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Best Medieval Games for History Buffs

Best Medieval Games
The medieval game lore spans many years. Find out which games are the best!

You might be wondering are there any medieval survival games?

Put yourself in the footsteps of strong knights, explore historic castles, and engage in epic battles that will put your strategic skills to the test.

We'll take you on a journey into the world of mediaeval gaming, where you'll be able to feel the excitement of commanding armies, taking on some seriously intriguing intrigues, and changing the worthwhile fate of kingdoms.

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15. MediEvil

Best Medieval Games MediEvil

MediEvil hits all of those points and then some. Players are transported to another era with a gorgeously crafted mediaeval environment complete with castles, knights, and monsters. The gameplay is hard but not annoying, and there are numerous mysteries and items to discover and gather. The storytelling, though, is what truly distinguishes MediEvil from the competition.

In MediEvil, you take on the role of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a knight who was killed in battle but was resurrected to confront the evil sorcerer Zarok. Along the way, you'll fight swarms of creatures, explore perilous terrain, and learn about Sir Daniel's past. The plot is interesting, with enough twists and turns to keep players interested in the outcome.

But what makes MediEvil one of the best mediaeval game available?

For starters, the game's graphics and design are still visually appealing after more than two decades. The plot is ageless, and the gameplay is both difficult and rewarding. There's also a charm to the game that's difficult to define, but once you start playing, you'll understand what we mean.

14. Dark Souls

Best Medieval Games Dark Souls

Many of you may be thinking, is Dark Souls medieval?

While Dark Souls contains medieval-inspired aspects, it is more accurately described as a dark fantasy action role-playing game than a completely mediaeval game.

It mixes mediaeval aesthetic aspects like castles and armor with mystical and mythical elements. The environment and lore are distinct and not directly related to any historical period.

This still makes for quite a challenging game by all means. We loved retrying that section over again just inching our way towards the next section of the game.

Dark Souls is punishingly hard and surely belongs on our list of the best medieval games ever.

13. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Best Medieval Games The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you're looking to answer the question, is there a medieval open-world game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the answer.

Being able to ride along on your horse to one of the many of the main quest challenges you'll take on. Or entertain yourself with some of the optional quests for an added delight of storyline.

Your decisions in this mediaeval classic have repercussions throughout the game's massive globe, affecting the lives of innumerable characters and altering the course of events.

The Witcher 3 provides a level of player agency that is uncommon in video games. Every decision you'll make along the way, no matter how trivial it appears to be, can have some serious implications to the storyline.

This dynamic and ever-changing universe captivates players, who are eager to explore every corner and learn the implications of their choices.

12. Age Of Empires 2

Best Medieval Games Age Of Empires 2

One of Age of Empires 2's most notable qualities is its unrelenting dedication to historical realism. The game closely recreates the mediaeval environment, down to building styles, unit designs, and even the inclusion of key historical personalities.

This commitment to realism results in an immersive experience that not only entertains but also educates us about the mediaeval time. Age of Empires 2 strategizing your next move, planning the course of action, and executing is the only way to become victorious.

With a plethora of civilizations to pick from, each with their own set of strengths and playstyles, the game provides limitless strategic possibilities. Manage resources carefully, train armies, explore technology, and engage in epic wars with opposing civilizations.

11. Total War: Medieval II

Best Medieval Games Total War: Medieval II

Total War: Mediaeval II puts you at the helm of empires, where your decisions impact the course of history. Battle in massive battles, command gigantic armies, and strategically maneuver your forces to victory. This game immerses you in the complexities of mediaeval combat, where resource management, diplomacy, and tactical prowess are crucial for victory.

Enter a finely constructed universe that faithfully recreates the mediaeval era. Total War: Mediaeval II captures the essence of the era with breathtaking realism, from the architectural splendor of castles to the complexities of mediaeval politics. Engage with historical personalities and navigate through complicated alliances and conflicts to experience the grandeur and volatility of the mediaeval era.

10. Northgard

Best Medieval Games Northgard

In Northgard, you take on the role of a Viking leader, combining elements of strategy, resource management, and exploration. Prepare to go on a fascinating adventure in which you must travel treacherous regions, defeat fierce adversaries, and establish the dominion of your Viking clan.

Strategy rules supreme in Northgard. To preserve the prosperity and survival of your people, you must carefully manage resources, allocate your clan's workers, and make key decisions. Every decision, from gathering necessary supplies to expanding your territory and participating in diplomatic ties, has ramifications that influence the fate of your Viking clan.

9. Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Best Medieval Games Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

In Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, you can alter Westeros' fate through smart diplomacy or brutal conquest. Form alliances with legendary families like Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen, and manoeuvre your path to victory on the battlefield.

Will you seize the Iron Throne, or will you be washed away by the sea of treachery?

Dive into a world full of political machinations and complicated relationships. Discover hidden mysteries, make important decisions, and engage in heated debates with series characters. Westeros' fate is in your hands as you negotiate the perilous waters of power and honour.

8. Chivalry 2

Best Medieval Games Chivalry 2

In Chivalry 2, you may live out your knightly fantasies and engage in furious combat like never before. Use a variety of mediaeval weapons, including huge swords and war axes, as well as polearms and longbows.

In the heat of every amazing battle you'll experience, feel the weight of your weapon as you strike, block, and parry with your sword. The fighting mechanism in the game is simple yet deep, offering a satisfying level of complexity that rewards skill and strategy.

Prepare yourself for large-scale mediaeval battle. Join gigantic 64-player conflicts in which the clash of swords, battle cries, and thundering horse hooves immerse you in the turmoil of war.

Every combat in Chivalry 2 is an epic spectacle, from besieging castles to protecting key objectives as the amazing battle sequences unfold in Chivalry 2.

7. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Best Medieval Games Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord has swept the gaming world, and for good cause. This game provides a one-of-a-kind experience by immersing players in the world of mediaeval politics and combat. In an open-world sandbox setting, you can ride horses, lead armies, and fight epic battles. The game has significant role-playing features that allow you to control the fate of your character.

Why do we think Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is the best mediaeval game available?

The answer is simple: the game gives an unprecedented level of immersion and realism. Whether you're besieging a castle or battling a band of raiders on the open plain, the game mechanics and world-building immerse you in the action.

6. Conqueror's Blade

Best Medieval Games Conqueror's Blade

The attention to detail distinguishes Conqueror's Blade from other mediaeval games. Every aspect of the game has been built with the ultimate mediaeval experience in mind, from the intricately constructed armor to the realistic fighting mechanisms. The graphics in the game are fantastic, taking you to a time when knights rode horses into combat and castles were the most advanced form of warfare.

But Conqueror's Blade is about more than just visiting a lovely mediaeval environment. The titanic battles are the game's true heart. Every battle is a test of your warrior prowess, whether you're defending your castle from an invading army or attacking the walls of an enemy fortress. The combat system allows you to master each of the weapons you have at your disposal.

It's clear to us why you'd want to play Conqueror's Blade as a fine choice for a medieval game.

5. Crusader Kings 3

Best Medieval Games Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 is a game that has certainly caught the hearts of mediaeval fans. Created by none other than the famous development team at Paradox Interactive, puts you in the timeframe of Europe during the Middle Ages. Crusader Kings 3 is a grand strategy game, which means that to achieve their objectives, players must carefully manage resources, construct armies, and engage in diplomacy.

A complicated web of interactions between the characters that populate the mediaeval world lies at the center of the game. Assuming command of a noble dynasty and guide its members through the ups and downs of mediaeval life. From political intrigue to military power maneuvers, Crusader Kings 3 provides an unrivalled blend of role-playing and strategy in the game industry.

But it is the attention to detail that truly distinguishes Crusader Kings 3 from other mediaeval games. The game faithfully recreates the mediaeval society, down to the social system and technology of the time. This level of immersion is what makes Crusader Kings 3 so appealing, we always felt like we were in the face of danger and opportunity at every turn.

4. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Best Medieval Games Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gives a realistic and visceral experience that truly takes players to another time, from the wonderfully portrayed 15th century Bohemia, complete with lush forests, sprawling castles, and tranquil rivers, to the careful simulation of mediaeval weaponry, armour, and fighting styles.

But it's not simply the superior graphics that sets Kingdom Come: Deliverance apart from other medieval games. The captivating storyline and colourful characters of Kingdom Come: Deliverance bring to life the intricate political and social dynamics of mediaeval Europe, as players navigate the perilous waters of palace intrigue and religious warfare.

The game's fighting system is also tough and rewarding, requiring skill and strategic thought to master. You'll have to carefully time the many assaults and defences, assess the placement, and select the appropriate weapons and tactics for the circumstances at hand, whether they are engaged in one-on-one duels or large-scale battles.

3. For Honor

Best Medieval Games For Honor

In For Honour, you play as a mediaeval warrior, fighting against other people or AI opponents in epic conflicts that highlight the brutality of mediaeval combat. You can customise your fighter to meet your desired playstyle by selecting from a variety of classes, whether you want to fight with a sword and shield or a hefty axe. The emphasis on timing and posture in the game adds another level of depth to combat, making each battle seem intense and strategic.

The attention to detail distinguishes For Honour from other mediaeval games. The developers of the game have gone to considerable pains to create a world that feels both authentic and immersive. Every part of For Honour has been meticulously constructed, from the carefully designed armour and weapons to the wonderfully portrayed surroundings.

So, what makes For Honour one of the best mediaeval games of all time?

It's simple: the game mixes fantastic combat mechanics with an immersive universe and extensive personalization choices to produce an experience that no other game in the genre can equal.

2. A Plague Tale: Requiem

Best Medieval Games A Plague Tale: Requiem

A Plague Tale: Requiem, much more than its predecessor, is noted for its extraordinarily dark and depressing mood. While the main characters, Amicia and Hugo, show their tenacity and establish endearing friendships in the middle of a disintegrating society, the constant traumas they face can be emotionally draining. The plot is expertly designed, with unique moments that will leave you astonished and wanting more.

The visual and audio splendour of A Plague Tale: Requiem is one of its most notable features. The graphics are breathtaking, immersing you in a gorgeously portrayed but sadly devastated environment. The music and voice acting add to the mood, bringing you into the story and the characters' interactions. The game's attention to detail is flawless, and its ability to portray swarms of rats with remarkable realism is a credit to its technical expertise.

Requiem's gameplay preserves the core aspects of its predecessor while refining and improving on the existing model. Although familiar, the stealth action scenes are done with precision and give strategic depth. Amicia's armoury, which includes the sling, crossbow, and alchemical tools, gives her a variety of options for dealing with foes and changing the environment.

1. Bad North

Best Medieval Games Bad North

Bad North is our number one pick for the best mediaeval game. This game is set in a stunningly gorgeous and carefully constructed universe, where you will feel the thrill of leading your army through battles and protecting your kingdom from attackers.

What distinguishes Bad North from other mediaeval games is its unique blend of strategy, survival, and entertaining gameplay. You must properly manage your troops and use your tactical abilities to combat waves of opponents while defending your island from hostile invaders.

It's simple to see why Bad North is one of the greatest mediaeval games on the market, with its amazing graphics, intriguing storyline, and unique gameplay. This is the game for you if you want an immersive and tough gaming experience.

The world of mediaeval games is diverse and thrilling, with something to suit every taste. If you enjoy strategy games, we strongly advise you to play Bad North. It's likely to bring hours of amusement and challenge with its intriguing gameplay, attractive graphics, and captivating storyline.


That concludes our list of the finest mediaeval games to fulfil your inner history geek and gamer. These games provide hours of thrilling gameplay as well as the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Middle Ages. Which one are you going to try first?

I hope this was helpful! If you agree with this list, please let us know in the comments.

A full listing of the games covered can be found here:

  1. Bad North
  2. A Plague Tale: Requiem
  3. For Honor
  4. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  5. Crusader Kings 3
  6. Conqueror's Blade
  7. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord
  8. Chivalry 2
  9. Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming
  10. Northgard
  11. Total War: Medieval II
  12. Age Of Empires 2
  13. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  14. Dark Souls


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