Best Mario Kart 8 Setup - Kart Combo Builds, Ranked

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup
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While you might be wondering, what is the best setup for Mario Kart 8? Here at RetroKingPin, we're all about taking your Mario Kart experience to the next level.

Today, we're diving headfirst into the exhilarating world of Mario Kart 8, where speed, strategy, and heart-pounding fun collide! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your karting journey, finding the ultimate Mario Kart 8 setup can make all the difference in securing that sweet, sweet victory.

So whether you're an OG fan on the Wii U or are looking for the best Mario Kart 8 Deluxe combo, this guide is for you!

Picture this: the crowd cheering, the countdown ticking, and the engines roaring. You're at the starting line, ready to prove your karting prowess. The active voice will bring life to every sentence as we guide you through the process, step by step. And hey, while we're at it, let's sprinkle in a few rhetorical questions to get you pondering your racing strategy and approach.

So, gear up as we embark on this thrilling ride together, exploring the finest setup that will leave your opponents eating your dust!

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7. Baby Daisy, Biddybuggy, Azure Roller Tires, & Paper Glider

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup Baby Daisy

Meet Baby Daisy, a little but powerful figure with impressive handling and acceleration. Even though other players might be lured to fast cars, choosing a slower car with better acceleration and handling can give you the upper hand. With the second-highest acceleration stat and the highest handling stat among all game characters, Baby Daisy brings just that to the table. Do not be fooled by her diminutive size; she is a competitor to be taken seriously!

But there's more! Baby Daisy and the Biddybuggy vehicle make a wonderful combination to realise her potential. In addition to enhancing her handling and acceleration capabilities, the Biddybuggy also increases traction, giving you even more control over your kart. Also, it gives your mini-turbo stat a huge boost, enabling you to accelerate and sustain momentum through challenging turns and track sections.

Let's talk about tires now, in particular the revolutionary Azure Roller Tires. Granted, they might somewhat reduce your weight and speed metrics, but the trade-off is well worth it. These tyres greatly improve mini-turbo performance, allowing you to execute precisely timed boosts that will outdistance your competitors. You'll be slicing through the competition with unmatched dexterity if you have Baby Daisy and the Biddybuggy fitted with Azure Roller Tires.

Gliders can be a difficult choice when it comes to how they affect numbers, as we are all aware. The Paper Glider, on the other hand, defies convention by giving a slight boost to both acceleration and mini-turbo. This ostensibly insignificant change can significantly impact your ability to keep up your momentum and take the lead in close races.

6. Bowser, B Dasher, Gold Tires, & Super Glider

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup Bowser

As a member of the game's heaviest class, Bowser possesses an impressive blend of physical prowess and raw power. Yet this formidable Koopa King is more than simply a brute. Bowser is equipped with one of the best speed stats and is prepared to face any track's difficulties and prevail.

We'll concentrate on increasing Bowser's speed while retaining the best possible control to develop a build that fully unleashes his potential. The B Dasher is the best option because it gives him a significant speed boost in addition to adding weight to his already powerful frame.

The best part?

It won't compromise the kart's handling, ensuring you stay in command throughout every twist and turn.

The Super Glider, Waddle Wing, or Hylian Kite are all excellent options, and they all share one important trait in common: they won't change any of the earlier stats we've chosen with care. This gives you the freedom to select whichever one best suits your racing preferences or simply complements Bowser's commanding presence.

Next up, we have the game-changing Gold Tires, the key to taking Bowser's speed to new heights. These tires work wonders in enhancing both weight and speed, reinforcing his advantage on the racecourse. Remarkably, they have only a minor impact on handling, striking the perfect balance for our ultimate build.

Your kart will feel the raw strength pouring through every fibre as you fly past your competitors when you have Bowser's ultimate speed build. Imagine yourself claiming win after triumph, leaving the opposition in your wake.

5. Toadette, Flame Rider, Ancient Tires & Flower Glider

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup Toadette

The endearing and vivacious character, Toadette, has a remarkable talent for acceleration. She is a force to be reckoned with on the racecourse thanks to her acceleration-focused build and exceptional handling attributes. Don't let her tiny size deceive you; she is more than capable of launching that kart off the starting line and outrunning the opposition.

Finding the ideal mix between slower speed and in-game speed enhancements is key to success in this design. Players can compensate for Toadette's slower top speed by mastering drifting tactics and gathering the priceless coins that are sprinkled around the track. Toadette may not have the top speed of some other characters, but they can make up for it. You will quickly find yourself pulling away from the competition with deft handling and a keen eye for coin collection.

The mix of Toadette's selected vehicle and accoutrements, as well as her skills, are what really make this build stand out. Introducing the Flame Rider, a fast and svelte vehicle that improves acceleration and handling by adding excellent traction. With the Flame Rider at her disposal, Toadette transforms into a force to be feared, easily gliding around tight turns and accelerating out of them.

The clever use of Ancient Tires serves wonders to offset any weight decrease caused by the Flame Rider. These tyres not only increase traction but also make sure that Toadette stays stable and in control on the track despite her acceleration-focused driving style.

Last but not least, the pièce de résistance—the Flower Glider! This magnificent glider serves as the perfect cherry on top of the build, elevating all the standout stats to new heights. With the Flower Glider soaring gracefully through the air, Toadette becomes an unstoppable force, leaving her competitors trailing in a cloud of dust.

4. Rosalina, P-Wing, Cyber Slick Tires, & Bowser Kite

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup Rosalina

At first appearance, Princess Rosalina might not seem like a heavyweight competitor, but don't be fooled. She unexpectedly places in the top four weight classes, just behind heavyweights like Donkey Kong and Roy. Rosalina is a skilled leader who can hold her own on the racecourse.

Now, let's talk about soaring through the skies with the Bowser Kite. This fantastic glider is the cherry on top of Rosalina's powerful setup, enhancing her acceleration and mini-turbo capabilities. With the Bowser Kite guiding her path, she'll leave her competitors marveling at her incredible speed and maneuverability.

Rosalina's winning build is a result of carefully chosen parts that perfectly balance her weight and speed. Begin with the powerful P-Wing kart. She gains some weight from her kart, which also increases her speed, making her a tough opponent. Prepare yourself to defeat any rivals that dare to stand in your way!

To further elevate Rosalina's speed capabilities, we have the Cyber Slick Tires. These high-performance tires provide a significant boost in speed, ensuring you leave your opponents in the dust as you zoom through the tracks. The best part? If you prefer a different tire option, the Slick Tires are an excellent alternative, ensuring versatility in your build.

3. Bowser, Landship, Azure Roller Tires & Hylian Kite

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup Bowser 2

With a build that counters some of his innate flaws, Bowser, one of the most recognisable figures in the Mario universe, brings his A-game to the racetrack. Despite having impressive weight and speed figures, Bowser struggles with acceleration and traction. But don't worry! These disadvantages are thoroughly addressed in this setup.

The focus of this build is to bolster Bowser's acceleration and traction stats without compromising on his impressive speed. We begin with the Landship vehicle—a beast of a kart that not only boosts acceleration but also enhances the overall traction of the setup. With the Landship under his command, Bowser gains the edge he needs to accelerate quickly and maintain control on even the trickiest of terrains. Additionally, this kart grants a small yet significant boost to the mini-turbo stat, providing a thrilling burst of speed during those adrenaline-pumping moments.

Let's now discuss gliders, the cherry on top of any karting setup. The Legend of Zelda series' Hylian Kite, which was created, turns out to be the best option for this design. The Hylian Kite smoothly integrates with this setup, allowing Bowser to maintain decent speed, accomplish stronger acceleration, and benefit from improved traction during the race. Other gliders may have an impact on other numbers.

We fit Bowser's car with the amazing Azure Roller Tires to boost the build's acceleration, handling, and mini-turbo capabilities even more. These tyres perform flawlessly, enabling Bowser to navigate every turn and curve of the racecourse with dexterity and accuracy. With improved acceleration, he will pick up speed and take the lead right away.

2. Wario, Mercedes GLA, Gold Tires & Wario Wing

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup Wario

Wario, who is renowned for his quickness and competes in the second-heaviest weight division, is a competitor to be reckoned with. This setup is a true gem for experienced players that want to hit the speed stat cap without packing on more weight to their kart. Don't worry, but accept the challenge of a minor acceleration trade-off! With practiced skill and finesse, you'll conquer every track with ease using this setup.

The gorgeous Mercedes GLA that was chosen as the kart is the secret to this powerful construction. The remarkable stats of this vehicle have changed the game despite being initially dismissed as just marketing hype during the Expansion release. The Mercedes GLA is the ideal vehicle for a character like Wario because it has a significant bump in speed, weight, and traction. Prepare to feel the rush as you push the limits of speed, all while maintaining your grip on the track.

Using the Gold Tires, Wario can increase his traction, weight, and speed to even greater heights. When you smoothly navigate every curve and bend, you'll experience an adrenaline rush that will leave your competitors in amazement of your racing prowess.

And let's not forget about style! The Wario Wing adds a dash of personality to the build, providing a small weight advantage while elevating the cool factor of your kart. Now, not only will you be the speed demon on the track, but you'll also look fabulous while doing it.

Wario's configuration is the pinnacle of power and style with a build that thrives at peak speeds and produces an unmatched aesthetic. This build will put you in the lead whether you're taking on challenging online tournaments or local races, which will make every victory that more sweeter.

1.  Morton, Circuit Special, Slick Tires & Plane Glider

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup Morton

Morton, who stands tall in the same weight division as his father Bowser, has comparable statistics that offer intriguing opportunities for his karting skills. This strong physique places a premium on speed, hoping to catapult Morton to the front of the pack with breathtaking speed. Nevertheless, like with any specialisation, trade-offs must be made, and in this case, traction and acceleration are put on the back burner.

You'll feel like this is an amazing ROM hack with the amount of power put forward!

The Circuit Special kart, a sleek and quick vehicle that increases the driver's weight and cranks up the speed to extraordinary levels, is the centrepiece of Morton's setup for maximum speed. Such thrilling acceleration, mini-turbo, and handling are somewhat compromised as a result of the speed. Do not be alarmed; experienced drivers will tame this powerful vehicle and perfect the knack of maintaining speed through every bend and turn.

Speed freaks might think it makes sense to pair the Circuit Special with the Slick Tires, but be ready for the repercussions. These tyres have excellent grip and stability, but they also have a negative effect on acceleration and handling. Because of this, only the most skilled drivers will be able to drive the tracks deftly and expertly.

In support of this risky configuration, the Plane Glider flies in to add a slight weight boost, enabling Morton to keep his stability while exceeding the speed limit. The construction achieves excellent balance with this glider, boosting the race's overall experience.


Best Mario Kart 8 Setup c

We learned that there is no one-size-fits-all method for mastering the tracks as we explored the world of Mario Kart 8. Instead, it's about comprehending the advantages and disadvantages of your favourite characters and designing the ideal build to complement their individual skills. The secret is finding that ideal balance, whether you're going for speed, control, or a combination of both.

A masterfully designed Mario Kart 8 setup can carry you to astounding heights of success, much like the brilliance of a perfectly tuned engine. It involves knowing when to drive aggressively and when to skillfully negotiate tricky corners. Being the first to cross the finish line in Mario Kart is fun, but so is being an expert kart driver.

Thus, dear readers, you are now prepared to win on the racecourse armed with the knowledge of keywords and our persuasive techniques. Enjoy the surge of excitement as you navigate hairpin curves, gather power-ups, and annihilate your competitors. You're prepared to make history as a racing legend in the Mario Kart 8 globe.



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