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Best GBC ROM Hacks You Need To Try Now

Best GBC ROM Hacks You Need To Try Now

Many gamers have a special affection for the Game Boy Colour (GBC), a cherished portable gaming system. Despite being published more than twenty years ago, its game collection still holds the attention of gamers of all ages. Even the most treasured games, though, can get stale after time.

GBC ROM hacks, fortunately, are a solution that let you revisit your favourite GBC games in a brand-new way. These hacks are alterations made to the original game's code that enable the addition of additional levels, characters, and gameplay elements.

We'll examine the top GBC ROM hacks in this article so you may improve your vintage gaming experience and take pleasure in your favourite games to a whole new level.

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1. Pokemon Perfect Crystal - Original Version

Best GBC ROM Hacks Pokemon Perfect Crystal - Original Version

Although it wasn't flawless, Pokemon Crystal was a classic that many Game Boy and Game Boy Colour fans loved. You may now play the game as it was intended to be played thanks to a new hack.

This hack was intended to provide a perfect, final version of Pokemon Crystal. One where all Pokemon are captureable and obvious bugs from the first game have been corrected. All 251 Pokemon are now accessible for capture in the traditional game, and those that usually develop through exchanges may now do so using stones.

The availability of stones and products that were previously only available through Mystery Gift at department shops are only a few of the game's minor adjustments. After unlocking Mount Silver, the GS Ball and Celebi event may now be started. A number of bugs have also been repaired, including issues with several of Kurt's balls and a number of objects.

In conclusion, this hack is unquestionably worthwhile to try out if you're a lover of the vintage Pokemon Crystal game. You'll get a whole new gaming experience thanks to the extra features.

Why not try it out and make your own judgement?

Best GBC ROM Hacks Link's Awakening Redux

You've undoubtedly played Link's Awakening at some time if you enjoy retro video games. A recent remake of this vintage Game Boy title has given it new life, but what if you like the original version with some enhancements?

Link's Awakening Redux fills the gap.

This hack combines a number of various enhancements to the original game to increase enjoyment. The sprites and text that were deleted from the original Japanese version have been restored, which is one of the biggest enhancements. The low health beeping sound that was eliminated from the North American edition is also included in this restoration.

The hack also adds various quality of life enhancements that enhance gameplay. For instance, touching items like rocks, fractured rocks, pots, and ice blocks no longer causes writing to be interrupted. Guardian Acorns and Pieces of Power may now be acquired quickly without causing gameplay interruptions from lengthy text. Additionally, you have the option of removing the THIEF picture penalty, which prevents you from acquiring the moniker THIEF for your character.

Link's Awakening Redux is an excellent method to play the classic game with some much-needed updates.

You won't want to miss out on this hack if you enjoy the original game.

3. Wario Land 2 - Enhanced Graphics

Best GBC ROM Hacks Wario Land 2 - Enhanced Graphics

There's a good probability that you've played Wario Land 2 on the Gameboy Colour if you enjoy retro gaming. Players have enjoyed playing this adored platformer for more than 20 years. It does, however, have its fair share of graphical flaws and idiosyncrasies, much like many vintage games.

Thankfully, there is a fix that will let you improve Wario Land 2's gameplay: the Wario Land 2 Graphics Patch.

With the help of the Wario Land 2 Graphics Patch, the game's code was altered to enable graphic enhancements. The patch specifically corrects graphic issues with Wario and several adversaries, increasing Wario's colours to reflect the colour scheme of Wario Land 3.

But the patch also adds some entertaining goodies. For instance, instead of holding crazy balls, adversaries that are penguins now wield alcohol, akin to the uncensored Japanese version. The patch also makes it feasible to gather all of the coins in the Hold on to the Owl level's four inaccessible 10 Gold Coins by turning the solid wall into a breakable one.

The Wario Land 2 Graphics Patch is a great method to improve your experience with older video games. The game is more fun to play than ever thanks to enhanced visuals and bug fixes.

Why not check it out for yourself to see how much better Wario Land 2 can be with a little graphics improvement?

4. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: All monsters

Best GBC ROM Hacks Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: All monsters

Many players still like playing the classic game Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 nowadays. Fans of the game will be pleased to learn that a new gameplay hack is now available that makes every creature in-game attainable, even promotional gifts.

With the use of this new hack, it's now feasible to breed without using any linking whatsoever for previously unattainable monsters like Copycat, Gohopper, BigRoost, Wonderegg, Warubou, Watabou, Dimensaur, Lamia, and Kagebou. The readme file that comes with the patch contains a list of the new breeding combinations.

What's best? Because the game's Cobi's Journey and Tara's Adventure versions have the same core mechanics and only have minor variations, they may both be played with this patch.

If you enjoy Dragon Warrior Monsters 2, you should certainly check out this hack. You now get access to every creature in the game, giving you the most comprehensive monster collection possible.

So why are you still waiting? Start breeding for those previously unattainable monsters right away by downloading the patch!

5. Lufia: The Legend Returns Complete

Best GBC ROM Hacks Lufia: The Legend Returns Complete

If you enjoy playing video games, you're certainly aware with the annoyance of running across text problems while playing. Fortunately, the translation team for a well-known game noticed and made an update that focused on resolving these problems.

The update contains a thorough dialogue edit that fixes typos, grammatical difficulties, and run-on phrases, among other faults. Thanks to the translation work of Crysta_Blade and pokeeiyuu, names of goods, equipment, abilities, monsters, and inventory descriptions have also been retranslated. Character, phrase, spell, and item names now follow the guidelines established by Frue Lufia by Artemis.

Additionally, the number of available chests and discovered things is now included in the post-game results. With the ability to switch between walking and running in-game without having to hold down a button, the overall gaming experience will definitely be enhanced. The height of the speech box has also been reduced, however players can restore it if they so want by installing an addendum patch.

Overall, the translation team did a tremendous job with this update to raise the game's calibre and make sure that players enjoy themselves without being distracted by typos.

We had a blast playing through Lufia and this makes for one of the best GBC ROM hacks ever!

6. Wario Land 3: The Master Quest

Best GBC ROM Hacks Wario Land 3: The Master Quest

Are you an accomplished gamer seeking a fresh challenge?

You might want to look into the Wario Land 3 Master Quest ROM hack if that's the case. However, take caution—this hack is not for the weak of heart. Be prepared to put your talents to the absolute limit as the difficulty level has been dramatically increased.

You should play this game in English, that much is certain. A bug that prevents you from winning the game will appear if you attempt to play it in Japanese. Save yourself some time and effort by sticking with English.

The levels have been altered in a number of ways, with some being totally redone. Along with additional goodies, keys, and switched boxes, you'll also discover some unique tiles. The skull tiles should also be avoided since touching them will send you back to the title screen.

In general, this hack is intended for skilled gamers that like a challenge. The author advises playing the original game first if you're unsure of your abilities before attempting this hack.

Try the Wario Land 3 Master Quest hack, nevertheless, if you're up for a new challenge and possess the required precision, quickness, and patience.

7. Accelerometer Removal Patch Kirby - Tilt 'n' Tumble

Best GBC ROM Hacks Accelerometer Removal Patch Kirby - Tilt 'n' Tumble

The most recent patch for one of the Game Boy Color's most well-known games may be of interest to fans of vintage Game Boy Colour games. The patch totally replaces the game's accelerometer with the standard controls for the GBC.

The camera may now be moved by holding Select and using the D-Pad, while moving and tilting can now be accomplished using the D-Pad. Jumping and popping the floor up are done with the A button, while firing is done when flying with the B button. Traditional controls are now supported in the revised mini-games.

This patch can be exactly what you need to give an old GBC game a brand-new vibe if you're seeking for a fresh new way to play it.

8. Tetris DX Music Replacement

Best GBC ROM Hacks Tetris DX Music Replacement

Are you a Game Boy Colour Tetris DX fan? If so, you might have noted that the game doesn't feature the iconic Korobeiniki tune, popularly known as the Tetris theme. Fortunately, a recent patch lets you replace the game's audio with this well-known song.

While there had previously been a way to change the game's soundtrack via a Game Genie code, it had some compatibility concerns. This latest patch, however, handles everything right, guaranteeing that the game runs without any hiccups or issues.

You may now play Tetris DX with the timeless Korobeiniki melody playing in the background, exactly as in the original Tetris game, thanks to this new patch. Although it's a little improvement, it may significantly alter the gameplay experience as a whole.

Therefore, give this new patch a try and relive the nostalgia of the legendary music if you're a Tetris DX lover who has been missing the game's iconic theme.

9. Dragon Warrior III - Spell Name Update

Best GBC ROM Hacks Dragon Warrior III - Spell Name Update

Spells are crucial to the gaming experience in Dragon Quest games, as anybody who has played them knows. These magical skills may make the difference between winning and losing in combat, and they give the game's setting and characters a distinctive flavour.

But have you ever desired that the spell names from previous games in the series were in your favourite Dragon Quest game? This GBC ROM hack brings exactly what you need, the spell names are now the same as in Dragon Quest IV DS, Dragon Quest V DS, and Dragon Quest VIII

So, give this mod a try right away if you're a fan of Dragon Quest and want to include the greatest elements from the series into your gameplay.

Your upcoming adventure in the Dragon Quest universe will be much more fun thanks to this straightforward but significant update.

10. Mario Tennis - All Nintendo Characters Unlocked

Best GBC ROM Hacks Mario Tennis - All Nintendo Characters Unlocked

If you like Mario Tennis, do you find it annoying that you can't play with Mario right away? Or perhaps you're fed up with the outdated DLC rules that mandate you possess both the GBC and N64 versions of the game in order to access the majority of the lineup. There is a workaround, though, in the form of a ROM hack that makes all Nintendo characters accessible right away.

It's crucial to note that this hack doesn't alter your save file in any way, allowing you to complete the unlocking procedures for Mario and Peach and save your progress even if you switch back to an unpatched ROM.

What are you still holding out for? You may now play with Mario from the start and have access to all Nintendo characters without having to deal with DLC mechanisms thanks to this ROM hack.

Remember that in order to access Warehouse Court, you still have to defeat every other Mario character using a Mario character. Try this cheat to take your Mario Tennis experience to the next level!


GBC ROM hacks are a great method to revitalize your experience with older video games.

There is always something new to attempt since there are always new obstacles, personalities, and situations to discover.

So why not try one of these best GBC ROM hacks and update your experience with retro gaming?



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