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11 Best GBA JRPGs - You won't want to miss out on!

Find out which of your favorites made our list of the best GBA JRPGs

What is the Best GBA JRPG?

We’re absolutely astounded that The Game Boy Advance (GBA) was such a popular handheld console.

Given that It was the successor to the Game Boy Color and brought to the table improved graphics, sound, and gameplay.

The GBA was home to a large collection of games, including some of the best Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPGs) of all time. In this article, we’ll be exploring the best GBA JRPGs that every RPG fan should play at least once.

We'll be taking a look at the gameplay, storyline, and overall gaming experience of each title.

So, whether you're a fan of the classic turn-based battle system or are looking for more of an action-packed game, there's something for everyone in this list.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of GBA JRPGs and discover the best games that this console has to offer!

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11- Tales of Phantasia

Best GBA JRPGs 11- Tales of Phantasia

The gameplay of Tales of Phantasia GBA is distinctive and captivating, setting it apart from other JRPGs. This one is extremely tough and entertaining since it blends real-time fights with conventional turn-based combat. A large world full of missions, undiscovered treasures, and hostile foes is available for players to explore. You also can see that it has a distinctive linear motion battle system that lets players direct the movement of their characters while they're engaged in combat. The conflicts become more lively and interesting thanks to this innovation, which also adds a layer of strategy.

The GBA version of Tales of Phantasia has an impressive spellcasting system. Gamers may mix several spells to produce potent magic strikes that have the capacity to change the course of fights. In order to improve the attributes and skills of their characters, players can employ a range of weapons and armour throughout your journey.

The narrative of Tales of Phantasia GBA is deep and compelling and develops throughout the core gameplay. The plot centres on the exploits of Cress Albane, a young swordsman who embarks on a mission to defend the world from the ancient evil known as Dhaos. He encounters a variety of interesting people along the way, all of whom accompany him on his adventure and have their own reasons and backstories.

Fans of traditional JRPGs must enjoy Tales of Phantasia GBA. Its engaging gameplay, captivating storyline, and immersive world-building make it a timeless title that stands the test of time.

10- Riviera

Best GBA JRPGs 10- Riviera

With an emphasis on tactical usage of special strikes and weapon management, Riviera GBA provides a distinctive perspective on turn-based RPG gameplay. The player must carefully decide which weapons to employ in each battle since each one has a finite amount of uses before it breaks. Characters can also acquire unique talents and powers that, if employed strategically, can change the course of a battle.

Riviera also has a cutting-edge method of managing and collecting items. You can't just pick up goods and take them around; they have to analyse each one to see what it may be used for. While certain objects can be utilised in combat or outside of it, others can be used as weapons or armour that can be equipped.

The narrative of Riviera GBA centres around Ein, a combatant who belongs to the Grim Angels. There are eight chapters in Riviera, each with a unique plot and cast of characters. As Ein explores Riviera’s vast setting, he unearths a plot that jeopardises not just his life but also the fate of the entire planet.

All in all, Riviera is a fantastic JRPG on the GBA and belongs in everyone’s collection. Even if you’re able to play it only once, there’s a lot of meat on the bones to sink your teeth into.

9- Sword of Mana

Best GBA JRPGs 9- Sword of Mana

In Sword of Mana GBA, the player controls the main character as they travel through numerous locales, engage in battle with monsters, and interact with non-playable characters in a traditional RPG way. Sword of Mana has a real-time fighting system that lets players employ different weapons and equipment, spells, and assaults to win battles. It is a really fascinating game since players may level up and change the skills of their characters.

A youthful hero is charged with defending the planet from an unidentified evil entity in Sword of Mana GBA. The hero encounters several pals along the road who help them on their quest. With several narrative turns and shocks, the tale is really engrossing and keeps the player on their toes. Depending on the player's decisions and actions during Sword of Mana, it has several endings as well.

Fans of traditional RPGs must play Sword of Mana GBA. It comes highly recommended for anybody searching for an excellent RPG game because of its captivating gameplay, captivating plot, and overall gaming experience. We strongly advise you to try out Sword of Mana GBA if you haven't already.

8- Breath of Fire II

Best GBA JRPGs Breath of Fire II

The GBA version of Breath of Fire II has fascinating gameplay, which is one of its best qualities. Breath of Fire II adheres to the conventional turn-based RPG structure, but it also has distinctive elements that set it apart. Gamers may change the talents and powers of their characters, and they can even combine characters to make more potent ones. The confrontations are very intense, and placement and elemental weaknesses are important strategic considerations.

The GBA version of Breath of Fire II has a deep and intricate plot that will keep players interested from beginning to end. Ryu, a little kid who learns he is the last surviving member of a race of mighty dragons, is the protagonist of Breath of Fire II. He encounters a cast of unforgettable individuals who accompany him on his quest as he sets off on a mission to learn the truth about his history and the destiny of his people.

Breath of Fire II examines the shadowy side of human nature in a way that is both thought-provoking and emotional. It deals with issues like friendship, betrayal, and sacrifice. The story is beautifully written, and it has several unexpected turns that will keep players wondering right up to the very end.

For RPG enthusiasts searching for an immersive and captivating gaming experience, Breath of Fire II GBA is a must-play. Breath of Fire II offers superb gameplay, a deep and intricate plot, and endearing characters that players will come to adore. Furthermore noteworthy are the visuals and audio, which improve the mood of the game.

7- Final Fantasy V

Best GBA JRPGs 7- Final Fantasy V

The gameplay in Final Fantasy V GBA is distinctive and seamlessly combines action and strategy. You take on the role of a gang of intrepid individuals tasked with saving the planet from impending doom. Along the road, you'll encounter difficult adversaries and bosses who will test your strategic thinking and reflexes.

The employment system in Final Fantasy V GBA is among one of the coolest features that it has to offer. This enables you to choose between many character classes, each of which has its own special talents and powers. There is a profession for every playstyle, from strong mages to expert warriors, and mastering each one is crucial to your success.

Final Fantasy V GBA's huge and captivating plot. Final Fantasy V chronicles Bartz's journeys as he sets out to rid the world of the evil sorcerer Exdeath. He encounters a variety of likeable folks along the route, each with a distinct past and goals.

Final Fantasy V GBA's story is packed with unexpected turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. The story is undoubtedly one of Final Fantasy V's strengths, with unexpected plot twists and moving character arcs.

Any fan of traditional RPGs must play Final Fantasy V GBA. It's understandable why this game has endured the test of time given its exhilarating gameplay, compelling plot, and endearing characters. You won't want to miss Final Fantasy V GBA, whether you've played the series before or are a novice.

6- Final Fantasy IV

Best GBA JRPGs 6- Final Fantasy IV

The turn-based RPG Final Fantasy IV GBA takes players on a journey through an amazing plot. With a selection of characters to pick from and difficult boss encounters that will put your strategic thinking to the test, the gameplay is straightforward yet fascinating. Final Fantasy IV's Job System gives players the ability to alter the skills of their party, allowing them to personalise their gameplay to their tastes. Final Fantasy IV challenges are well-balanced, offering a rigorous experience without becoming tiresome.

Final Fantasy IV GBA's plot is a well-known tale of good vs evil. The protagonist of Final Fantasy IV is Cecil, a Dark Knight who sets out on a mission to defeat the villainous Golbez and redeem the planet. Players will run with a number of individuals along the road, each with their own specific goals and stories. Players will be kept on the edge of their seats by the story's twists and turns and well-paced, compelling narrative. You'll be moved by Final Fantasy IV themes of atonement, sacrifice, and the strength of friendship.

A timeless RPG, Final Fantasy IV GBA has endured the test of time. For any lover of the genre, it’s captivating plot, fascinating gameplay, and endearing characters make it a must-play. We strongly advise playing Final Fantasy IV GBA if you haven't already. You won't be let down!

5- Fire Emblem Series

Best GBA JRPGs Fire Emblem

The gameplay of the Fire Emblem Series GBA is an original fusion of turn-based fighting, role-playing, and strategy. Building and managing a team of heroes, each with their own special talents and powers, is the game's central objective as you take on foes in a series of difficult missions.

Players must strategically place their characters to take advantage of their strengths and exploit the vulnerabilities of their opponents while navigating their team around a grid-based battlefield. Every action and choice matters since winning in this one will demand players to use critical thinking and strategic planning.

Fire Emblem GBA's plot is intricate and engrossing. The game chronicles the story of a group of heroes as they fight against a tyrannical empire that threatens to envelop the land in darkness. It is set in a mediaeval world of swords and magic.

Political intrigue, interpersonal rivalries, and moral quandaries all abound in the game's plot, which makes for a complex and engaging storytelling experience. Players will come across a variety of intriguing people during the course of the game, all of whom have unique personalities and goals.

The Fire Emblem Series GBA is a unique experience that goes beyond gaming. Every element of the game, from the intricate visuals to the captivating soundtrack, has been designed to provide players an interesting and fun gaming experience.

4- Pokemon Series

Best GBA JRPGs Pokemon Series

We are avid gamers who are constantly searching for fresh, new titles to add to our library. But occasionally we want a nostalgic gaming experience that transports us back to our youth. The Pokemon Series GBA is one such game that has made a lasting impression on the gaming industry.

A basic yet fun gameplay experience is provided by the Pokemon Series GBA. The focus of the game is on catching and raising Pokemon—animals with distinctive skills that players may utilise in conflicts with other trainers. Players may participate in the Pokemon League and earn different badges as they go through the game. Mini-games, side missions, and hidden regions are all included in the game, which enhances the entire gaming experience.

Players can select from a variety of actions and skills in the turn-based combat system of the game to vanquish their enemy Pokemon trainers. One really cool thing is the multiplayer option that lets players compete against their friends through a connection cable.

Pokemon Series GBA's plot is straightforward but engrossing, bringing players on a trip across the Kanto and Johto regions. Players assume the character of a young trainer who embarks on an adventure to become the world's finest Pokemon trainer. They run into other trainers, Gym Leaders, and Team Rocket, a nefarious organisation, on their journey.

The plot throughout the series is well-written, with several unexpected turns that keep players interested. It also has recognisable characters that give the narrative of the series depth and personality, such as Professor Oak, Ash, and Gary.

A nostalgic and fun overall gameplay experience is provided by the Pokemon Series GBA. The entire series is a must-play for any gaming lover because of its straightforward yet enjoyable gameplay, compelling plot, and endearing characters. Although not as sophisticated as those in contemporary games, the series displays some great visuals that are nevertheless lovable and beautiful, which adds to its allure.

The music in the Pokemon series is also fantastic, we could be on a bus and one of the iconic tracks could be popping right into our mind. The multiplayer option always seems to enhance the entire gameplay experience by enabling players to compete in friendly matches against their friends.

3- Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Best GBA JRPGs Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA is a tactical role-playing game set in the Ivalice universe. The game tells the tale of a little kid named Marche who, after finding a mysterious book, is magically transferred to another realm. Players assume command of a clan, a collection of characters, in the turn-based gameplay. Each character may be altered to fit the player's playstyle and has special skills.

The legal system in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA is one element that distinguishes the gameplay from other games. Players are subject to limitations imposed by the law system during combat, such as being prohibited from using specific kinds of magic or weapons. Penalties for breaking the law include repercussions that might affect the score or rewards.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA has a rich and interesting tale. It follows Marche as he searches for a method to return to his home planet while learning the truth about Ivalice. Players travel with the tale across many settings, each with its own collection of people and difficulties. The plot has several unexpected turns, and players' decisions will have an impact on how it plays out.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA is an excellent game that provides a distinctive and fun gaming experience. The plot keeps players interested the entire time, while the gameplay is difficult and demands strategic thinking. Also excellent and contributing to the immersive experience are the game's visuals and audio.

2- Golden Sun Series

Best GBA JRPGs Golden Sun

A special fighting system in Golden Sun GBA blends elemental magic with turn-based combat. To take advantage of their opponents' weaknesses and win, players must carefully plan their assaults and pick which ones to use. The game also has a challenging puzzle-solving component that calls for players to employ cunning to move through numerous dungeons and get past challenges.

Djinn, mystical beings that bestow characters with new skills and spells, are collectibles that players may amass during the course of the game. Players must locate every one of the 28 Djinn in order to access the game's greatest power.

A group of youthful heroes must go out on a mission to save the planet from approaching disaster, according to the plot of Golden Sun GBA. The game has a fully drawn universe with several hidden mysteries, various civilizations, and story twists to keep players interested.

The game's story is divided into two parts, with the first half setting up the game's world and characters, and the second half focusing on the main quest. Players will encounter a diverse array of individuals along the route, each with an own past and goals.

Fans of the RPG genre must enjoy Golden Sun GBA. A fully immersive gaming experience is produced by the game's complex fighting system, puzzle-solving elements, and engaging plot. Players will be intrigued from the start to finish thanks to the game's intricate world construction and excellent graphics and sound design.

1- Final Fantasy VI

Best GBA JRPGs Final Fantasy VI

By adding some new features, Final Fantasy VI GBA keeps the original game's timeless gameplay. The game uses a turn-based warfare system where players may pick from a variety of alternatives for the actions that their characters will do. The game's GBA version has extra content, including new dungeons, equipment, and opponents. Players may go through the game more quickly by having the option to speed up battles in the game.

Final Fantasy VI GBA maintains the same plot as the original game. Gaia, the globe where the game is situated, is under attack from a villainous empire. In order to defeat the empire, the player assumes the character of Terra, a young lady with magical abilities who teams up with certain rebels. With several unique characters and surprising plot twists, the game's narrative is rich and captivating.

A wonderful overall gameplay experience is provided by Final Fantasy VI GBA. The game's improved visuals and audio improve gameplay, while the added material gives players even more to discover. You wouldn't have a bad time playing this classic RPG game, whether it's your first time or you're an experienced veteran of the genre. We had a great time revisiting it.



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