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Best Final Fantasy Games: Our Picks

Best Final Fantasy Games: Our Picks
The Final Fantasy franchise has some of the most incredible RPGs to date

You might be wondering Which Final Fantasy should I start with?

Nothing beats the rush of stepping into a new Final Fantasy game if you're a lover of RPGs. Final Fantasy has been captivating audiences within gaming history for decades with it's brilliant character development and epic storylines.

Deciding which one to start with may really be an issue, especially with so many to choose from. Well, you've come to the right spot with our list of the best final fantasy games.

Whether you're a seasoned fan or a beginner to the series, our definitive guide to the finest Final Fantasy games is guaranteed to have something for you.

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15. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is a unique addition to the Final Fantasy brand because it was designed to introduce RPGs to a wider audience. The gameplay mechanics are reduced in comparison to other games in the series, but the typical Final Fantasy feel and aesthetic remain.

It was a game that really did push the boundaries to what you would expect in a game like this. We still think Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is a fun and approachable RPG worth playing, especially for those new to the role playing genre.

14. Final Fantasy Legend

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy Legend

Final Fantasy Legend is organised around an overworld and multiple dungeons, each with its own set of foes and challenges. The combat are turn-based and employ a classic RPG structure, allowing players to customize their characters with various weapons and abilities.

Final Fantasy Legend has a massive advantage in the ability to recruit and capture monsters to add to your party. You're able to train this monsters to make them stronger and evolve them along the way. Almost like Pokemon before they even existed.

Final Fantasy Legend is an excellent game that has withstood the test of time.

13. Final Fantasy Type-0

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy Type-0 has a totally interesting story, with many plot twists and turns that keep you interested the entire time.

Final Fantasy Type-0's music is another noteworthy component of the game. The soundtrack is made up of massive orchestral tunes that compliment the overall game atmosphere quite well.

The storyline and character development set this one apart from traditional RPGs, with tons of side quests to allow you to continue on your journey if you're done with the main storyline.

We had a blast playing through Final Fantasy Type-0 and it's clear to see why it belongs on our list of the best Final Fantasy games.

12. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The customised job structure is what sets Final Fantasy Tactics Advance apart from the competition.

Choosing from a variety of jobs, each with its own set of powers, strengths, and limitations was a joy to experience.

Combining talents from multiple vocations to build the perfect party and personalize your characters to your preferred gameplay style.

If youre a fan of the tactical RPGs genre and the Final Fantasy tickles your fancy, then you won't want to miss out on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

11. Final Fantasy Tactics

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics has gained a massive cult following over the years thanks to it's memorable characters.

It takes place on a grid-based battlefield where you will be busy carefully deploying your forces to outmanoeuvre the opponent and fulfil their objectives.

While it may not have the same level of graphic fidelity as modern games, fans of the genre appreciate its depth and complexity.

10. Final Fantasy XV

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy XV

The storyline of Final Fantasy XV is amazing at making you feel as though you're on a true trip. It follows Noctis, the crown prince of Lucis, and three friends on their adventure across the globe of Eos to reclaim their kingdom from the evil empire of Niflheim.

Final Fantasy XV is a masterfully created work of art. An open-world setting with a broad assortment of chores, missions, and challenges that will keep you occupied for hours.

9. Final Fantasy XIV

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has a complicated gameplay style with a variety of activities to appeal to fans of all ages. Final Fantasy XIV has it all: crafting, gathering, raiding, and an intricate plot.

The plot of the game is outstanding, with a fantasy setting that immerses players in its captivating realm full of magic and mystery.

One of my favourite aspects of Final Fantasy XIV is its expansive environment, which feels alive and full of things to do.

There's always something for someone in Final Fantasy XIV and you owe it to yourself to check it out.

8. Final Fantasy III

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy III

The epic story of four orphaned Warriors of Light who are enlisted by the crystals to defend the world from darkness is told in Final Fantasy III. They'll travel across many locations, uncovering secrets and building alliances with a colourful cast of characters along the way.

Despite being released in 1990, the pixel art graphics in Final Fantasy III are still impressive today. The game is well-known for its complex and vibrantly coloured settings, wacky character designs, and spectacular spell effects.

The game's openness is one of our favourite characteristics of Final Fantasy III. The ability to choose where to go next makes the game feel less linear and more open.

7. Final Fantasy IV

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV's gameplay is deep and sophisticated and is one of the first role playing games we've ever experienced. There's something about the nostalgia that draws us back every so often.

While we don't mind the graphics today and prefer others on this list, this did favor well during it's timeframe.

Final Fantasy IV is an absolute must play for fans of the franchise.

It's no surprise that it remains an absolute classic today, with its intriguing tale, interesting gaming mechanics, and gorgeous graphics and sound.

6. Final Fantasy VIII

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy VIII

Fantasy VIII's gameplay was extremely innovative for the time. The use of the junction system brought so many new elements to the table.

Being able to customize the team's abilities and spells on the fly was a breath of fresh air and brought new excitement to the otherwise same style of gameplay.

Follow Squall and his companions on their adventure through a large, epic story that explores themes of love, loss, and the cyclical nature of time.

The instant we picked it up for the first time, it drew us in like a fish.

5. Final Fantasy XII

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy XII

Battles in Final Fantasy XII take place in an open environment and are fought in real time, rather than being instant.

This means you'll have far more influence over your party, allowing for new strategies and character builds not seen in any other Final Fantasy game ever.

Even by the high standards of today, the graphics of Final Fantasy XII are simply breathtaking.

The world's art style is a mix of modern and mediaeval aesthetics, with brilliant colours, magnificent sceneries, and rich character designs that bring Ivalice to life in an unforgettable and iconic fashion.

It's clear to see why number XII belongs on our list of the best Final Fantasy games.

4. Final Fantasy X

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X's gameplay is an excellent combination of traditional turn-based mechanics and modern RPG components. The Sphere Grid system allows you to customise your characters' powers and capabilities by distributing points from a grid of unique talents to each character.

Final Fantasy X's is set in the mythical realm of Spira, where a young man named Tidus is transported through time to a future in which the Earth is threatened by a great monster called Sin.

This was our first RPG game on the PS2 and was a serious killer app for the console when it was released. We remember bringing this one home, opening up the package and going along for the ride.

3. Final Fantasy IX

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX has a ton of meat on the bones, giving you an intricate storyline, a massive set of unique party members coupled with some extremely memorable events. However, we did not enjoy the slow-paced battles, limited inventory space, and occasional difficulty spikes.

Final Fantasy IX is a fantastic game on the PS1 and deserves a spot on our list of the best Final Fantasy games of all time.

2. Final Fantasy VI

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI on the SNES stands out from other rpgs in a number of ways and could have easily earned the number one spot on our list of the best Final Fantasy games ever.

Giving you an epic storyline and a wonderful cast that are extremely memorable, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and backstory. We did notice that towards the end of the game it did get a bit grind heavy. Forcing you to have to level up your main party that you'll use for the final sections of the game.

Final Fantasy VI puts you in the perspective of the main character Terra, who is now fighting against the oppressive empire that employed her. Terra, along with a group of rebels who share her views, must navigate a world full of danger and intrigue while attempting to unravel the mysteries of her past.

One glance at the opening cutscene alone is enough to get you hooked on what the rest of the game has to offer.

Final Fantasy VI is a must-play for any enthusiast of the JRPG sort.

It's extremely easy to see why this game has remained a bonafied classic for so long, considering how well it's held up in a sea of titles that strive to be like it.

1. Final Fantasy VII

Best Final Fantasy Games Final Fantasy VII

It was so hard to make a decision on is Final Fantasy 6 better than 7. We had our initial thoughts that FF6 did bring a lot to the table that was repeated in later games in the franchise.

There's just so much to love in Final Fantasy VII that we had to rank it higher on our list of the best Final Fantasy game of all time. For starters, the epic change from 2D to 3D at the time was simply stunning.

The storyline is so entirely epic, we won't spoil anything here but it's enough to make some grown people cry at times. Yes, the storyline is this epic.

You can't go wrong with the epic adventure every step of the way. We absolutely loved Cloud, Tifa and Baret every step of the way and for sure you will too.


With so many fantastic Final Fantasy titles to pick from, each with its own distinct plot and gameplay elements.

Whether you favour turn-based battle or real-time action, there is a Final Fantasy game for you.

From the original Final Fantasy VII to the more modern Final Fantasy XIV, each game in the series has its own particular charm and appeal. In the end, the best Final Fantasy game is a matter of personal preference.

So go forth and explore the Final Fantasy realm, and find the game that appeals to you!

Here are all of the games that we've covered in this article:

  1. Final Fantasy VII
  2. Final Fantasy VI
  3. Final Fantasy IX
  4. Final Fantasy X
  5. Final Fantasy XII
  6. Final Fantasy VIII
  7. Final Fantasy IV
  8. Final Fantasy III
  9. Final Fantasy XIV
  10. Final Fantasy XV
  11. Final Fantasy Tactics
  12. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
  13. Final Fantasy Type-0
  14. Final Fantasy Legend
  15. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest


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