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Batman Returns (Super Nintendo) Review

Batman Returns (Super Nintendo) Review 1

Batman Returns is a beat em up published by Konami released on the Super Nintendo (SNES) in 1992. The gameplay and graphics are reminiscent of the final fight games, except that you’re batman.

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You’ve got your basic options screen when first powering on the game where you can choose from difficulty modes easy through mania if you're up for a real challenge. You can set your lives, between three, five or seven. You can also either change the controls or experiment with sound options.

Batman Returns (Super Nintendo) Review 2
Michael Keaton to the rescue!

I love the opening cutscene, the bat symbol in the sky, who to answer the call? Michael Keaton, you hop into the Mode 7 bat mobile. Batman has his basic attacks where he can punch. He automatically grabs opponents when he walks up to them. You can setup a combo or throw them.

One cool part about throwing an enemy is you can also throw them against windows, shattering the glass. If you grab two enemies at the same time, you smash their heads together in true batman fashion.

Batman Returns (Super Nintendo) Review 3

He also has two items that you can switch between using the select button. The Batarang stuns enemies, the grappling hook allows batman to swing from, drop kicking an enemy or use it to scale walls.

You can also block enemy attacks or use a the test tube to damage all enemies on screen. He finally has a special ability for when you’re in a pinch. Some of the enemies are really unique like the biker. They’re pretty easy to take out with the batarang. Others not so much, I mean, The thin clown, fat clow and fire clown? How original!

Batman Returns (Super Nintendo) Review 4

Throughout the 7 stages of the game, you’ll face both Catwoman and The Penguin as bosses. After every boss fight, you’ll be greeted with a dialogue telling the story that ties into the movie very closely.

Batman Returns (Super Nintendo) Review 5

To help break up the beat em up stages, there’s a Batmobile stage that has reminds me of F-Zero.

The best part about batman returns is the presentation. The graphics are top notch, the animation is fantastic. Even the fine details like the poster on the wall that says Oswalt Cobblepot for mayor.

Batman Returns (Super Nintendo) Review 6

The music really ties the game together with the dark theme. So should you play it? Short answer yes, long answer great music, gameplay, presentation oh and it’s a Konami title? It’s also one of the more reasonably priced Super Nintendo games.



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