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12 Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks - Ultimate Gaming Fun (2023)

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks - for Ultimate Gaming Fun

Pokemon players are always looking for fresh ways to play their favourite title. ROM hacks are a terrific way to spice up your Pokemon adventure, whether you're bored of playing the same game over and again or seeking for a fresh challenge.

We'll present you to the top GBC Pokemon ROM hacks in this article, which will provide you a unique gaming experience and keep you entertained for hours.

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What are GBC Pokemon ROM hacks?

Fan-made games called ROM hacks are produced by altering the code of the original game. Games that have been altered to run on Game Boy Colour systems are known as GBC Pokemon ROM hacks.

These hacks give players the chance to enjoy the game in unique ways by adding additional features, stories, characters, Pokemon, and more.

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The Top GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks

  • Pokemon Brown 2014
  • Pokémon Blue Kaizo
  • Pokemon TRE: Team Rocket Edition
  • Pokémon Crystal Kaizo
  • Pokémon Green in English
  • Pokemon TPP Version (Red Anniversary)
  • Pokémon Black
  • Pokemon Pink Version
  • Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged
  • Pokémon Red - Proud Eyes edition
  • Pokemon Pyrite
  • Pokemon Prism

1. Pokemon Brown 2014

best GBC Pokemon ROM hacks Pokemon Brown 2014

A fan-made video game called Pokemon Brown is set in the Rijon area. Ten cities in the Rijon area, one in Johto, and more than 20 routes are all featured in the game. The Pokedex currently has more than 220 Pokemon, one of the biggest changes.

New movements, modifications to the TM set, and seven new types that weren't present in the original game are all available to players. There are also many different characters, some of them are brand-new and have never been seen before. A few new musical compositions, including songs from the Johto area, are included in the game.

Players can anticipate the addition of new Pokemon to the game. Once a specific patch has been installed, these Pokemon will work with the second-generation games as well as Prism. A new mission becomes available for players to accomplish once you defeat the Rijon League.

Overall, Pokemon Brown includes a variety of fresh elements, such as fresh locales, tunes, tasks, and of course, new Pokemon. Pokemon Brown is definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of the original game and want a novel gaming experience.

2. Pokémon Blue Kaizo

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Blue Kaizo

This Pokemon Blue hack is for you if you're seeking for something a little more difficult. You may find all 151 First Generation Pokemon in this ROM hack.

Be cautious though, since many dungeons and pathways have been altered and are even more dangerous than before.

The default movesets are changed to make the Pokemon serious threats in order to make things more challenging.

Although the distribution of wild Pokemon is greatly better, with levels relatively near to trainers, the level curve has been predicted to be smooth.

Early on, you can catch a wide range of Pokemon, and all trade evolutions happen as you level up.

All bosses will have entire teams, with the exception of Brock and Misty and a few encounters between rivals. After Koga, there is a slight variation in the trainer level curve due to a fork in the progression, but Giovanni, Sabrina, and Blaine will be the bosses.

In the Unknown Dungeon, you can find legendary Pokemon in addition to a small number of really uncommon and powerful Pokemon. However, keep in mind that you cannot utilise revives or maximum revives while in combat, so handling bosses will require a little more expertise. Additionally, several products have been disabled.

Overall, it's a difficult game that will put your prowess as a Pokemon trainer to the test. Good luck!

3. Pokemon TRE: Team Rocket Edition

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokemon TRE: Team Rocket Edition

Are you a Pokemon enthusiast seeking a fresh challenge? Pokemon TRE: Team Rocket Edition is the only option. You assume the role of a Team Rocket member seeking to succeed Giovanni in this fan-made ROM hack.

The idea behind the game is straightforward: you and your sister are vying to see who can defeat the elite four and all of the gyms first. However, it won't be a simple task. You'll have to engage in combat with challenging foes and establish your value to Team Rocket.

As you advance in the game, you'll run with members of the elite four and gym leaders that you may recognise from the first Pokemon game. Additionally, you'll get the chance to capture and train Pokemon to strengthen your squad.

Pokemon TRE: Team Rocket Edition offers a new perspective on the original Pokemon game overall. Fans who want a fresh challenge and a chance to play the villain once in a while should definitely consider this alternative. Why don't you try it and see whether you have what it takes to succeed Giovanni?

4. Pokémon Crystal Kaizo

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Crystal Kaizo

The places in this hack version have been revamped, and many of the dungeons and paths are much more dangerous than previously.

Since the default movesets are much more dangerous and every non-boss trainer in the game got an AI boost, even Team Rocket members and leaders now pose a serious threat.

The distribution of wild Pokemon has greatly improved, and their levels are comparable to trainers'. Early on, you can now catch a wide range of Pokemon, and the occasional egg from the nursery provider can produce one shiny Pokemon, which might be one of the starters, Dratini, Larvitar, one of two Tyrogues with differing attack DVs, Magby, Smoochum, Elekid, or an Eevee.

The hack version of Pokemon Crystal is ideal for you if you're seeking a challenge and want to capture them all.

This hack version of Pokemon delivers a distinctive and thrilling Pokemon experience with new locations, improved wild Pokemon distribution, difficult bosses, and consequences to losing your Pokemon in battle.

Pikachu Tee

5. Pokémon Green in English

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Green in English

Pokemon Red and Green were the first games to be released in Japan, whereas only Red and Blue were. Since then, Green has drawn greater notice, most likely as a result of its lack of international release. The restrictions of the original Green rom make it difficult to attempt to translate the Japanese Green version into English.

Someone bought a Japanese copy of Green on eBay and after playing it realised it needed a thorough translation. The character restrictions in the original Green version hampered previous translations, which led to shortened names for Pokemon and attacks.

In order to make an English Green version of Pokemon Blue, the individual began altering Pokemon Blue. The crew eventually grew to five members as more people expressed interest in the project.

This hack of Pokemon Blue seeks to recapture Pokemon Green's original gameplay. For anyone who were turned off by the language barrier or poor translation of the original Green version, this version has nearly everything altered back to how it was in the original.

6. Pokemon TPP Version (Red Anniversary)

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks TPP Version (Red Anniversary)

One of the hack's most significant features is that it enables you to capture every Pokemon in the game, all 151 of them. But that's not all; the trainers in the game have been greatly improved, making battles harder and more thrilling than ever.

This hack was initially developed for the TwitchPlaysPokemon stream channel, as the name would imply. The game makes several allusions to the channel and includes a few surprises for the players. The first game on the channel's "second season" was actually played in that one.

The streamers needed 39 days and more than 920 hours to finish the game 100%, which was released on the first anniversary of the channel's debut. The patch's creators made it available to the public for use once they had finished the game.

The Pokemon Red hack for the TwitchPlaysPokemon Anniversary Crystal challenge is entertaining and difficult. You'll be engrossed in this game for hours on end with all 151 Pokemon to capture and more challenging trainers to face off against.

Why not give it a shot and see whether you have what it takes to succeed?

7. Pokémon Black

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Black

Every element from the creepypasta narrative is entirely implemented in this game. The game will take players on a harrowing journey where they will come across bizarre and unsettling happenings that will keep them on edge the entire time.

The game's designer advises utilising authentic emulators like BGB, Gambatte, SameBoy, or BizHawk rather than well-known ones like VBA and VBA-M to ensure that you get the greatest possible experience.

You'll be able to play without being hampered by emulator-related problems if you do this.

8. Pokemon Pink Version

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokemon Pink Version

Do you know about the Pokemon Pink Version? It is a hack created by fans of the original Pokemon Blue (USA) game. This hack was produced by 80C, who previously produced a previous Pokemon hack. Pokemon Pink is 80C's first finished hack, though.

What can you thus anticipate from Pokemon Pink?

Well, to begin with, Kris from Pokemon Crystal serves as the game's new protagonist. Three more varieties from later generations are also included: Dark, Steel, and Fairy. The type chart has also been modified to include specifications from Pokemon games released after the sixth generation.

Another intriguing development is the addition of Jigglypuff, Pikachu, and Vulpix to the starters. The Unknown Dungeon has also been altered to resemble Pokemon Yellow's version exactly. The palettes and external tilesets have both been modified to correspond with Pokemon Yellow's.

A few bugs have finally been fixed. Focus Energy is no longer broken, and there is no longer a possibility to use the Safari Zone warp defects to activate Glitch City.

Check out Pokemon Pink Version if you love Pokemon and are searching for a fresh gaming experience.

With all these changes and improvements, a new and thrilling Pokemon journey is guaranteed.

9. Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged

You might be interested in trying out some ROM hacks if you're a Pokemon lover seeking for new games to play. In particular, Gold and Silver 97: Reforged is included in our list of the top GBC Pokemon ROM hacks.

This ROM hack is based on the Pokemon Gold and Silver Spaceworld demo from 1997, but with a twist: the world has been completely redesigned. The Nihon Region, which is modelled after the entirety of Japan, will allow you to experience a completely new campaign and tale. There is a tonne of new content and locations to explore, and the graphics have been updated to match Pokemon GSC's final 1999 release.

The fact that Gold and Silver 97: Reforged comes with two patch files, one for the Gold version and one for the Silver version, is a neat feature. Additionally, the overworld is now coloured, and all Spaceworld sprites have either been entirely new creations or have been altered to conform to the final GBC aesthetic.

Don't forget to listen to Ken's talk programme and obtain the radio card from the Westport City Radio Tower if you want to start a random swarm and have a 3% chance of finding a shiny Pokemon.

10. Pokémon Red - Proud Eyes Edition

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Red - Proud Eyes Edition

The addition of 2nd-Gen visuals gives the game a more contemporary appearance, making it one of the most obvious changes.

In addition, the casino prizes and all of the pokemarts have undergone adjustments, providing a new shopping experience in the game.

Additionally, the rival confrontations in-game have been altered to make them more difficult for you. Additionally, in order to add more excitement and variation, the experience gains and overworld pokemon levels have been altered.

The revised pokemon starting move sets in Pokémon Red - Proud Eyes edition V4.0 are another intriguing element. This implies that your Pokemon's initial moves have changed, offering you a fresh approach to try out.

The difficulty of catching in-game Pokemon has also been changed, and the item requirements for Professor Oak's assists have been decreased. Additionally, all of the in-game Pokemon transactions have been revised, giving you fresh chances to acquire uncommon Pokemon.

11. Pokemon Pyrite

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokemon Pyrite

One of the most well-known Pokemon ROM hacks for the GBC is renowned for its thorough work on the wild Pokemon selection, which includes fishing, headbutting, rock smashing, and all kinds of event Pokemon.

Additionally, it has trainer parties with every trainer in the game as well as an additional 100 trainers that are thoughtfully placed throughout the adventure.

The game's numerous mechanical adjustments also add to the difficulty increase, making it harder for experienced players. These adjustments include the gradual levelling up of trainer and wild Pokemon, the impossibility of using healing items during combat, a mandatory set battle style, advancements in the mechanics of experience, a trainer EV system, the removal of badge boosts, enhanced AI, and more.

The game has put a lot of effort into balancing the learnsets, evolution levels, base experience, growth rates, capture rates, held items, and other characteristics that are inherent to the Pokemon, in addition to the mechanical modifications. These adjustments are suitable for the strengths and uses of each Pokemon species as well as other game elements.

12. Pokémon - Battle Factory

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon - Battle Factory

Your talents will be put to the test in the unusual battleground known as The Battle Factory. Six Pokemon are chosen at random for your first battle, but there's a catch: you may only select three of them. This calls for careful planning and the selection of the Pokemon you believe will give you the best chance of succeeding.

If you succeed in winning a battle, you'll be given the chance to swap one of your rentals for one of the trainer you just defeated. This is an excellent approach to gradually assemble a strong Pokemon team. Additionally, the more you trade, the stronger your Pokemon will get.

One fantastic aspect of the Battle Factory is that you may see your opponents' strategies before deciding to switch. This enables you to strategically design your squad and pick the Pokemon that will increase your chances of success.


Your Pokemon adventure can be made more exciting and challenging by using GBC Pokemon ROM hacks.

The hacks on the above list will keep you entertained for hours regardless of whether you're looking for a fresh tale, new Pokemon, or new features.

What are you still holding out for? Start a fresh Pokemon experience today by downloading one of these hacks!



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