10 Best F1 Games of All Time!

Best F1 Games of All time

The experience of driving a fast car is both thrilling and extremely risky.

The best F1 games are one of the best ways to recreate similar thrilling moments.

The majority of consoles, mobile phones, and personal computers are compatible with games that are similar to Formula 1.

Nevertheless, with hundreds of options to choose from, selecting the best choices may be difficult.

We will examine the reasons why some of the games on this list are still good F1 simulators despite not being strictly F1 games.

It's incredibly hard to distinguish a good F1 game to just your ordinary racing game when holding a cover in your hand.

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F1 2021

10. F1 2021

You might be wondering is F1 22 better than F1 21. The answer is quite simple, F1 22 is a far superior game in terms of sheer racing simulation.

That's not to say that F1 2021 is a poor choice. In fact, it rounds off our list of the best F1 games coming in at the number 10 spot.

The sim racer for sim racers is F1 2021. You're getting a wonderful looking racing game on modern day hardware.

It offers plenty of customizable options with the ability to tinker under the hood. A much welcomed coop experience is a great addition with a buddy.

The Braking Point story mode feature adds an additional touch to the gameplay.

Allowing players to learn about each of the storylines as you progress further in the game.

F1 2002 PS2

9. F1 2002

Putting yourself in the shoes of Michael Schumacher when he was at the tip of the iceberg in 2002 was a fantastic feeling.

Simulating F1 racing to the nines is what F1 2002 does best. The presentation layer is outstanding from the rain effects to the audio.

F1 2002 is one for hardcore F1 simulation fans and for good reason. You can play this one for as long as you wish as it doesn't feel like it's ever getting old.

It does hold your hand a bit during the gameplay and you should take every ounce of help along the way.

f1 2017

8. F1 2017

Codemasters has once again produced a magnificent Formula 1 game that advances the series.

Fans of the series who want to build on the best aspects of what made F1 2016 great will find it to be ideal with its updated handling model and in-depth career mode.

Another superbly accurate recreation of the modern F1 race is F1 2017.

However, the sport's approach to pick up and play flexibility might be too much for most players, and the classic content that is returning is nowhere near as good as it ought to be.

F1 2019

7. F1 2019

Bringing modern Formula one racing to life, F1 2019 does this with masterclass. We just wish the graphics were a little better, more along the likes of Project Cars.

F1 2019 was the most complete Formula 1 game to date until it was surpassed lower along this list.

We really liked the challenge mode when adding in the DLC content.

The career mode offered custom grand prix events where you can modify elements like weather.

The online mode offers an added touch where you can race against your friends in a series.

F1 Championship Edition

6. F1 Championship Edition

The gameplay in Formula One Championship Edition is a good mix of simulation and arcade elements.

This is a true racing experience that will put your skills to the test while immersing you in the intricate and challenging world of Formula One racing.

Its progressive damage, extremely realistic weather and lighting effects, and full surround audio make it the next-generation vision.

With the use of the unique six-axis control system and addictive gameplay make it a standout.

F1 Challenge '99-'02

5. F1 Challenge '99-'02

Currently the most authentic and challenging track racing sim available, and with a well-established mod community, you'll be looking for more options and it is likely to remain the go to in that department for quite a while.

It's a shame that EA has no plans for sequels, but this simulation may have enough racing content to keep you on the track until another publisher acquires the F1 license.


4. rFactor

What a fantastic racing game rFactor truly is. It performs admirably as a simulator and will make ardent racing enthusiasts beam with joy.

The impressive audio and visual attention to detail, the online racing community is fantastic, and community support only enhance the experience.

The bottom line is that rFactor has something for everyone who is interested in the ins and outs of cars, but it may leave some people feeling a little overwhelmed.

F1 2010

3. F1 2010

F1 2010 is excellent.

Even though there will be times when you feel cheated, no other racer can make a single overtake look like popping champagne corks on the podium or make you feel like a poor racer when you finish in seventh place.

Yes, it might be cruel, however, as a direct result, it is one of the most terrifying and intense racers ever produced.

While authentic licenses and attention to detail will be more important to some players than others, the game's perfect combination of compelling, adjustable driving mechanics and stunning graphics will attract a much wider audience.

F1 2010 is the racing game for you if you want one that will evolve with you over the coming months. It isn't perfect, but it does enough good things to make it obvious to most people.

Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4

2. Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4

You might be wondering, which F1 game has the best tracks. Well, we've chaulked it up to Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4 to fit the bill here.

The most significant innovation in GP4 is the brand-new, improved, and more effective engine, which delivers enhanced effects and a higher level of detail.

All of the 17 tracks is accurate to within a few millimeters of its real-life track equals.

All of the mods work fantastically and bring an added element to each of the races. The cars are great, it's fast paced and the action is ever thrilling in GP4.

Add in the realism of having the parts fail on you which was when it was released in 2002 when this was a thing in modern day games only.

F1 2020

1. F1 2020

F1 2020 takes the same formula that CodeMasters used in the past and perfected it. If you just want to race, f1 2020 has a great way to do so, and if you're looking for a more wide-ranging simulation, it has everything you could ask for.

F1 2020 improves on virtually every aspect of the series by combining a satisfying and detailed on-track experience with a variety of old and new modes that allow for a comprehensive and engaging racing simulation and that wraps it up. The driving is as refined and personalized as ever, and every moment feels like its own experience.

I have no doubt that F1 2020 is the best F1 game ever made. Over the course of the past few years, Codemasters' F1 series' formidable engine has undergone extensive tuning, reaching its peak performance.

Even better, the bodywork that surrounds it has been significantly improved for this release, making it richer, fuller, and more appealing than ever. F1 2020 is the pinnacle of racing and is the greatest f1 racing game of all time.



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