the Fairy-type in addition to other things.

A small personal endeavour quickly developed into something bigger. The hack developed as ideas came to mind, adding a variety of intriguing features. Because of the creator's zeal and commitment, Pokemon, moves, and Type Match-Ups underwent a significant makeover. This labour of passion is now prepared to be shared with individuals looking for a nostalgic and immersive trip through the Johto region.

Unleashing the Pokemon Power

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Moon Silver 2

A small personal endeavour quickly developed into something bigger. The hack developed as ideas came to mind, adding a variety of intriguing features. Because of the creator's zeal and commitment, Pokemon, moves, and Type Match-Ups underwent a significant makeover. This labour of passion is now prepared to be shared with individuals looking for a nostalgic and immersive trip through the Johto region.

More Fairy-type Pokemon have been added to the roster, bringing the total to 13 Pokemon having Fairy as their secondary type, among other major modifications. Certain Pokemon had their typings changed in an effort to better match appearance with type, creating combinations that more accurately reflect the traits of those Pokemon. Also, these changes attempted to make some Pokemon more competitively viable, resulting in a more interesting and varied fight experience.

Starters were given extra consideration and were given new moves, abilities, and type alterations. Every starter, from Venusaur with Thick Fat to Blastoise with Drizzle, now has distinctive traits that improve their combat prowess. The evolution levels were changed to maintain balance, enabling players to spend more time with their first- and second-stage Pokemon.

A Move for Every Occasion

Be ready for a renovation of a relocation like no other! This hack offers a startling total of 157 move alterations, giving battles and tactical decisions fresh life. These modifications can be divided into three impact categories:

  1. Slight Adjustments: Little adjustments were made to some movements' power, precision, or other aspects, enhancing their efficacy.
  2. Significant Revamps: A few moves had significant alterations, including type or category changes. Techniques like Tail Whip and Sand Strike, which were previously underused as early status moves, now have the choice of dealing special or physical damage while still maintaining their original effects. Because of this, even the seemingly simple plays have value and application throughout the game. Now that Sonic Boom and Power Whip are multi-hit moves, battles now have fascinating new possibilities.
  3. Total Transformations: 30 moves were chosen and totally redesigned with new types, effects, and power levels. While Raise-all-stat Moves like Holy Fire and Natural Grace offer potent buffs, Draining Moves like Draining Kiss and Vampiric Aura enable tactical healing alternatives. Seldom utilised attacks like Blast Burn and Fissure have been modified for usage in competition, adding new strategies and variety to battles.

The movesets of 29 appropriate Pokemon have been updated to include the two prominent moves from this hack, Sunraze and Moonraze, considerably enhancing the gameplay.

Embrace the Power Within

The developer has paid close attention to detail in making sure that every alteration, from Pokemon changes to move updates, is painstakingly documented. The accompanying literature contains comprehensive information on Pokemon changes, move changes, and in-game move descriptions. Players can completely comprehend and appreciate the subtleties of the hack because of this openness.

Get ready to be fascinated by the strength of this amazing ROM hack as you start your Johto adventure. Explore a world filled with new challenges, unleash the power of each Pokemon, and enjoy HeartGold and SoulSilver nostalgia like never before. The journey awaits—embrace the power within and embark on an unforgettable Pokemon quest!

9. Pokémon Silver Yellow

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Silver Yellow

A New Beginning in Kanto

In Pokémon Silver Yellow, a world of opportunities are available to you. You can play as Red and start your adventure in the exciting country of Kanto. A variety of captivating elements that take the gaming to new heights are waiting to enchant you.

Pikachu, the Electrifying Starter

You will be overjoyed to learn that Pikachu is your starter Pokémon as you set out on your adventure. But this Pikachu is not your typical Pikachu! Its moveset and status have undergone rigorous editing to provide players with an exciting and novel gameplay experience right away.

Redesigning Kanto's Wildlife

The wild Pokémon of Kanto have undergone a thorough redesign by the Pokémon Silver and Yellow developers. As you travel around the area, get ready to meet a wide variety of critters and be surprised at every step. The vivid and captivating Kanto world has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, providing an exhilarating journey via well-known locales.

The Return of Legendary Pokémon

Prepare yourself to catch everyone like never before! A variety of legendary Pokémon are now catchable during your quest thanks to Pokémon Silver Yellow. Your challenge is awaited by Mew, Deoxys, Jirachi, Suicune, Registeel, Regirock, Regice, and many other legendary animals. Get ready for an exciting expedition to capture these formidable and elusive creatures by getting your Poké Balls ready.

Unleashing the Power of Mega Evolution

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Silver Yellow 2

The Kanto beginning Pokémon, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur, now have the capacity to mega-evolve in Pokémon Silver Yellow. When you unleash the full potential of these iconic Pokémon, prepare for heated encounters. Mega Charizard X takes the place of its Y counterpart, giving the evolution process a novel twist.

Thrilling Encounters and Challenging Battles

As you move across the redesigned Kanto area, get ready to put your talents to the test against strong opponents. The levels of the trainers have been calibrated to offer an interesting and fair challenge. As you go through the engaging tale, run into familiar faces and participate in exciting skirmishes.

8. Pokémon Bloody Platinum

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Bloody Platinum

Prepare to enter the intriguing world of Pokémon Bloody Platinum, a work of art skillfully written by the gifted writer Buffy. This hack will completely change the way you play Pokémon, with a tonne of new, interesting features.

Diurnal and Nocturnal Pokémon System

The day-night cycle in Pokémon Bloody Platinum is accurate. The diurnal and nocturnal Pokémon system was carefully constructed so that some Pokémon can only be found at certain hours of the day.

Capture 49 Pokémon at night, 46 Pokémon during the day (10 a.m. - 7:59 p.m.), and 48 Pokémon in the morning (4 a.m. - 9:59 a.m.) (8 p.m. - 3:59 a.m.).

Unique Male and Female Pokémon Sprites

Pokémon Bloody Platinum's attention to detail will wow you. Since that male and female Pokémon have separate sprites, they can display various stances, colours, and appearances. Your interactions with Pokémon are given depth and authenticity by this engaging update.

Comprehensive Wild Pokémon List

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Bloody Platinum 2

Never again miss a rare Pokémon! To learn about the particular locations, encounter rates, levels, and unique daylight availability for each Pokémon, consult the comprehensive Wild Pokémon List, which is accessible in PDF format. As you navigate the enormous world of Pokémon, keep one step ahead.

Fresh Pokémon Teams for Trainers

Pokémon Bloody Platinum's battles are all unique from one another. Every trainer you meet uses a different Pokémon team, guaranteeing you have interesting and difficult battles along the way. While you battle these powerful foes, be ready for unforeseen surprises.

Route Leaders and Enhanced Rival System

You'll run into powerful Route Leaders along some routes that have stronger Pokémon than the local trainers combined. As you travel these treacherous paths, get ready for intense combat and strategic interactions. Moreover, Pokémon Bloody Platinum includes an improved rival system in which the team composition of your competitor is influenced by the starter Pokémon you choose:

  • Choose Turtwig: Your rival will employ an offensive team focused on powerful attacks.
  • Choose Chimchar: Your rival will opt for a defensive team with a focus on resilience.
  • Choose Piplup: Your rival will assemble a swift team centred around speed and agility. Choose wisely, as your rival's strategy could make or break your battles

7. Pokémon Moon Black 2

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Moon Black 2

General Information

Here are some essential details about Pokémon Moon Black 2:

  • Creators: JrFort and Aster
  • Game Base: Pokémon Black 2
  • Language: English
  • Last Updated: September 29, 2020

Unveiling the Exciting Features

Pokémon Moon Black 2 is jam-packed with exhilarating innovations that will elevate your Pokémon adventure. The highlights of this amazing hack are as follows:

New Pokémon Discoveries

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Moon Black 2 2

In Pokémon Moon Black 2, get ready to meet a variety of Pokémon that have never previously been seen. With the use of this hack, there are now more different Pokémon accessible for you to catch, train, and battle. When you learn more about these intriguing new additions to the Pokémon universe, let your inner adventurer out.

Pikachu Tee

Unova Forms and Alola Forms

Prepare to see the phenomenon of Unova Forms and Alola Forms in Pokémon Moon Black 2. Enjoy the thrill of running into well-known Pokémon from the Unova region in fascinating new guises that give these cherished creatures new life. Be enthralled by the introduction of Alola Forms, which offer you different iterations of current Pokémon that have adapted to the particular surroundings of the Alola area.

New Rivals and Dynamic Battles

Be ready to combat a fresh group of adversaries who will each bring their own special tactics and Pokémon teams to the fight. Take part in thrilling conflicts that will put your abilities and strategic knowledge to the ultimate test. Pokémon Moon Black 2 promises dramatic and unforgettable encounters along your adventure with its difficult AI and unique fight conditions.

6. Pokémon Renegade Platinum

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Renegade Platinum

The most recent Pokémon Platinum Version upgrade hack, Pokémon Renegade Platinum, raises the bar for this classic game. This hack was developed by a skilled hacker and features several gameplay modifications while keeping the basic plot structure of the original Pokémon Platinum. Renegade Platinum provides a thrilling and difficult experience for Pokémon fans with access to all 493 Pokémon, updated trainers, tougher boss battles, and quality of life upgrades. Let's dive into the details of this remarkable hack.

Access to All 493 Pokémon

One of the standout features of Pokémon Renegade Platinum is the availability of all 493 Pokémon from the original Platinum game. Whether you're a fan of Bulbasaur or Arceus, you can now catch or obtain them all within the game. The wild Pokémon in each area have been carefully modified to include species not typically found in the Sinnoh region, offering a diverse range of options to build your dream team. The hack ensures a thematic approach to obtaining certain Pokémon, such as starter Pokémon or legendaries, by introducing new events that make these encounters feel unique and special.

Revamped Trainer Battles

With updated Trainer rosters and stronger level curves, get ready for battles that will be harder. Trainers now use Pokémon from the National Dex, making the game more difficult. As opposed to the original Platinum's level range in the 50s, the level curve has been altered to ensure that Trainers' Pokémon reach the 70s by the time you confront the Elite Four. All Trainers now employ cutting-edge AI that was previously only used by boss Trainers like the Elite Four to increase the difficulty of the battle. Be ready for challenging battles that call for careful squad composition and strategic thinking.

Harder Boss Battles

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Renegade Platinum 2

For an even greater challenge, boss fights against foes, Gym Leaders, Galactic Admins, and the Elite Four have been greatly improved. The Elite Four and Gym Leaders now use full teams of six Pokémon, each with a high IV, unique moveset, holding item, and occasionally a perfect nature. It is impossible to guess which of the four teams the first round Elite Four and Champion would choose, adding to the element of surprise. Bring your finest strategies to the table and be ready to confront dangerous foes.

Pokémon Modifications

Pokémon fans will love the careful alterations Renegade Platinum made to Pokémon. The??? type has been replaced with the Fairy-type from Generation 6 and later games. To keep up with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, base stats, typings, and things that are held by wild creatures have been modified. Pokémon can now learn a wider range of moves, including TM moves, Egg moves, and moves from earlier and later generations thanks to a newly revised move set. The base stats of weaker Pokémon have been improved, resulting in a more competitive and balanced gameplay experience.

5. Pokémon Omega Paradox

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Omega Paradox

One month has passed since the Masked Man's attack, which left many people dead and seriously hurt. Unova is being abandoned by many people, while others have arrived to save it. Following the assault, Unova has developed elite clans made up of strong Team Rocket members, Plasma grunts, and the restored Team Aqua, which has teamed up with the Masked Man to free Pokemon.

Your pals Cynthia and Drake have come back to Unova to witness you choose your first Pokemon now that you have survived the Masked Man's attack. You have been given the chance to get a starter Pokemon and stop the Masked Man because you are one of the few individuals capable of Omega-Evolving Pokemon. Blacked-out faces are the Masked Man's victims' apparent scar.


Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Omega Paradox  2
  • New Gym Leaders: Several gym leaders have died, and some have been replaced or demoted.
  • New Elite Four and Champion.
  • New Trainer Classes.
  • New Rivals.
  • New Pokemon: Over 40 new Pokemon, including Fakemon, Omega Pokemon, Mega Pokemon, Alola Pokemon, a few Gen 6-7 Pokemon, and Yugioh-mons (replacing old Pokemon sprites).
  • Increased level curve compared to the original Pokemon White: The difficulty of your journey is determined by your starter Pokemon (The Masked Man puts Geodude at a disadvantage in his first battle, making Geodude hard mode). The overall difficulty remains the same, but your starter determines if battles will be easy or hard.
  • Geodude - Easy Mode (First gym leader has Audino, allowing you to level up quickly) (Changed sprite + Fire Type).
  • Eevee - Hard Mode.
  • Zorua - Medium Mode

4. Pokémon Sacred Gold

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Sacred Gold 2

All Pokémon are available, the level of difficulty is raised, optional improvements can be made to Pokémon, and more. You might be wondering why, following Spirit Gold, I created another HG/SS hack. The issue is that Spirit Gold didn't use all of the DS game features that were available, especially in scripting. Sacred Gold and Storm Silver, in contrast, are brimming with fresh scripted events and aesthetic updates, offering a tonne of content and a pleasurable visual experience.

Changes to the Games

The maps, plot, and overall order of major events are all the same as they were in the original game, but these two hacks add a number of extra elements to improve gameplay. These modifications include:

  • The game contains all 493 of the fourth generation's Pokémon. Although legendaries have some limitations, you can choose practically any Pokémon to make up your team. Before taking on the Elite Four's first round, most Pokémon can be acquired. As soon as you have the Pokédex, you also get the National Dex, which makes it simpler to keep track of your captured Pokémon. There are a few minor differences between Sacred Gold and Storm Silver's wild encounters, although both games support all 493 Pokémon.
Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Sacred Gold 2
  • New rosters for trainers have been created to reflect the expanded selection of Pokémon presently available. As a result, you'll face up against a greater variety of Pokémon than in earlier iterations. Be ready for difficult fights because Gym Leaders and other significant trainers have drastically raised difficulty. Gym Leaders, members of the Elite Four, and others all use teams of six Pokémon in each battle, just like in my other hacks. Battles against Ethan/Lyra, Cynthia, and Steven are just some of the new Trainer opponents that have been added.
  • Several Pokémon's statistics have been changed, including new moves for levelling up, adjustments to abilities, experience rates, compatibility with TMs, and even modifications to kinds. The majority of these modifications come from Blaze Black & Volt White, but Sacred Gold and Storm Silver also include some fresh concepts. The "Traditional" version does away with certain Pokémon changes for those looking for a more conventional Pokémon experience.
  • A few attack techniques have also been changed. When it was possible, moves that were altered in Black & White were also altered in Sacred Gold & Storm Silver. A few moves, like Cut, Strength, and Rock Smash, have been improved upon from their prior forms. In order to help Pokémon evolve, additional level-up moves have been added to many of them

3. Pokémon Volt White

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Volt White

The original Pokémon Black and White video games have been altered for Pokémon Blaze Black and Pokémon Volt White. The game's 649 Pokémon are all included in these hacks, giving players a wide range of options. Moreover, BB/VW include modified trainers, tougher challenges, improved versions of several Pokémon, and more.

They act as the metaphysical heirs to my earlier hacked versions of Pokémon Fire Red Omega and Pokémon Spirit Gold. With one little exception, Blaze Black and Volt White were likewise the first of their kind.

It's crucial to remember that both games are identical aside from the customary distinctions between Black and White, such as Black City, White Forest, the emphasis on legendaries, and the introduction of Opelucid City.

Specific Features

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Volt White 2

Every trainer in the game had their Pokémon modified, changing the level progression and overall challenge. Although not overly difficult, they offer a more interesting experience than the original games. The new experience mechanism that was introduced in Black and White is fully utilised in the level curve.

Some Pokémon's statistics, such as experience rates, typings, base stats, and abilities, have suffered considerable changes. Several Pokémon can now choose to use their Dream World skills when appropriate and advantageous.

Pokémon now have larger movesets that are compatible with TMs and HMs, as well as level-up moves that have been added to or changed. Almost 600 Pokémon have had their level-up movesets altered.

Moreover, evolutions have been changed, especially for Pokémon whose evolution has historically necessitated trading. Since Blaze Black and Volt White are self-sufficient, no outside exchanges are required.

2. Pokémon Phoenix Rising

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Phoenix Rising

This game can be downloaded and installed without the use of an emulator and is only available for the PC.

The best thing is that there are no expenses involved because Pokemon Phoenix Rising is entirely free to play. The game is also not resource-intensive, thus a powerful computer is not required to run it smoothly.

The plot of Pokemon Phoenix Rising departs from the standard gameplay of competing against trainers and Gym Leaders in order to win the title of Region Champion.

Instead, it has traditional RPG components where your character sets out on a mission to save the world while enlisting the help of Pokemon.

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Phoenix Rising 2

You become part of a war against the antagonist who seeks to dominate the world. Your mission is to unite the Council of Oracles to prevent this catastrophe, and the story progresses naturally from there.

Features Pokemon Phoenix Rising delivers a story-driven RPG experience, as was already discussed. However, as the game does not impose any restrictions if you decide to stray from the primary plot, you are still free to acquire and amass a large number of Pokemon. You can accept tasks, accomplish them, and get prizes, just like in other RPGs.

Also, the game includes skill trees that you can open up and learn, giving you access to a variety of skills and talents later on. Pokemon Phoenix Rising also has instances when players must make choices that may alter how the plot develops.

The PokeStrap is a key component of the game and an indispensable tool that holds a variety of apps that you can use while playing Pokemon Phoenix Rising.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising Details

  • Game Title: Pokemon Rising Phoenix
  • Developer: Phoenix Rising Team
  • Language: English

Full List of Features

  • New Map
  • Fresh Storyline
  • Unique Region
  • Gameplay with Choices and Consequences
  • Character Customization
  • Skill Trees
  • Quest System
  • Multiple Save Files
  • PokeStrap
  • New Mega Evolutions & Forms

1. Pokémon Mind Crystal

Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Mind Crystal

The introduction of the Fairy-type at a 100% rate is the major goal of this hack. The majority of the modifications were mostly of a technical character. In addition, some elements of the plot have been changed. For instance, the girl who initially gave you the TM12 at the Ilex Forest gate now gives you the Eviolite. Also, numerous TMs' locations have changed.

The odd egg, which can hatch into any of the 17 baby Pokémon that are not Togepi, will now be given to you by the creche provider. The original rosters for the Elite Four, Lance, Red, and all 16 Gym Leaders have been updated. The Elite Four, Lance, Red, and all 16 Gym Leaders' second teams have all experienced adjustments.

After defeating Red the first time, there is a new feature that lets you fight at level 100 against Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and Red.


Best NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Mind Crystal 2
  • 200 new animated front sprites and static backsprites with updated normal and shiny palettes (all done by myself)
  • Dark Type is now physical and Ghost is now Special (phys/spec split is NOT present)
  • Pokemon that evolve via trade or trade with items now evolve by 'using' said item or via using a 'Covenant Orb' (graveler/haunter/kadabra/machoke)
  • Updated movepools/basestats for many pokemon that reflect up to Gen 8


The best NDS Pokemon ROM hacks are now at your disposal, so it's time to embark on an exciting journey. Accept the challenge, lose yourself in compelling narratives, and travel to new places while enjoying the well-known gameplay elements and personalities that made Pokemon so distinctive.

Keep in mind that to play these ROM hacks, you'll need an emulator and the original game files. To ensure a simple and great experience, be sure to adhere to the creators' directions.

With these amazing NDS Pokemon ROM hacks, you can unleash your Pokemon-loving spirit and go on an incredible adventure. Get ready to explore a brand-new world of Pokemon excitement as you get ready to be enthralled, challenged, and amused. The opportunities are endless, and adventure is waiting! Move along, Trainers!



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